How To Create An Infographic – With No Discernible Talent Whatsoever

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I’ve spent weeks testing various tools and trying to figure out an easy way for non-Designers to create Infographics.

My criteria was that the process had to be easy and intuitive and it couldn’t cost an arm and a leg. This means Photoshop and Illustrator were out of the running because they are expensive in terms of learning curve as well as moneys.

I’ve tested several other apps. Gimp. Inkscape. And few thatΒ  were so bad I’ve blocked them out of my memory.

Free At Last…

Finally, yesterday I’ve stumbled upon a cool little app called Pixelmator that was the answer to my prayers.

Comes with a 30 day free trial and I think it’s better than Photoshop simply because it’s easier to use than Photoshop. And at $29.95 this little powerhouse is most definitely worth it.

Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Pixelmator. I’m just a new fan.

So, there is my very first Infograph…whadaya guys think?

Dino Dogan

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  • smccollo

    Not too bad, I have to admit. The biggest problem I have is the creative design elements to make it appealing. But alas, there is no cure for that, jsut good ole fashioned hard work and brain power.

    • dino_dogan

      ahhhh…steal. I mean…get inspired by looking at other Infographs πŸ™‚

      Color schemas? Layout? I suck at all those things. So I kept it fairly simple and believe me…I got inspired as well πŸ™‚ @smccollo

  • LauLau81

    Hi Dino, thank you for sharing the steps in creating an effective info-graphic. How I wish I can do it perfectly.

    • dino_dogan

      I wish I could make many things perfectly, alas, we are not perfect. So I generally settle for ok πŸ™‚ @LauLau81

  • dangoodswen

    Love Pixelmator! I have both that and Photoshop, but when I need to do something quickly I use PM, great app, great post πŸ™‚

    • dino_dogan

      thnx Dan. Indeed a great app. I consider myself artistically challenged. So if I can do something that’s north side of suck, than anyone can πŸ™‚ @dangoodswen

  • StartYourNovel

    Man, Inkscape is really esoteric. And the way it renders to jpg or png… I don’t know.

    You sure made me curious about pixelmator, although I do have Photoshop.

    Your infograph reminded me of the funny ones the guys post over at It has that playful vibe.

    By way of recommendation, here are a couple of sites that regularly scour the web for impressive data visualizations: is pretty cool too.

    Oh, and if you ever need data or facts about anything, here are two fantastic sources:

    While you’re at it, check out this mindblowing interactive 3D graph:

    • dino_dogan

      You are my idol πŸ™‚ I was just wondering where to get data from. Thank you. BTW, sent you an email @StartYourNovel

  • EricaAllison

    Thanks, Dino! I’ve had this little exercise on my back burner for some time now…must check out the pixelmator and let you know how it goes.

    • dino_dogan

      Im really loving Pixelmator. Been doing lots of funky things with it. Wireframes. favicons, banners, logos, infographs, etc, etc…such a versatile little tool πŸ™‚ @EricaAllison

  • TheNerdyNurse

    darn you dino. You’ve fuel my macenvy even more.

    Where’s the MacFairy when you need it?

    • dino_dogan

      I am really enjoying Pixelmator. And it only runs on Mac…I really wish it worked on Windows as well, but it dont. Sorryz πŸ™‚ @TheNerdyNurse

  • fergusonsarah

    Thanks Dino! You really saved my butt! I have been looking for the perfect tool to be used for info graph and here you are giving me the answer. I will try the free trial of this Pixelmator.

    • dino_dogan

      I can say enough about pixelmator. It’s a great little tool that does it all. My gf it totally jealous πŸ™‚ @fergusonsarah

  • b.nijhoff

    I really have been looking for this because I always wanted to make a infographic for a site of mine. I got Photoshop because I need it for other things so I guess that’s a good tool for it. There’s only one thing I’m not very creative.

  • Jane | Problogging Success

    Thank you for providing information about Pixelmator. One plus point is the availability of the trail version. There are many enthusiasts who whould like to create and manage graphics themselves. Less learning curve and moderate pricing are other advantages.

  • Justicewordlaw

    It is blog posts like this that you that much cooler.. thanks brotha

  • Yousuck

    It’s shit. I stopped reading as soon as I read “Apple”.Β 

  • Gpredett

    R is for free but i guess too difficult for the typical mindless mac user


    Great post, Dino! You could call this “Infographics for Dummies” but it’s probably already taken with how big social media has become!

  • Rafay Qureshi

    Can you tell me the best Source from where i can get Data to create an infographic about any topic i want to work on?

  • jillianm519

    This is so helpful! How do you insert the icons and pictures into it?? I am having a hard time, you make it look so easy!

  • Mike H.

    This is pretty much the worst INFOGRAPHIC I’ve seen. Every blogger should have a basic knowledge of photoshop or pay a designer if you want to be taken seriously. It’s not hard. I teach 11 yr-olds to use Photoshop. Also, you forgot to cite your sources, which every legit INFOGRAPHIC needs to do.

    • Dino Dogan

      Thnx. That was really useful.

  • Aidan

    How do you wireframe on pixelmator?