Join Your Blog to the Big Lebowski Urban Achievers Tribe

How do I expand my blog’s reach? THAT is the question that keeps me up at night.

After years of trying everything under the sun, it always comes back to one thing.

Building NEW relationships with quality bloggers who are on the same trajectory as me. That is the only way I’ve managed to make any significant progress.

So today, I’m doing what works.

Step by Step

You guys remember that 90s TV show? OMG…I had such a boner for Karen, the ditzy brunette daughter…oh, am I sharing too much? Ok, ok…back to what works.

1. Leverage what you got

I already have a blog. So why not write a post with an interesting title and few relevant keywords in it.

I know! I’ll call the post “Join Your Blog to the Big Lebowski Urban Achievers Tribe“. 🙂

Keywords: join, blog, tribe. The fact that the tribe is called “Big Lebowski Urban Achievers” ensures only a certain demographic will “get it”.

2. Hook ’em Up

Open with the pain point.

Expanding MY blog’s reach is very much of interest to me. And if that’s not something that interests you, you really shouldn’t be wasting your time reading this.

3. Qualify

Tribes need to share a certain ideology and a value system.

“Building NEW relationship with quality bloggers” is a statement designed to put us on the same page. If you believe in that statement like I believe in that statement, chances are, we’ll make for good tribe-mates.


  • Quality, non-salesy content related to blogging, social media, marketing, writing, and blog-related technology
  • Triberr membership (go sign up)
  • Triberr plugin (for ReBlog and ZERO Loss of Engagement comments)
  • Facebook sharing (this necessitates a deep trust and a promise…it will eliminate a lot of people, but those that qualify….)
  • Real name + face picture used across your social profiles

In short, this blogging tribe is not for the weak.

What Do You Get?

You get an audience, a comment brigade, and infinite possibilities.

Next steps: Join Triberr, leave a comment here with your blog’s URL and your full name. I’ll find you and invite you into the next awesomest tribe on the plannet.

Want to connect with bloggers on the East Coast? Join us for a 5 Hour Conference on September 22nd in NYC.

Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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  • Ryan Biddulph

    Stick to the basics and rock it out. Or deviate from the basics and struggle. My screw-ups, struggle and failure are rooted in moving away from the basics, due to impatience. So I stopped creating value and meeting high energy, like-minded people.

    Then I woke up, became patient again, created value and met like-minded people. Success flowed in more easily because I worked a system virtually every successful entrepreneur works.

    Thanks Dino!

  • Alex Thompson

    I agree with your information…