How To Get Banned From Triberr

How do you develop a culture of respect, quality, and reciprocity? THAT is the question that keeps me up at night.

Dan and I talk about building Triberr in terms of building our legacy. There is no exit strategy. There is no “gee, I hope we get bought out by google, or facebook or some other giant who thinks Triberr is sexy, so we can retire off the money we make”.

Wherever there is a system, people will try to game it, and Triberr -unfortunately- is no different. We know this. We’ve prepared for this. And yesterday, I went full Gestapo on their ass.

Before I tell you all about it, lemme share a piece of straight-forward talk I pulled from Triberr’s Terms of Service.

Do not associate someone else’s RSS feed with your Triberr account. Whichever RSS feed you personally publish on is the RSS feed that must be affiliated with your Triberr account. Your RSS feed must be associated with a traditional blog RSS feed, and not a Twitter timeline, YouTube feed or any other non-blog xml feed. Your blog must be the source of original content, not scraped content that links or redirects to other sites. ~Source Triberr TOS.

I wrote that shit. Not a lawyer. Not a team of people getting paid an hourly rate to be obtuse. Me. Wrote it in a real plain and simple way too.

So yesterday, pissed off as i was, I banned dozens of Triberr accounts, and all fall in these 3 general categories.

Scoop This, Mofo!

I don’t understand the purpose of Who are they working for? Not Bloggers, thats for sure. is one of those annoying sites that NO ONE spends time-on on purpose. If you ever ended up on someone’s page it was by mistake and you left in a hurry.

But I suppose is fine for non-bloggers.

If you don’t create original content and you have no clue what to write about, or lack an original thought in your head, is perfect for you. Enjoy, but keep it off of Triberr, PUNK!

So if you had a feed as your RSS feed and your Triberr account comes up blocked, this is why.

Eat a Pipe

Triberr has a system rule in place. One RSS feed per tribe. Simple, right?

If I invite you into my dog tribe, with my dog blog as the RSS feed, you probably have something to do with dogs and you are probably NOT interested in sharing my Social Media related content.

The opposite is true of my Social Media based tribes. They certainly don’t want to share content from my dog blog.

So, the rule is, one feed per tribe. BAM!

But some clever mofos decided to use Yahoo Pipes to combine multiple feeds and push content into their tribe from multiple blogs. Those clever mofos are now banned.

Curate My Ass

Here is the most insidious offender of them all.

Some users would set up a blog -usually a free one on and automate post generation on that blog using or some other plugin, theme, or methodology. Then they would use that blog’s native -normal- feed to pump shitty content into their tribes.

Some of them have even set up “curation” plugin on their regular blog which then “collects” content from all over the place. That content would then be pumped into a tribe, tribe would share it, people would visit the “curated” page and would then click to see the original source of the content.

To the Blogger who wrote the original content it would look like the “curated” page has sent the traffic. And what if the owner of the blog also happened to be selling a curation page templates? Would you think curation works?

If You Got Banned

I ain’t mad at ya. I just want you to write quality, original content. We’re making Triberr for people that do.

Sending anything other than quality, original content constitutes abuse of your tribemates. Not to mention that you’re creating a bad experience for people who follow the link to these shitty, shitty “curated” pages.

Email me at support at triberr dot com with a real blog you plan on using with your Triberr account and I’ll lift the ban.


We already have the Mute button which enables you to mute frequent, low quality ….ummmm…let’s call them “publishers”.

We’re thinking of creating a Snitch button as well. So that users can report low quality contributors.


Dino Dogan

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  • Guest


  • Guest

    I am new (newer) to Triberr and have loved the quality of content and relationships that I’m building. Over the last week, I’ve noticed many people that I want to mute. With that said, thanks for your weekend initiative to clean house. It’s much appreciated!

  • Guest

    Dino – the mute button is a welcome relief. As Triberr has grown, the focus of some long standing tribes has widened and the mute button does the job for me in this respect. has been a bane for a while and glad to see it removed along with other lazy options.

    A snitch button? Why not, most other web based services rely on their users to help with quality control.


  • Ross Quintana

    Dino, sometimes you have to lower the hammer. You could also consider having a dropdown menu on the mute or a setting we could control that set a max number of posts per week for our tribemates so we could control flow. Many people won’t push 7 posts a week from the same person. You could have a general setting you set when you set up your tribe or a per person setting so you could regulate quality that way. The advantage of this is you put more power into the people’s hands about the flow of content in a tribe. Quality and quantity seem to be the issues people want to control.

  • Randy Hilarski

    I am happy that you posted this. I used my in a few of my tribes. is one of my fav sites, so I would publish to my occasionally. I disassociated that account from Triberr so that there would not be an issue. Thanks for the shot across the bow, especially for us new Triberr Hookers!

    • Dino Dogan

      HA! Triberr hookers. I love it 🙂

      • Randy Hilarski

        I knew you would, and Mia Voss would be proud!