How To Infectiously Communicate Your Vision

Photo credit: Business Insider

The most important skill an individual needs to possess in order to start AND grow a business successfully, is the ability to inspire and transfer their vision, passion, and confidence to other people…

Are you confident and sure of yourself?

You better be, weakness is easily detected and people don’t get behind weakness.

Do you look people in the eye when you’re talking to them?

I can’t stand people not looking me in the eyes when I’m speaking to them; you’re either insecure or have something to hide and if it’s not either of these, it really doesn’t matter because that’s the impression you’re leaving on people.

Do you extend a nice firm handshake when you meet people?

When I receive a weak, wet, limp hand extended to me, I’m so done taking you seriously.

Do you instill confidence and trust in others when speaking?

Speak up! I can’t hear you. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Do you possess the temperament to deal with the best talent in the industry?

There’s nothing worse than a blow hard, no listening, kiss-ass, know-it-all,… Shit idiots here!

These questions and more are going to be important if you’re desirous of building a multi-million dollar business.

The realities of promoting your business

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ll always be promoting your vision, your company and your mission to people you need to get where you’re going.

For example; you may need an infusion of capital from investors… Startups are risky business. Most will fail. Investors understand this… So what gets them to risk their money in such a risky environment? YOU, silly!

Its not the plan, its not the idea (they both better be a good, duh!), its you, baby…

Do you instill trust, passion, confidence, know-how and skill to get it done? 

And do you have the same confidence to tell investors what to do?

Investors don’t invest in weakness, only confidence will do… And if you don’t have the confidence to tell them what to do, they won’t part with their cash. Simple as that.

How about professional services, such as lawyers, accountants and consultants to move your business forward?

To get the best firms and minds representing your company, you’re going to have to sell your butt off.

At this level, they can pick and choose their clients and they can only have so many on their plate. If they believe in you and your mission, you can get the very best in the industry representing you…

Their experience, contacts and introductions can be invaluable to moving your business forward quickly.

If the best don’t buy into you and your idea, you’ll be stuck paying some schmuck to push legal or accounting papers for you. Most of these types are in business for a retainer and monthly billing – just you’re money please!

The best always take special interest and/or will take an equity position in companies they believe in.

How about employees?

I often read articles about the battle for talent in Silicon Valley between Google and Facebook.

There’s tons of competition in area for the best techies and marketing minds on the planet.

Well, you may not be Google or Facebook, but you will be competing for talent and competency in your marketplace. The quality of people you recruit will be determined by your ability to sell your butt off to attract the best talent.

I recall recruiting many CEO’s through the Wall Street Journal classifieds for several companies I was involved with and many were working for some of the largest players in the industry at the time; they were seasoned operators.

Some of the individuals I hired took stock in the company and a deferred salary for the first year just to be involved with the idea. You must have the ability to inspire and instill your vision and passion into other people. You have to move people to get things done.

You’ll be amazed at the quality of people and doors that open if you can confidently promote your business ideas;  how high and how far you can take them will be determined by how well you can get this done.

So tell me, do YOU believe your business success is tied to how well you promote it to others?