How To Sell Without Being A Salesman



I am lucky enough to be a member of the Podcast Mastermind lead by The Podcast Answer Man: Cliff Ravenscraft.  If you want to learn how to podcast, Cliff is the go to guy.

Today I am lucky to interview one of the friends I’ve made from being in this great mastermind group.  David J. Soler has a podcast called The Art And Science Of Relationship Marketing and Sales.

David is a Success Catalyst known for enriching lives and helping organizations, small businesses and individuals achieve unimaginable success. David is known for his authentic and energizing approach to building strong referral communities for business growth and life enrichment.  He is a respected marketing and sales expert, the “Goto” guy for relationship marketing and sales.

In Podcast episode 007, Kevin O’Driscoll and I talked about networking.  This episode picks right up where me and Kevin left off.

This episode is all about building a thriving community of people who want to buy from you.  And the best part is, the sales cycle is so much easier.  People already know what you do and trust you.  The reason why selling is so painful to so many people is because you have to take a person from A to Z.  Where a referral already comes to you on T.

David shares how to move away from a transactional method of selling to a relationship based model.  Not only will this generate more business over time, the process becomes much easier.

Of course, as always, we discuss how to take this model online.  When done right, Social Media allows us to reach a much larger audience.  Using David’s principles online will greatly improve your success.

Listen to the podcast here or on Itunes


What is your one big take away from this episode?  Leave your comment below to let me know.

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