Why Your Blog Will Never Win Google’s Affection

I have a niche site. It’s about dogs .

As you might imagine, “dogs” is a popular topic amongst humans, so competition for search traffic is fierce.

No matter how hard I try, my little blog will never rank high on google’s search results. And here is why.

What’s Age Got To Do With It? 

Domains like dogster.com, dog.com and wikipedia -which ranks high for pretty much any keyword/phrase- have been around FOREVER. My dog blog is only few years old, and this makes a TON of difference.

Being around for a long time means that:

  • You get a preferential treatment from google’s robotic sentinels
  • You’ve had time to allow for other sites to naturally link to you
  • You’ve had time to build credibility with google.

How to beat the system? 

To make your short time on the scene work in your favor, there are few tricks you can employ that will compensate for your lack of longevity.

People are fascinated by “new”. New anything is infinitely more interesting than anything old. In fact, Western culture has an ingrained bias against old and in favor of new.

So be the kind of “new” that people want to write about and link to.

News Flash: If you can’t get on google’s front page as a proven long-term entity, why not get on google’s front page as news?

Start by asking yourself what is unique, interesting and newsworthy about you, and your actions will flow from the answers you come up with.

I would hate to be the kind of blogger that dispenses two dollar advice with no concrete example to show this working for me in real life, so here goes.

When Dan Cristo and I formed Triberr, we asked ourselves these same questions. The resultant torrent of links and write ups helped Triberr get ranked as one of the most visited sites on the Internet, according to Alexa.

To learn more, check out:

Content is Content 

Google prefers new, unique and frequent content.

One-man-blog simply can’t satiate google’s thirst for content all by himself.

All the blogs that rank high in google’s mind, produce new, unique content and often. One man simply can’t keep up.

Think Wikipedia, Huffington Post, Mashable or any other, multi-author site. They publish and update their content dozens, hundreds and even thousands of times a day.

You want to win favor with google? You have to do the same thing.

How to beat the system? 

You can’t do it by yourself. Certainly not in the long term. You WILL Peter out. So get some friends.

Individual blogs who try to rank based on the content created by one person will lose out. One person simply doesn’t have the creative output needed to feed the google’s robotic ghouls.

Collaborative blogs who publish a ton of new, original content will have the edge.

This is why I try to feature guest bloggers on DIYB as often as possible, and this is why the future of blogging belongs to collaboratively minded.

Contact me for your guest posting invite.

Sucks to be Competitive 

If you’re writing about a less competitive -or new, see above- topic, then it gets little easier.

However, if you decide to write about a hyper competitive niche like dogs, SEO, Viagra, weight loss, making money online, or similar; then it gets WAY more difficult.

What’s the solution? Glad you asked…

How to beat the system? 

Video. That’s how.

Google owns youtube and google loves video. If you make a half decent video about any of the above mentioned topics -along with some solid tags and keywords- chances are it will rank on the first or second page of google.

Many of the well established sites are way behind the curve in terms of video content and this is the chance new bloggers might have to break through the old clutter.

If you’re clueless about how exactly to make a video, I have an eBook with your name on it. Get Video Blogging Quickstart Guide and more.

  • What other obstacles do new blogs encounter in breaking through the established google clutter?
  • What are your best tips and tricks new bloggers can use to rank, and fast?

Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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  • BruceSallan

    Will you be my friend, Dino? I so prefer doing it on my own since I don’t have to answer to anyone. I played individual sports all my life (tennis and skiing) for the same reason. I love people, it’s mankind I can’t stand (I think I heard that first in Peanuts). BUT, you are clearly so right about having a team. I’ll play first base!

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      Americans and their Baseball analogies…what does “I’ll play first base” means anyways? 🙂 @BruceSallan

  • http://dancristo.com/ DanCristo

    I also recommend going ultra-niche. Don’t just write about [dogs], write about [training German Shepards in New Jersey]. Once you dominate rankings that term, broaden it to just [training german shepards], then any terms about [german shepards]. Once you’ve maxed out german shepards, open it up to other breads. Over time you’ll rank well for all sort of dog related searches without ever having to optimize your site for [dogs].

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      I remember this strategy from our SEO podcasts 🙂 @DanCristo

  • http://www.dragonblogger.com/ Dragon Blogger

    Somebody also just told me how long you buy the domain name for also can play a factor, like if you renew for 1 year vs 3 years it may affect your SERP. Have you heard anymore about this and more wait for blogs with longer domain expiration dates? Ultra niche is another good point, but if you probably can even categorize down to a handful of species in case you cant capitalize on a single niche. I would create a category for each breed and start adding and see which categories you start ranking for and expanding/building out on those. Guest articles are great and using something like MyBlogGuest to find guest posters is really helpful as well too.

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      ya..the age, both backward and forward is a signal… @Dragon Blogger

      • http://www.dragonblogger.com/ Dragon Blogger

        @dino_dogan Next time my DNS name comes up I will renew for 3 years then, I have been doing annually the last two years.

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  • http://www.TheNerdyNurse.com/ TheNerdyNurse

    Dino… I do humbly disagree about being able to get on the front page of google.

    You see, my blog is relatively new (not even 2 years old yet) and I’m on the front page of Google for the term “Forever Lazy” for this post http://thenerdynurse.com/2011/10/when-products-to-make-life-easier-just-go-too-far-forever-lazy.html

    Google it… I dare ya!

    I didn’t attempt to do this, it just happened, but it proves that even if you aren’t trying to be on the top of the google results, and you are a new blog, you can get there.

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      heeey…my virtual girlfriend is back 🙂 @TheNerdyNurse

      Here’s the thang…it would be fairly easy to rank for an obscure term. For example, if I make up a word, i could easily rank for it.

      The next level up from there is an unusual phrase not often searched for, like “forever lazy”. However, try ranking for the word “dog training” or “Viagra”, or “make money online” or…well, you get the idea.

      These highly searched-for phrases will be much more difficult to crack.

      • http://TheNerdyNurse.com/ TheNerdyNurse

        @dino_dogan you must not watch a lot of TV. Forever lazy is only the hippest of the hip and fashionable adult butt-flap pajamas that will be flying off the shelf this holiday season!

        I mean why else would I blog about it…. couldn’t be that it’s ABSURD for adults to have butt-flaps on their pajamas that are advertised as an item you never have to take off.

        I just beat the rush of all the other bloggers who will be dying to blog about it!

        Or… yea.. it could just be a weird search term, but I think it will become more popular very soon.

        • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

          ahhh..NOW youre on to something 🙂 and also, where do I get these? lol @TheNerdyNurse

        • http://TheNerdyNurse.com/ TheNerdyNurse

          @dino_dogan click on one of my awesome links… even though i think they are insane, I do have affiliate links in there. lol.

  • wonderoftech

    Fascinating. I’m a fledgling blogger by Google’s standards, but I’ve done well in the SEO department. My niche is personal technology for everyday people. Not many are writing about that, most tech blogs focus on cutting edge tech for techies.

    I like your suggestions, though, Dino. The ideas of collaboration and videos make perfect sense. Thanks for sharing these insights with us.

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      Ive noticed that…I love the slant you put-on on the theme 🙂 @wonderoftech

  • Cateyefotos

    I’m beginning to utilize the ultra local seo ranking strategy.. If I can rank on the first page for people searching for photographers in Brooklyn, I’m happy. I’m already seeing relevant keywords sending more traffic my way after about 3 weeks of optimizing with this in mind.

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      yuppers…long tail is def the way to go…how is Brooklyn these day? I love that place. Used to go a restaurant called Black Betty which closed down…bummer @Cateyefotos

  • http://facebook-advertising-marketing.com/ krisolin

    It’s an interesting thing with the age of a website (or domain actually). As Google is trying to humanize their services they are trying to emulate how actual people do things. This is where age comes to play.

    If you ask a five year old a question chances are 50/50 that they give you a correct answer. Obviously, as five year olds don’t know sheid yet. But, if you ask the same question to 35 year old you are more likely to get a decent answer. It’s the same thing with a young website. From Google’s point of view new or young websites just aren’t reliable, or mature enough to be recommended high in the SERPs.

    …makes sense, doesn’t it?

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      Thats a great analogy, Kris. And yup, makes total sense. @krisolin

  • highballsport

    That’s solid, Dino! Thanks!

    About doing videos – you may wanna transcribe it and upload the text to YouTube as a .txt file. That makes your video much more solid as it’s backed by index-able text. Make sure to use your keyword phrases throughout the video. Google it – you’ll find tutorials as how to do it.

    A great way to get high rankings fast is to blog about issues/problems and solutions about new pieces of gear that are newly released. I’ve been doing this with the GoPro HD camera and I rank high for some related terms (it was very easy as I was early to do this).

    You’re right about collaborating with other bloggers. As the book says (What would Google do) – “you gotta be a platform”. If you regularly have other people writing on your site, you’ve got more than a blog, you’ve got a platform and that’s a winning concept.

    I started an experiment now – I invite outdoorsy people to ask sponsorships in my blog’s name&credit. They keep the gear to use and abuse and they write a review in exchange. This is my first step into making a platform. 🙂

    About news… I personally don’t see it as valuable. Coz news means spikes in traffic whereas evergreen content means constant traffic (growing slowly but steadily).

    It’s a good thing to be featured in the news for some cool things you do but actually writing a news blog seems to be too much work (and too much competition from the big guys).

    Guest posting – I don’t do it anymore (I only get natural links from other websites or forums since my content is hobby/passion related) but to be honest Id love to write at least one article for you, Dino. You’re just too cool and posting on this blog would be an honor for me. I mean it! (there’s also a sort of pressure – I need to deliver if I wanna write here…) 🙂

    PS – lots of work to leave the comment with this new system…

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      It would be an honor to have you here. Email coming your way. Look out. @highballsport

  • http://www.TheWorldOrBust.com/ TheWorldOrBust

    found your blog from via your post on Triberr, “How To Rite a Compelling Headline” and really like your writing style, You just made the Google Reader, winning!

  • http://www.TheWorldOrBust.com/ TheWorldOrBust

    found your blog from via your post on Triberr, “How To Rite a Compelling Headline” and really like your writing style, You just made the Google Reader, winning!

  • http://www.TheWorldOrBust.com/ TheWorldOrBust

    found your blog from via your post on Triberr, “How To Rite a Compelling Headline” and really like your writing style, You just made the Google Reader, winning!

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      #TigerBlood 🙂 @TheWorldOrBust

  • ITSergioFelix

    Hey Dino,

    I have been experimenting lately with video creation because I agree completely that videos are the fastest way to appear on big G’s results page.I’m still trying to find out how to do this video thing right now but I will certainly get there… someday! LOL

    Take care man!

    • http://diyblogger.net/ dino_dogan

      There’s a handy dandy video blogging quickstart guide you can sign up for in the upper right. It should help 🙂

  • girlygrizzly

    Dino. Hi there. I sent you a tweet, but just in case, I’ll ask here as well. I can’t seem to convince the links that they want to give me a copy of your Video Blogging Quickstart Guide. I have to take this step, and quit acting like a pussy about videos. Help!

    Thank you (squeaky voice)


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