How To Market Your Soul On Video

By recognizing that people purchase for emotional reasons first; justified with a bit of logic second, you are able to create real content that focuses on what people want and need rather than on-screen sales pitches which is what most companies produce.

The popularity for honest and value driven videos; coupled with an explosion in the use of social media platforms, presents you with an incredibly powerful tool to differentiate your personal brand from the rest.

But in order to do that you have to first make a personal connection with your customer, which is where many businesses fail miserably.

In order to market your soul on video; you’re going to have get out of your comfort zone and share your specific humanness with the world around you. Show the world that you personally care.

This video focuses on three actionable steps you can take today, that will help you do just that.

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Bernardo Mendez

Bernardo Mendez is a talented vlogger who was born and raised in Mexico City and now lives and works in the US. His videos always pop with energy and his dedication to sharing ideas that make sense is unstoppable. Check out his other work at YourGreatLifeTv

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  • Robert Dempsey

    It always comes down to giving value first doesn’t it? And then continuing to deliver that again and again. Funny how that works. I really liked point #3 – we’re all in the people business. I’ve met people that have forgotten that and are very abrasive to deal with. Folks like that don’t last long, no matter how talented they are. No one likes a complete a-hole, except for themselves.

    • Bernardo Mendez

      Hi Robert! I agree. So many people forget to add value first and wonder why they look, sound and smell like cheap, car salesmen (of the lemony kind). And I guess being in the people business goes back to putting yourself in people’s shoes and think about what would make you watch a video in the first place, which in my mind will come down to receiving value in exchange for your time. Thank you for sharing this comment and we are thinking along the same lines here. -Have a great day Robert! -Bernardo

  • Elena Patrice

    Bernardo, I swear I’m not stalking you! 😉 Really, I’m fascinated with video (and the huge potential it holds) and am getting ready to begin putting mine out next week. Admittedly, I’ve been “scared” and nervous, but since coming up your wonderful video channel and seeing your guest posts, you have greatly, greatly encouraged me and made me feel like I’ll be able to do this just fine.

    For what I do, I think it’s essential for my potential audience to understand the “why” of what we do and the true passion that drives us (we have a huge mission) … so video is the way that will help express this properly I believe.

    You offer some supreme advice and things I hadn’t thought about, so abundant thanks to you. Your encouragement to your viewers is infectious and a gift!

    Here’s to an awesome day and awesome videos! 🙂

    Much kindness,


    • Bernardo Mendez

      HI Elena,
      You are funny, I love your comments and feedback so feel free to stalk me any day 🙂

      I really appreciate that you feel like these videos are somehow giving you encouragement in the video department. I agree with what you are saying in that if you are promoting a product or service that has a social mission component behind it, video is a phenomenal way to connect with your audience.

      This is why: there are so many people (capital S) who use social causes as a hook rather than as a true mission. Video allows your audience to know you mean it 🙂 As I often mention. People’s bulshit-ometers are better calibrated now than ever, so your beautiful and passionate self will benefit from showcasing what’s truly in your heart with your site’s viewers. Thank you for your comment and your kind RT. Abrazos, -Bernardo

  • Constantin Gabor

    I love the “we’re in the people business” remark! Indeed I do more business with people I like and people who like me do business with me.

    Gotta get doing this video thing… 🙂

    Thanks, Bernando!

    • Bernardo Mendez

      Hi Constantin,

      Thank you much for commenting and for your insight. I also love doing business with people I like because it is an extension of a friendship rather than a “business deal”. Yes, my reccomendation is to start earlier rather than later creating videos. Have an awesome day! -Bernardo

  • Lachlan Cotter

    Dude, you blow me away. Your stuff has always been top notch, but this one took things up another step again. You’ve got tremendous presence, Bernardo. You’re articulate, energetic, clear, concise, personable, direct, charismatic… you’ve set a very high bar that you’re encouraging others to reach for. It’s going to take some doing, but huge thanks for the clarity of your example. Really impressed, mate.

    • Bernardo Mendez

      Thank you so much for your extremely generous words. I appreciate you feel this way and really glad you took something of value from this video. This is what videos are all about in my mind, connecting with people, sparking emotions and providing something of value. Likewise, I was blown away by your latest post and hope many more people get a chance to read it!

  • Dean Carlton


    Great video – engaging and strong messages.

    It never seems to amaze me everytime that I am reminded that – LESS is more. People do not like information overload, regardless of whether the information it is technical, specialist or generalist.

    As a consultative-salesperson, every day I focus on delivering customer-value – and providing solutions that solve PEOPLE’s pains.

    Thanks for reminding me (AGAIN!) that I also need to focus on keeping it simple. Picking 2 or 3 of a prospective customers winning themes will always get better results than bombarding them with confusing and conflicting messages.

    Great delivery by the way!


    • Anonymous

      Hi Dean,
      Glad you enjoyed the video and even happier you are finding actionable ways to put it to practice.
      I agree with you on the picking of your strong themes in order to share your messages. These themes combined with a strong value driven purpose can generate friends, leads and traffic to your site/business. People will be grateful to you for providing real value and you stand a better chance of being organically shared/ RT’d /Facebook liked & emailed across the digital world. I appreciate your generous comments on the delivery. -Bernardo

  • hanelly

    This is one instance where I applaud you for selling your soul. Seriously though, this is worth an all-office email, which I am about to send.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Andrew, I’m so glad you liked it! Hope your office benefits from this my man.
      I really Appreciate your comment and your office wide shout out! -Bernardo

  • Janet Callaway

    Bernardo, aloha. No doubt you followed Step 0 and turned yourself on prior to hitting start. Bernardo, what I liked about the video is how present you were throughout.

    For me, the step that most resonated was moving people from “So What to Me Too!”

    Look forward to reviewing more of your videos for tips. So nice to meet you here on Dino’s blog. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, aloha. Janet

    • Anonymous

      Hi Janet,

      I appreciate your comment and your kind words. It’s funny you mention presence because that is probably the single most important key to communicate powerfully and from your heart, not just on video but out in the real world too. If you are somewhat in your head while communicating people feel a block in the energy, but if you feel it as you say it, then you can connect with people at a much deeper level. It’s great meeting you through Dino’s blog too and by all means check out any of my videos at anytime.



    • Dino Dogan

      I know how to pick ’em, dont I? 🙂

  • Lauri Flaquer


    Thanks so much for the entertaining and informative video. Not only was I motivated to grab the camera, I was inspired to TURN IT ON!

    Seriously, I have the value and am not afraid to share it. I know I’m in the people business. The best part was the get out of your comfort zone. You were fabulous, engaging and likable. I aspire to be like that as well. Thanks for sharing such great info.

    • Bernardo Mendez


      I am very excited that you are ready to both record a video and turn your energy on 🙂
      I appreciate what you say about me but really anyone can create great videos if they simple express their personality while they record. Good video presence in my mind is mainly about communicating what is in your heart in a way that is authentic to yourself. I look forward to watching your video when you do record it. Send me the link via this blog or find me on tweeter if you prefer. Have an amazing evening and thank you for your comment today! -Bernardo

      • essay help

        […] I am very excited …….. […]
        the same about me) thanks a lot for such a great post and video is just amazing!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Thank you 🙂

      • Lauri Flaquer

        Hi Bernardo,

        You are very kind. I plan to send you my video for your critique. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.

        As a Business Consultant I frequently recommend that my clients use video as a way of speaking more effectively to their customers and people in the marketplace. I wanted everyone to see your video and get your tips so I retweeted and posted on facebook. I will be watching for your future videos and passing them along as often as I can.

        Thank you for your response, encouragement and generous spirit. We all appreciate the gentle push forward.


  • Adam Paudyal

    Wow! Truly valuable concepts especially the one about marketing your soul on video. I totally agree when you say that you need to turn yourself on before you turn on the video camera.

    Bernardo, these are definitely some of the best tips on creating videos that makes a difference in attracting followers and customers alike.

    Really enjoyed it man. Appreciate it!

    • John | Affiliate Marketing

      I totally agree with you.

    • Bernardo Mendez

      Hi Adam,

      Glad you enjoyed the tips and think that if you practice being at a high energy level prior to recording you will definitely see a big difference in your ability to connect with people. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your appreciation.

      Best to you,


  • John | Affiliate Marketing

    Thanks for selling your soul!

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  • Louise Stoodley

    Hi, great video! just one piece of feedback, someone in the previous video mentioned as well and I found that in both videos I watched, the music comes in too early at the end and distracts from when your saying. The first one was mentioned that the volume might be a bit too loud in the music, but I think for me it’s not so much the volume but the fact that it fades in too early and take away from the final message.
    All in al great job thought and very valuable advice ;o)

    • Bernardo Mendez

      Hi Louise,

      Thank you very much for your feedback I really appreciate it.
      I’m also glad you found the information valuable. I appreciate you taking the time and leaving a comment that can help me out 🙂