How To Add Google Plus Share Button to PDF

This is the best and easiest method to embed G+ share button in a PDF. Check it out.


  1. Adobe Professional or another app that can modify a PDF file
  2. Google Plus share button image
  3. About 10 minutes of your time

Here we go.

Step 1 – Get the Button

Find the button you like by doing a search on google.

Copy/paste it into your pdf and re-size it appropriately and place it in the desired location.

Step 2 – Format the URL

After many unsuccessful attempts I’ve found 1 URL format that works. Here it is.

For example:

Step 3 – Link Tool

By now, you should have the G+ share button in the proper location inside the PDF.

Go to Link Tool in Adobe Professional.

Create a “box” around the G+ share button. A “Create Link” dialog box should pop-up. Make the appropriate selections and click Next.

In the “Enter URL for this link” type the URL from the Step 2.

Save the file and double-check your work.

BIG FAT NOTE: This process will POST to a person’s profile. It will NOT +1 your blog post. The way G+ works now is that things that are +1’ed also get Posted to a person’s timeline/newsfeed/post/stream area (all one and the same). Things that are posted do NOT get +1’ed by default. But it makes it easier for someone to see the post and +1 it after the fact.

That’s All, Folks

That’s it. You’re done.

Now when people are reading your eBook/PDF file they will be able to easily share the homepage of the PDF with their G+ followers.

Did you know that you can embed Twitter and Facebook share buttons inside a PDF or eBook?

  • Why do you think so many people miss this step?

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    Hey Dino, great tip!

    This will become handy. The trick is the correct URL, the rest is of course just programming. PDF’s are actually very intelligent documents. You can do complete interactive multimedia art pieces with it if you like. I know, cos I’ve done a few in my time.



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    Thanks Dino, this is really helpful. I tried to add a Google+ button to my pdf report but couldn’t figure how. Now I realize that the trick is the correct URL. This is a big help.

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  • Adam

    This link for Google+ sharing doesn’t work for me. Placing

    in the browser gets me an instantaneous flash of a google+ posting image, but then a blank screen and no actual posting occurs. Has Google+ changed something since this post was written?

    • Dino Dogan

      ya, they probably did.