How Do You Personally Define Spam?

I pride myself on the fact that Dan Cristo and I provide a unique, original and useful service to bloggers and our community members are fanatical about it. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t get people who sign up, accept the “send me occasional emails and keep me in the loop” option, and then they tag our monthly newsletters as spam.

I did notice that a well designed mass email (which shouldn’t be confused for spam) gets way better results than a simple, text email, which is what I used to send to DIYB subscribers.

To see a sample of a well designed email, click here.

While doing research for Triberr email campaigns, I came across this little golden nugget, check it out. I think you’ll find it enlightening. I know I did.


This is all about Email spam, and as a statistical presentation, I found it really cool. However…

Facebook, Twitter, and Annoying Texts

We all see a ton of spammy tweets every day. Affiliate links, buy my crap tweets, buy his crap tweets, etc. I find Mafia Wars messages on Facebook infinitely more annoying than any spam I ever found in my inbox. And spammy text messages? Don’t even get my started.

What about spammy conversations in real life? How are you supposed to avoid those?



No really…I’m asking. How would you avoid those?

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  • BruceSallan

    WHY is there no email setting that allows us to BLOCK regular spammers? Or block anyone we don’t want emailing us. I get FAR MORE than 6 per day. I’d say I get more like 60 per day as I get over 100 emails every day.

    • John Garrett

      @BruceSallan Hey Bruce, I agree! I think these email clients should be able to read our spam rules, then decide at the moment they go to grab the email that it’s spam, and just leave it on the server to delete later or right away depending on preferences.

      That said, can you go into your web host cpanel or ISP setting and just block the spam there?

      I was forced to do that recently as the spam was climbing to scary levels. My webhost had a spam blocker in the cpanel so I turned that on and configured it, now those spams are blocked right at the server level, so my email client (and more importantly, my phone) do not even download them.

      I go check the folder every now and again but I haven’t missed a real email yet…

    • dino_dogan

      Real spam is an interesting problem. It has the same issue as securing airplane boarding.

      If you tighten the security too much you end up with many false negatives, increase processing cost and cause delays. If you loosen it, you get a lot of spam that gets through, increase processing after the fact (to clear spam from inbox) and increase amount of work human has to do.

      It’s quite a balancing act actually. I find that google does a really good job with it. What email system do you use, Bruce? @BruceSallan

  • John Garrett

    Wow that email infographic is extremely in-depth.

    It’s scary how well I fall in line with the numbers on this lol.

    Although I still can’t believe people would mark the Triberr newsletter as spam. Is it possible they forgot they signed up?

    Spammy text-messages are the worst. If you make a mistake and text to the wrong contest, etc then you could end up getting spammed for life. The worst thing about them is that they kind of force me to take action right away to delete them.

    When you get spam email you can route it to junk, but those text messages usually beep, buzz, vibrate or whatever to get your attention, and then you see it’s all wasted. Aarrgh!

    • dino_dogan

      I know. I get enraged when I get spam on my phone.

      And yes, it’s def possible they forgot they signed up because it’s a default selection and it uses “keep me in the loop” language. So I can see that for sure. @John Garrett

  • dino_dogan

    @BrennerMichael ey Mike…I wanna skype with you. add me in dino.dogan

    • BrennerMichael

      @dino_dogan uh-oh, I didn’t break another TOS rule did I? I will call tomorrow from the home PC with a camera?

  • TylerWardsBored

    @BruceSallan @dino_dogan Sending people stuff that you are not sure they want to read.

  • cmajaski

    In real life if you nut punch someone they’ll stop talking. I’m only answering that because you asked.

    • dino_dogan

      Ima try that next time 🙂 @cmajaski

  • Sonia (Sunnnee)

    Spammy conversations….I have come across those lame conversations online. I don’t mind that people are trying to do their own thing, but coming at me with your own agenda, puts me on deaf ears.

  • HotBlogTips

    @LogAllot Great infographic! RT: How Do You Personally Define Spam? via @dino_dogan

  • CommLoans

    @PamMktgNut Grilled #Spam makes a great South Sea islands breakfast with scrambled eggs, sticky rice, Guava juice & #Kona coffee

  • jens

    Hi Dino,

    My definition of spam has changed a lot the past months or year. I used to think that everything I didn’t sign up for and included a sales message was for was spam. And that was it. I hardly receive any “real” spam anymore.Now, my definition of spam is not just about email I didn’t sign up for and includes a sales message. Now, it’s more like every message I receive which is about something I “need” to buy is spam, everything that’s not about content is spam to me. I want to learn something first, and if I learn it, and I start using it, and find a need for it, then I’ll buy… but I guess this is not real spam, but it just feels like spam and that’s just as important (because I’ll end up deleting the messages without reading much) 🙂

  • Betsy Cross

    Where’s Wile E.Coyote with his box of ACME tools and tricks when you need him? I’m imagining an internal email trigger that destroys the spam messenger.
    Problem? Wile E. Coyote was ALWAYS the one it backfired on! LOL!