Insane Loyalty

insane loyalty nmx dino dogan New Media Expo 2013

This awesome wide angle shot is curtesy of Adam Silver

There are certain topics that are seldom discussed in polite company. Religion, money, and politics for example. In this session, we will discuss all three.

There are primal drives that turn ordinary customers into rabid advocates for you and your brand. Apple, Starbucks, and Oprah already know and use these principals on you. Now it’s time for you to turn the tables and use these principles on YOUR target audience.

This is the talk I did in January for NMX/BlogWorld. It all happened over an amazing 3 days where I got to meet a TON of people, learn a bunch, and sleep a little.

The title of my session was Insane Loyalty: How To Get People Fanatically Addicted To You.

So, if that sounds like your cup of tea, you’re in for a quite a treat.

Also, I’d like to thank those in my audience who decided to write a post based on my session. Links to those wonderful people is below the video.


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  • Joel Zaslofsky

    If you’re reading this comment and you haven’t watched the video…do it. If you experience even half of the power in the recording as the audience experienced when it was live (I was there), you’ll thank yourself.

    • Dino Dogan

      Joel, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for the kind words, sir 🙂

  • Lisa Cash Hanson

    oh but I won’t be cussing LOL I never do 😉

  • Terry Sullivan

    Dino… you so amaze me. Every time I read your blog or attend your seminars. I learn. THakn you so much.. Please come to Dallas, Texas!