Interview With a Blogger Extraordinaire and Social Media Pacesetter Tristan Higbee

Today we have a special podcast. I’m speaking with Tristan Higbee of Blogging Bookshelf about a vast array of topics.

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Interview With a Blogger Extraordinaire and Social Media Pacesetter Tristan Higbee

We talk about:

  • Kazakhstan
  • Tristan’s linguistic prowess
  • His family
  • Does the world need more lawyers or bloggers?
  • His blogging and Social Media background
  • Blogging platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • What does it mean to have your own publishing platform?
  • Daily Blogging Diary
  • Twitter traffic
  • Facebook traffic
  • Being wholly integrated vs having a fragmented personality
  • Giving people what they want
  • How climates affects Social Media
  • The ugly truth about making money online
  • Don’t write shit content
  • Timing vs skill
  • Those grapes are sour anyways
  • Tristan flips the script on me and asks me why I started DIY Blogger
  • How to act natural in front of camera
  • What Michael Caine has to say about online video
  • The unconventional way of landing a guest spot on a big blog
  • Tristan’s reading list
  • Message, messenger and the recipient
  • Is it the price or trust that stops people from buying tings from bloggers?
  • Tristan’s future plans

Find Tristan on Blogging Bookshelf

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Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    Loved the interview! Tristan is a phenomenon – he’s on his way of becoming a superstar blogger. 🙂

    • Dino Dogan

      You know, I usually try to keep these podcasts to a half hour but I knew the stuff Tristan was sharing was gold so I figured hey, wth 🙂 We had a great convo for abt 2 hrs actually and plenty was left on the cutting room floor as well, maybe we’ll release it someday on a special 5 disk set and sell it via infomercials at 3AM lol

      Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      • Julie Nutter

        I smell a business opportunity. lmao

        • Dino Dogan

          yup…we’ll get you to host the show and we’ll sell a ton of ’em lol

          • Julie Nutter

            “Hi, I’m JJ and I just stand here, look pretty, and tell you to buy stuff. Dino does all of the actual work.” LOl

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  • TristanH

    Thanks for the interview, Dino! It was a lot of fun man. We’ll have to do it again sometime.

    • Dino Dogan

      For sure…thnx for doing it brother 🙂

  • Mitchell

    As one of Tristan’s friends, I take offense at being told I don’t know anything about this kind of stuff!

    Just kidding, but in all reality this was a great interview. I found the part especially interesting when Dino was talking about being wholly invested through all channels instead of having a fragmented personality. I had never really thought about it in that manner before. And as someone who has over 1,000 Facebook friends, perhaps I could be tapping into that pool of people more efficiently…

    • Dino Dogan

      Hi Mitchel. Im really glad you found valuable info in the interview…one of the reasons I wanted to do an interview with Tristan is because I knew we’d have loads to talk about…I didnt even prepare any questions, we just riffed for 2 hrs was great.

      As for FB friends…yeah..why not? Another way to look at it is that we’re not secret agents…right? We do what we do, we shouldn’t be ashamed of it and if you think your shit is valuable why not share it with your friends?

      Anyways..thnx for commenting…where can I find you?

      • TristanH

        Mitchell’s my roommate, and yes, he is one of the few people I can talk to about this kind of stuff 🙂 I keep telling him he needs to get his own blog but he hasn’t yet. Slacker.

        • Dino Dogan

          He IS a slacker…slacker…go get a blog Mitch, you lazy bum lol

          • Mitchell Wright

            Ok Dino, Tristan finally convinced me to stat up a blog, so you can check it out at

          • Dino Dogan

            Great idea…about freakin time already 🙂

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  • Ingrid Abboud

    Hey Dino,

    Well what a frickin’ refreshing interview! Thank you!
    There’s words like F*** and Kazakhstan – nice and hmm…

    You couldn’t have picked a better all-round person to interview than Tristan – I actually call him “the human R2D2 of blogging” lol. Feel free to use it – but royalty fees and credit! haha kidding of course ;).

    He’s highly intelligent, a fantastic writer, an engaging blogger but also an admirable one, a very interesting person in general with a rich background; he’s cultured. And if that’s not enough he’s kind and helpful. I truly respect him both as an individual (from what I know and can see), as a blogger and as a friend (virtual so far). Okay, I think I’ve tooted the hell out of him here but he kinda deserves it – as you know!

    What he’s done with BloggingBookshelf is really impressive – and in only 2 months – wow! Hats off.

    I could potentially comment on every point you guys discussed here but I won’t :). I simply wanted to drop by and say – thanks for this fantastic podcast and for the interesting and valuable discussions that went on there.

    PS – I wouldn’t be surprised if Copyblogger interviews HIM soon :).

  • Stan Faryna

    You guys had fun in this interview. That’s nice to see/hear. Doing things online should be as much about having a good time as sharing, speaking out, and getting the results.

    Kind regards,
    Stan Faryna

    • Dino Dogan

      Yeah we did….Tristan is a great dude to talk to… btw…you have the invite to triberr, correct? Some ended up in people’s spam so Im making sure …

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