How To Ensure Your BEST Photo Is Visible In Your Facebook Photos Box

Don’t you love it when you take a good photo, someone tags you in it, and then THAT photo is in your Facebook Photos box? I know…me too!

Don’t you hate it when someone tags a crappy photo of you, and then THAT photo is visible in your Facebook Photos box? I know…me too!

In this post, I will show you how to control which photo is visible in your Facebook Photos box. But I know what you’re thinking…

“Wait a minute, Dino. Why can’t I just remove the tag?” 

Well, you could but that might be perceived as dickish.

Here’s What Happened

A buddy of mine, Kenn Bell, whom you might know as the amazing videographer/movie-maker of Hero Dogs of 9/11 fame, tagged me in a photo of his dogs.

Now, I’ve met Kenn’s dogs, they are a great bunch. Both Kenn and I just got back from BlogPaws in Salt Lake City, Utah; where Kenn screened his movie and delivered an amazing training sessions for aspiring vloggers.

The picture had all sorts of BlogPaws swag, so it was definitely relevant. And to be quite honest, I was honored to be tagged with a couple of good looking fellas like Max and Remy. I mean, look at those faces.

So, I didn’t want to remove the tag. But I didn’t want that picture to be the one that’s visible in my Facebook Photos box either. So, what’s a guy to do?

Last Hit, Not Best Fit

Here’s how Facebook tagging works. The last picture in which you got tagged is displayed in the Facebook Photos box.

So I wondered if I were to remove an older tag, from an older (but desired) photo, and then re-tag myself, will it appear in the Photos box?

Sure enough. It did.

So. All you have to do to make sure your best, most desirable photo appears in the Facebook Photos box, is remove the tag from an older photo which you want people to see, and then re-tag yourself.

Done, and done 🙂


I didn’t have to be a dick. Max and Remy were happy. And if you go to my Facebook page, you’ll actually see the picture of me which I want you to see, and not some random picture in which I just happened to be tagged last.

Unfortunately, this will hold water only until someone tags you again. At which point -assuming you didn’t like the picture- you’ll have to re-tag an older photo all over again.

A more permanent solution might be to learn how to pose for pictures 🙂

Do you think you look better in real life than you do in photos?

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