Huffington Post Now Powered by Triberr

My misgivings about big media sites using Triberr to spread their nonsense has been well documented.

I believe in inclusion. It works. It’s the right thing to do. If I excluded them, then I would be no better than they are.

So, Dan and I decided to allow them to use Triberr (for now), but at least we’ll get some mileage out of it and call them out.

Regular sites usually put logos on their front page to brag about this kinda crap, but since we’re doing everything differently, why start doing things “right” when it comes to bragging. 🙂

So, here goes.

Jure is a good buddy of mine. When he got the HuffPost gig we talked on the phone and I -only somewhat jokingly- said “so…sleeping with the enemy, ey?”

He’s been using Triberr since the very beginning, so when he started writing for Arianna, it only made sense for him to plug in his HuffPost feed and build a tribe around his HuffPost content.

Good on you, buddy.

Jodi is everywhere. She writes for Arianna, but she also writes for 12 Most. She’s an expert in College Finances, and you can learn more about that here.

Lisa is a book writing coach. Ima need to enlist her services, me thinks 🙂

But Wait, There’s More…

There are few more HuffPost writers on Triberr but these 3 represent the cream of the crop.

While I abhor everything HuffPost represents, the authors themselves are really nice people who are creating quality content. And they can’t be faulted for the traspasses by the HuffPost leadership.

Notice there wasn’t a single link going to HuffPost? And there never will be from this blog.

HuffPost is the cancer on the face of the Blogosphere and I would NEVER contribute content to it.

It pains me to be stuck between a rock and a hard place where I find myself sending traffic to HuffPost.

The only thing that makes it less painful is that the traffic Triberr sends to HuffPost is negligible. But then again, that IS the problem, isn’t it? HuffPost gets plenty of traffic, even if they have to lie and cheat their way to it.

High Note

This shit pisses me off, so let’s end on a high note instead.

What we have here are 3 awesome writers. Some might even say that this could be the makings of a new tribe on Triberr. The HuffPost Writers Tribe perhaps?

Dino Dogan

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  • malharbarai

    Great move Dino!! Am sure that would be a great thing for Triberr

  • Michelle Quillin

    Dino, I’m thrilled to be in a small Tribe with Lisa, “Business Specialists United.” She was invited because she is indeed the “cream of the crop” in her field as a book writing coach. We set high standards for the Tribe, including stellar personal and professional reputation.

    You’ve done a great thing giving her props here. Lisa is a rising star in the publishing and marketing world, and she’s building quite the client list of published and award-winning authors she’s personally coached. I’ll be hiring her myself when it’s time!

  • tonyknuckles

    Good luck with the partnership..dino