How Many Close Social Media Friends Do You Have?

How many bloggers -in the same niche as you- read your blog and retweet your posts?

How many bloggers in that same niche do you read and retweet in kind because you guys like each other’s content and want to share it with your followers?

Do you think this type of networking is elevating your blogging status in some way and how?

Could this post be any shorter yet jam packed with any more questions? I think not πŸ™‚

Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi πŸ™‚

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  • John Falchetto

    Hey Dino, good question, what do you mean by niche?

    • Dino Dogan

      Niche in a very broad sense…for example, your niche could be life coaching, or expat living, or both. Whatever works for you, no need to stick to strict definition πŸ™‚

      • John Falchetto

        I’m asking because I think Niche is an abused term. Yes my niche is expats,
        but what about people who live abroad and love Social Media, or overseas
        bloggers, are they your niche or mine?

        • Dino Dogan

          I do have a better term than “niche” but I dont want to use it in this instance πŸ™‚

          So the question is really how many online friends do you have that do something similar to what you do?

      • John Falchetto


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  • Robert Dempsey

    My answer is going to be a lot longer than that post. So grab a coffee (I have mine) and hold on to your pants!

    How many bloggers -in the same niche as you- read your blog and retweet your posts?

    – Great question I guess that would depend on what I consider “my niche.” At the IEJ I’m in the greater “make money online” niche as marketing means getting customers which means making money. My commenting/networking mostly doesn’t lead me to blogs that speak on the same topics I do, and I’m after something different. So as far as I know that would be none and all πŸ™‚

    How many bloggers in that same niche do you read and retweet in kind because you guys like each other’s content and want to share it with your followers?

    – I read a lot of blogs however I only retweet a few (this one included) as I see a lot of people talking about the exact, same, damn, thing. I don’t share that crap. How many times can you hear the same thing? If you read many blogs, apparently the same damn thing. I’m a pro at headline skimming.

    Do you think this type of networking is elevating your blogging status in some way and how?

    – My type of networking is working 100%. It’s a long-term strategy and so far, all is going according to plan.

    — World domination now continues —

    • Dino Dogan

      Awesome info and thnx for additional explanation on skype bro πŸ™‚ You rock πŸ™‚

  • Brankica U

    OK, I am so not going to count but I would say about 5 to 10 close friends in this sense, people I love and would help. People whose content sometimes I love just because they wrote it.

    And to expand a bit, bloggers that we share each others posts cause we like each other, that list would be maybe about 15 people.

    And then again there are people whose content I share occasionally and they do the same for me, maybe about 30-40.

    I think networking this way does elevate your status, because the bloggers you connect with recommend you to their friends. If you are any good, those friends recommend you to their friends and so on.

    It is still important to have quality. I remember Tristan once saying that if you have quality and help someone they start evangelizing for you (I think that was the expression). And that is so true.

    Although I did stop evangelizing for some bloggers that thought they are too big to socialize with us little ones πŸ™‚

    • Dino Dogan

      Thnx for feedback Brankica. Much appreciated πŸ™‚

  • Leon Widrich

    hmm, awesome post. This is exactly what I my goal is atm, to really focus on the interaction with bloggers from my niche. I even wrote it on my desk! πŸ™‚
    Many thanks for posing the right questions – once again :).

    • Joel Gascoigne

      Yeah dude, we’re getting close! πŸ™‚ Up here at 5am and had the perfect start with a nice email from a Buffer user telling me how big a difference Buffer has made for them.Β 

  • Erica Allison

    I like this post quite a bit, Dino! Short, but to the point and to answer your question, I’ll strive to be just as brief.:)

    I would say I have 8-10 bloggers in my ‘niche’ or like minded world that stop by on a regular basis to read my blog or RT my posts/tweets. I would say that when I expand that out to the bloggers that I read and make an effort to retweet, I’m up to 20. I feel that they enhance my experience and my social media world, but I also feel that I should work harder to go beyond my niche and stretch myself.

    It’s easy to get too comfortable with the same group…we become more like family and maybe have less of a ‘fresh’ eye when it comes to what we’re reading and commenting on. I’m not saying I’d like to leave my little family or have them leave me; quite the contrary. They enrich my experience. I simply remind myself from time to time go out and test the waters with folks not in my niche.

  • Sam Mottram

    Its a good Post –

    For me I use a few little tricks to work with the other bloggers in my Niche

    I have added there feed to my Tweet Feed so i auto tweet there new posts ,

    I also do try to do a post each Sunday doing a round up and try and include as many of the blogs as possible and I have a large blog roll as that seems how my niche works


  • Anonymous

    One that I can think of. There is one photography blogger in the same niche as me that shares my posts and comments on my posts; and I do so for her as well. She’s a great writer and we like each other’s work.

    I follow several photography blogs, but I’m finding that I’m turning away from professional photographers and looking for more blogs in my niche (amateur/photography/tips). Not easy at first, but I started following the links of other commentors on blogs and found loads.

  • Steve

    I have only a few blogs I visit on a daily basis and to be honest I leave very few comments. It’s something I’m working on.
    What pisses me off though is seeing these clicks of bloggers who promote each other like crazy and leave comments like “your the best, man! or “you’re crushing it”. It’s great to have a close group of friends that help each other out, but come on now, mix it up a bit..

    • Dino Dogan

      haha…those grapes are probably sower anyways lol

      First…you’re welcome into my click my is in fact great to have people who support your online efforts, and second, I absolutely agree, mix it up…

      I will add that once you have a click it gets kinda hard to mix it up, you really have to make an effort. But there is so much benefit all around from doing it πŸ™‚

      • Steve

        I appreciate the offer dude. I guess I’m not so much looking for a click but just noticing how each one operates independently. The issue I have is that these circles of friends just spew compliments without even really taking the time to see if it’s worth it.

        For example, I came across a well known blogger who happened to have written a very average post. Nothing wrong with that, we all do it. I left a comment telling just that and he thanked me for the honesty. However, his click member left a comment after me singing his praises and telling him how awesome his post was. That pisses me off. If someone, even your homeboy, writes a turd, let them know.

        They can’t all be winners!

        Dammit, I’m done!

        • Emily Binder


          Agreed. Lack of turd alerts only hurts everyone in the end.

          I almost feel lame approving comments that are simply compliments like “you’re a great writer!” First, (especially when they have spelling errors and appear to be from Nigeria) these comments are usually spam. Second, even when they aren’t spam, it’s like tooting my own horn to approve something that adds nothing to the conversation except a pat on my back.

          • Stacey

            Aside from the 419 commenters. I think its ok, for someone to add a comment, that simply says, that was great or I really liked that post. They may not have anything interesting or relevant to add to the conversation, but just wanted to let you know they appreciate your content, work and effort. It’s kind ofrude to look a gift horse in the mouth, even if they are illiterate, or unlikely to purchase anything. Nothing everyone is going to have the time, effort, or ability to write a sonnet in response to a post. Just my opinion

          • Dino Dogan

            I agree with you Stacey. Showing appreciation and gratitude for hard work of writing an article is ok in my book too. Even if it is simply “great post”.

            If we get a lot of those “great post” comments, however, it may be a signal of a larger issue.

            For example, maybe your posts are too complete on one end of the scale so people have nothing else to add, or maybe your posts lack the emotional component and are simply not “moving’ people into a discussion, and THAT would be a bad situation for a writer of any sort.

  • Aaron Lee

    I can say that I have at least 10 good friends!
    Twitter had been so helpful allowing me to connect with so many people including you D! πŸ™‚

  • Bill Dorman

    How many counting myself? One……………yes, it’s that lame. In my defense, I just got started AND I still don’t know what direction I am headed; not exactly a recipe for success, huh?

    Ms @ginidietrich recommended you today and I did try to respond but there is some issue w/ my browser and livefyre so not sure if this will post as well. However, Gini seems to be able to spot talent and I like every direction it has taken me so far.

    My current MO is to follow the blogs I like and respond. I know I’m missing out on some of the fun by not being totally ‘in’ but it has allowed me to engage with some interesting people even though I’m pretty much invisible in the social media world.

    Oh well, it’s a journey I have enjoyed so far and we’ll see where it takes me. I look forward to seeing what you are all about; good luck.

    • Dino Dogan

      Well, count me in as a friend of Bill, and that makes 2 :-p …as for the direction, dont worry about it…direction is overrated. Just have fun with the process and you’ll get there. But even if you dont, you’ll have fun with the process. Win-win in my book.

      I looked at your blog. You can write. Very interesting and engaging topics as well. Stay with it. See if you can find someone on Triberr to extend an invite…it will help you with your reach and creating community around your blog. If you cant find anyone, lemme know, I’ll see what I can do.

      • Bill Dorman

        Thanks for taking the time to look and kind words of encouragement. It is has been a fun journey and fully expect it to be a win-win. I look forward to getting to know you.

  • Jens P. Berget

    I don’t have that many close social media friends. I have probably 4. That I comment on every single blog post, and retweet all their posts etc..

    I have thought a lot about this question, even before you wrote this blog post πŸ™‚

    The more friends you have, the more time you need to spend with your friends. That’s my biggest problem. I don’t have much time, at least not at the moment. I believe that a friendship like what you are describing should be two-ways, that both people are doing just as much.

    • Dino Dogan

      I agree of course. The original reason I published this post was selfish in nature. I wanted to test waters to determine the right size for Triberr. We settled on 7 for now.

      Btw…did you get your invite to triberr yet?

      • Jens P. Berget

        No, I haven’t. It would be awesome if you’d send me one πŸ™‚

  • Phil Gerbyshak

    I don’t retweet everything from anyone, including myself. I do find myself reading about 5 additional blogs all the time and would be interested in an easy way to share those.

    • Dino Dogan

      Β I hope one of the following three approaches works for you.

      1. Use @bufferapp:twitter to stagger your tweets from your fav blogs. (without having to schedule it)

      2. Use Twitterfeed if you want to tweet their stuff all the time, hands-free.

      3. Use @triberr:twitter if you know these bloggers and you guys want to cross pollinate each other’s Twitter streams.

      hope that helps.

  • Phil Gerbyshak

    If you’re talking number of people I feel close to in social and I do or do not always read their blogs, that number would number 10.