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Marketing Attack!
9 months ago, I started a company. The company’s core is tech service.

But our core business model has changed multiple times. We started as a computer service and IT company in 2011, only to quickly realize that the market was screaming our name to provide a different set of services. Services that would be in high demand for a long time. Services that people need everyday.

When people’s iPhones break, we fix them. When people need iPhone Apps built, we build them, and when the next hot devices hit the market, we’ll learn them too. And that new pivot that we’ve recently made changes everything. Web marketing, here I come. Let’s start with.

Local SEO And Social: First Thing’s First

My plan when we made the decision to start repairing broken screens on the iPhone, was to start locally, and work my way out. It was to dominate the local SEO landscape, and socially spread awareness massively like the outbreak of a killer virus. Here’s how it worked.

The link building starts. The strategy for link building was to to use blog contributing, blog commenting, directory submission, guest posting on authority blogs, creating undeniably entertaining content and immersing in the local blogging scene.

It was to leverage any power that local bloggers harnessed and to build tight bonds with locals who were influencers.
We rolled out powerful guest posts, like this one, with exact anchor text links to the local iPhone repair page, on SiteSketch101, Nick Cardot’s influential blog.

We took advantage of “blog contributor” programs on as many blogs as we could. We managed to get some great links, like this one, from an authority blog in the entrepreneurship landscape, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. But links aren’t enough, if you want to reach actual human beings. That’s why you have to consider the notion of..

Follow, Reply, And Social Placement

We followed and replied to every person that said anything, about anything, locally on Twitter. We didn’t try to sell to them but rather, we used our Twitter bio info, and videos we rolled out about iPhone repair to raise awareness of the service. All we did was engage in social placement, which is the act of placing your brand in the consumers mind through social media interaction, so that when they need the service you provide, they know to go to you.

By not selling, but by being mainly entertaining, and a bit informational, we were able to spread a boatload of awareness locally around the fact that we repair iPhones. Here’s one of the latest:

The combination of our prolific use of social media, launching press releases for stuff we did, and a lot of local business networking and influencer interaction landed us some pretty huge press coverage in a super popular Pennsylvania Business Journal.

To put the cherry on top, not all things are free (or should be). We purchased an ad spot on a highly trafficked, super authoritative local blog which also came with a detailed shout out article on our company and it’s services.

4 months after the start date, a 9 month old domain name and a whole lot of hustling later, we landed in spot 1 in Google for our major keywords. The phone calls began pouring in! Mission accomplished. But now what? Do I just want the company to be local? The service of fixing iPhones is a worldwide need right? Well, let’s start with America, and get into..

The Strategic Nationwide Attack

To expand our iPhone repair services, I’ve decided to target the entire tri-state area, and most of central America. Once progress is gained, we’ll extend our services out to every state in America. As of right now, we cover the entire East coast, and central America, down to Florida and over to Chicago and surrounding states.

We’ve rolled out pages for iPhone repair in New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York City and more. And so the nationwide search and social initiatives begin. We’re responding like maniacs to anyone talking about anything that has to do with the iPhone, on Twitter.

We’re using the hashtag #teamiphonerepair to signify that we’re the premiere company serving all iPhone users nationwide. We’re slowly but surely building awareness in everyone’s mind around the country, that has an iPhone, and we’re doing it without selling them a single thing. When they talk about iPhones, we respond. We agree, disagree, throw in our input and chat with as many people as possible, daily, throwing in the #teamiphonerepair hashtag.

We’re rolling out a series of guest posts, targeting some of the specific city name keyword searches, like New Jersey (linked above) and of course all surrounding states.

We’re continuing to roll out new videos about all things iPhone, everyday and I’ll be doing everything in my power to get that content seen by as many people as humanly possible. And it’s only just begun. I’ve realized, over and over, that you simply have to be doing..

What The Consumer Wants

For our services specifically, and for many other products/services out there, the consumer wants to see you. They want to be entertained, talked to rather than talked at, and they want to be a part of something fun.

We all have an opportunity like never before to bind like glue to the trust receptors of the people in our target markets. We can turn potential customers into raving fans. We can turn Twitter engagements into real life leads, and we can use a firestorm of content, link building and down and dirty interaction with people in the trenches to build equity both with the search engines, and with real life people out there in the world.

Because now a days, to win big in web marketing, you have to simply give the consumer what they want. And you have to hustle your face off!

  • What’s your hustle?

Ryan Critchett

Ryan Critchett is a serial entrepreneur in progress who loves to meditate in crisis situations. He's a running junkie and the founder of RMC Tech, an iPhone repair, iPhone Apps, and technology service company.

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