Looking for Ways to Promote Your Online Content? Why, Simply is Best.

Looking for Ways to Promote Your Online Content? Why, Simply is Best. - Divahound

As you read this, thousands – no, millions (well, maybe not millions) – of Facebook managers are scrambling to think of ways to make money off its enormous network of users. They’re trying to establish order out of chaos (good luck with that).

And in many ways, that’s what countless small businesses are doing as well. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. – they all provide a seemingly endless pool of prospects. But how to you manage it all? How do you establish some sort of process that establishes order out of chaos? How does your small business leverage these relationships to market your online content?

Glad you asked.

In moments like these, it’s always best to “remember Yalta.”  That’s right: Yalta, where Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin got together as World War Two was winding down. While it wasn’t the most perfect of alliances (see the Cold War), it was an alliance nonetheless. And that, ultimately, is the lesson here. Alliances.

When considering connecting with contacts, businesses, and other individuals in Facebook, ask yourself, “Is this a competitor? A partner? A customer?” Make a list accordingly. See what your competitors have that you don’t, and vice versa. See what a partner could offer that could benefit your company, and vice versa. And create powerful content deliverables that they can help promote; conversely, you can help them as well. Re-post, re-tweet, you know the drill. And even if you don’t, we can help you with that.

Creating alliances to drive the content marketing strategy for your small business: just like Yalta, except for the part about dividing up post-war Europe.

Need a powerful social media alliance for your small business? We can help. Contact Divahound today!
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