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superman shadow flying

I was 11 when Superman The Movie was released. And to this day it is one of my favorites.

Everyone wants to be Superman. Everyone wants to fly. And that movie made you believe a man, or a woman, can fly.

The newest incarnation, in case you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, is called Man of Steel. I liked it. A lot. But the first movie knocked my socks off. Of course I am not 11.

Both movies broke records on special effects production costs. And although cheesy looking now, the 1978 Superman effects were groundbreaking at the time. I still get a chill watching the scene where he first takes flight in the fortress of solitude (yes I am a superhero movie nerd).

Forget about the story changes, the costume being different, him being almost comically muscular (which may have been the point) or really any of the basics that make a movie good or bad. The big difference was that we never saw a man fly until then.  Now it’s kind of old hat.


What is the difference between Superman fighting Zod or Neo fighting Smith in the dark skies of The Matrix? Different uniforms.

It’s still cool to see Superman take flight. But there’s nothing new and amazing there. Been there done that.

As I write content I always ask myself what have I done to dazzle. What do I have that is like seeing Superman fly Loius and a helicopter up a skyscraper?

A lot of times I miss. Sometimes I come close. Every now and again, it is my sincerest hope, I connect the dots and make it fly.

The best bloggers, podcasters or any content creators can do this.  They show us something special that we’ve not necessarily read before in that way.

It may not be as obvious as a man flying.  But the ones who really build huge audiences and keep them coming back for more always strive to take us on a ride we’ve not been on before into their writing.

Want to make your content fly?

  • Read the greats. Great writers read.
  • Practice your craft!  You have to write… a lot
  • Tell stories
  • Spend time on the headline
  • Think it through but don’t let that weigh you down to the point of not accomplishing anything
  • Stay consistent.  Never give up… you WILL get better and better

What do you do to make your content fly?  Leave a comment.

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  • rhonda hurwitz

    I love the idea of starting with a story, to put your own special signature on a post that may not cover new ground, but covers it in your unique way. You did that today, and it drew me in. Nice!

  • Big Awards

    The question we always get is “How do I start blogging?” The answer is “Just start.” If you don’t have an audience write for the audience you want and then market your content through the usual social channels. Write one for you and one for a guest blog. Build it and they WILL come. Just start already!…..still here? Go on.