How Some Bloggers Are Stepping Up Their Game

That’s not really fair. It’s not just bloggers who are stepping up their game. The readers of blogs are stepping up their game as well.

Few weeks ago, Triberr deployed a brand new way for Bloggers and readers to engage with each other. Atomic Tribes.

Bloggers can invite super-fans to join their Tribe on Triberr, and have readers take active part in promoting their favorite Blogger, the easy way.

This way, your most loyal readers are no longer an RSS/Email dead-end. They become conduits through which Blogger’s content gets shared across reader’s social channels.

This is why I disabled RSS and Email subscriptions on my blog, and why you should too.

Not Just for Bloggers

Atomic Tribes are really built with a business blog in mind.

If you’re a medium sized business or larger, you probably have a blog, and you probably don’t have eyeballs on it.

By inviting your employees to join your Atomic Tribe, you are tapping into an existing, and relevant, marketing resource.

Your employees already have social presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Why not have them share the new blog posts via those channels?


Atomic Tribes are not only for getting traffic to your blog. They can be used for talent acquisition instead of paying for job postings.

How much does a typical business spend on job advertising?

Instead of buying ads and job postings, imagine if 500 of your employees published your latest blog post announcing a job opening. Each employee shares the latest post on Twitter, Facebook AND LinkedIn.

Now THAT is a powerful way to bring in new employees.


Slow down. Atomic Tribes are not available for sale at the moment.

We had an open window for 3 days, in which we enabled Triberr members to take the first crack at the new method of blogger/reader interaction.

We will open another beta window in few weeks, and Triberr members will be notified. So if you’re not a member, join now.

To Be Clear

If you’ve never heard of Triberr or Atomic Tribes, allow me to be perfectly clear as to what it is.

At this point, I have over 100 people in my DIYBlogger Atomic Tribe, and every time I publish a new post, members share it on Twitter and Facebook (and soon LinkedIn as well).

#nice 🙂

New Trend

A new trend has already emerged.

Bloggers who jumped on Atomic Tribes have already started doing things differently. The perfect example is Rob Dempsey of Dempsey Marketing.

Now that the reader is making a deep commitment, Bloggers like Rob have responded by giving-back way more than an eBook.

Rob has held exclusive webinars only for the members of his Atomic Tribe. Members of his tribe also get discount on products, and early beta access to super-secret projects Rob is working on.

How good is Rob’s exclusive content? Here’s what Karon Cote had to say after the webinar. Click to enlarge.

Learn more about Rob and his tribe here. The Next Evolution Of Content Marketing Is Here.

No More Follow Me

Forget “follow me”. How ’bout “Join Me”?

Rob used to have “Follow me on Twitter/Facebook” type of widget in his sidebar.

This is fine of course, but getting your fans to commit to more than a follow is better.

Getting them to commit to ongoing sharing of your content on those social channels, is the step that separates a true fan, from a casual one.

Who are you catering to? I for one, am catering to my true fans. Casual fans are great, but super-fans are better.

I’ve written a post on this topic here. Is It Better To Have 100 Die Hard Fans, or 900 Fans + 100 Die Hards? 

The Change-Up

When we conceived the Atomic Tribes, we were looking to address the shortcomings of RSS and Email subscriptions.

We wanted to bring these old technologies into the new social space. But we didn’t know what effect that will have on the relationship between Bloggers and readers.

It’s becoming obvious now that on one level, Atomic Tribes allows your super-fans to express their appreciation for your content by sharing it with their followers, friends, and colleagues either automatically, semi-automatically, or manually.

From the Blogger’s perspective, it allows you to meet your most dedicated readers for the first time ever (since we have no idea who our RSS subscribers are).

And finally, it allows businesses to tap into a marketing resources that goes unused. After all, having your employees become ambassadors of your content, is a powerful way to generate Attention for your corporate blog.

What you’ll want to do next:

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  • RSS Fan

     Well, since I can’t get an RSS feed, this might be the last post of yours I read, but it is an interesting and new approach to the ecosystem.

    • Dino Dogan

      it doesnt matter how we feel about rss. rss is going away whether there are atomic tribes or not. all major players are dropping it. 

  • Robert Giorgione

    Thanks very much for this. A very useful way to proactively engage with more people and build a sense of community.Best wishesRobert
    Robert GiorgioneOwner/Founder of and Roving Sommelier

  • James

    In theory, this sounds great. But, I’ve had no luck using Triberr.

    • Dino Dogan

      get specific on me…what exactly did you expect and how did you go about getting there?

      • James

        Happy to take the discussion off line, if you like. I just followed you on twitter. My handle is @jamesoliverjr:twitter