How To Write for Comments [Video]

Do you want people to leave a comment on your post? Of course you do, here’s why.

When a potential client -or even your mom- comes to your blog, they are unable to tell how much traffic you get. Instead, they infer how “well” you’re doing by two things:

  1. Social shares
  2. Number of comments

Triberr get’s you plenty of shares, but it’s up to you to get comments. Here’s how.

Link to video.

This video is Part 6, of my 7 part interview with Mike Brooks of the Nuclear Chowder fame.

All 7 parts can be found here.

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  • J.Rose Allister

    Great point about blogging “all sides” of a topic. This actually prompted me to run over and edit my blog post for today before commenting here. For years, I’ve been taught not to rock the boat when promoting myself. I was taught that this risks alienating half my audience so they’ll never buy one (or another one) of my books. It’s only been recently that I’ve been trying to break out of that mold, but it’s a work in progress. I find myself wanting to apologize for my views or presenting fair viewpoints. Thanks for shaking up my thinking. Signed, Can’t Get Comments

    • Dino Dogan

      I was thinking about the rightness and wrongness of making things black and white. And I think we perceive it as wrong because shitty people use it to achieve their shitty goals.

      But good people can use it as well, to achieve fair goals that benefit the entire society. And I think good people are especially susceptible to showing all sides because they are fair and good.

      Should we fight fire with fire? I say yes. As long as our intentions are for the benefit of others, we’re in a safe zone.

      • J.Rose Allister

        A very good point. I get it, I really do. And I’m a highly opinionated person…inside my head. I’ve just been so trained into submission about being PC on my PC that the thought of being controversial gives me hives. Which is silly, really, because the very nature of what I write is highly controversial.