Google+ Will Put Facebook and LinkedIn Out of Business and Here is How

Get it? It's a 1000 lbs googrilla trampling all in its path 🙂

Everyone’s been talking about Google+. The service is only few weeks old and I’m already tired of it. Now I know how some people must feel about Triberr.

Lot’s has been said about Google+ already, but one thing that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere is Google’s embodiment of their “Don’t’ be Evil” philosophy with Google+ roll out.

Unlike Facebook (who’s ultimate demise might come from their Gestapo-like lack-of-privacy “policy”) Google+ allows for easy export of all your data. They call it Data Liberation.

This “Data Liberation” will prove to be critical in Google’s defeat of Facebook and LinkedIn.

Will Google+ Succeed?


There is no room for subtlety here. Plus I have at least 50% chance of being correct, and that’s plenty in my book.

What does Google+ have that will destroy Facebook and LinkedIn?

1. Execution

Ideas are like turds. We can all shit out plenty of ‘em but only few people can make a delicious turd pie. Google has taken a pretty unoriginal turd-of-an-idea (social network) and created a pretty incredible turd pie.

The interface is slick, features are plentiful and the whole thing was build around “circles”.

Circles are like Facebook lists except Circles are WAY easier to create. In fact, the whole Google+ experience is build around the ease of placing people into different circles.

And THAT is why Google+ will destroy Facebook and LinkedIn. No, it’s not the only reason, but it’s a huge part of their strategy.

What’s the big idea behind lists and circles?

You can add your college buddies to your College-Friends list/circle so pictures of you barfing in the toilet can later be visible only to people on your College-Friends list or in your College-Friends circle.

Stellar Feature: 10 member video conference called Hangout on it’s own is worth the migration in my opinion.

2. Power in Numbers

People are ready for something new. Friendster ran its course, as did Myspace. Facebook has been pissing a lot of people off with their approach to privacy and many have fled Facebook because of it.

Those who are pissed off at Facebook did not have an option but to be left out in the cold…but now that option is here. Google+.

Google has the name recognition, the power to market the new service and a ton of other offerings (Gmail, Picassa, google maps, mobile phone, etc) that they can (and do) integrate with Google+.

They will then turn all this into a better, smarter search experience for their users and better-targeted ads.

Will LinkedIn go down with Facebook?

LinkedIn is a slow started. Did you realize that LinkedIn has been around since 2003?

That means it’s older than Facebook, Youtube or even Myspace. Weird, I know.

LinkedIn has it’s own niche (it’s a social network for your business) and this nich-iness is the only reason for its steady rise and current relevance.

But Google+ has Circles, it’s easy enough to create one for your business connections and manage the whole shebang within one slick interface.

Plus add to that the fact that Google will be rolling out business pages (a la Facebook) for Google+ and slowly but surely a picture forms which is starting to look like the world after Facebook and LinkedIn.

What could thwart Google+?

Most would say that widespread adoption of Facebook and LinkedIn will be an obstacle for Google+, but I disagree.  The thing that can thwart Google+ is the changing tide in the way generations approach privacy.

Baby boomers and Gen Xrs see privacy as something that they must have. Millennials (people in their 20s) and Gen G-ers (kids and teens) see privacy as a non-issue.

They grew up with social networks, they are accustomed to having their every move watched by their peer-group and privacy is a non-strater in their book.

THIS fundamental approach to the issue of privacy might keep young people on Facebook. The fact that your mom and aunt just got on Facebook and are not looking forward to learning yet another social tool will keep them on Facebook as well.

These two factors are the obstacles Google+ must overcome, and I think they will. How?

  • Millennials and Gen G-rs are going to grow up and probably want some privacy.
  • Google+ is new and new is always good.
  • Your mom and aunt will follow suit because their grand-kids will be on Google+ so they’ll have no choice in the matter.

Is Google too big to fail?

Google is way too big. They have their fingers in many pies and the only reason Google hasn’t suffered a demise is because it’s managed properly.

There is comfort in big, and people love a winner. Until Google pisses-off their userbase enough for them to move to the next social network and the whole cycle (circle?) repeats itself…again.

  • Are you on Google+?
  • What do you think of it so far?
  • Can you see yourself moving away from Facebook and LinkedIn in the next 6 months?

Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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  • Leo Widrich

    Hi Dino,

    Love the headline and your openness and thoughts on the topic. I agree, I think in the long run the two current giants will definitely be threatened by Google+ in the future.

    What do you think about Twitter though? Do you think there is a risk of it being ripped apart by Plus too? 

    • Dino Dogan

      I saw people speculating on that…I think they are retarded. The reason our “thought leaders” are spending more time on G+ than on Twitter atm is because G+ is new and in order for them to remain “thought leaders” they have to get themselves indoctrinated into the new thing.

      G+ is not a direct threat to Twitter. However, that doesnt mean that twitter will be around forever. It wont.

    • Yomar

      If anything, we’re going to see people try to copy the Twitter formula and try to reel in the third-party support.  Twitter needs to stop being restrictive and open up more.  If it weren’t for the BufferApps (hi Leo), UberSocs, HootSuits, and TwitterCounters of the world, Twitter would definitely be at risk..  but you have to consider how Twitter covers both pull (inbound marketing) and push (outbound marketing).

      Considering how hurried audiences sometimes just want to scan or skim content, Twitter will always be a factor.  They’re pretty well established now so I don’t see Twitter going anywhere, though adoption rates may dwindle a bit.  The difference here is that Google has brand power and has become self-sufficient (they have their own solutions and massive resources to rely on) whereas Twitter is bolstered by third-party support, as I keep reiterating (with good reason). 8)

  • MichielGaas

    Hello Dino,
    Yes – I am on Google Plus.Yes – I think it’s amazing.The Circles feature can potentially change the way sharing works online.I find it hard to guess ‘yea or nee’ to G+ making it into the mainstream.I think there are two questions people will have when they use it:- who am I going to put in what circle (categorizing is a b__tch)- what am I going to share with whoThere are just so many cross overs.On FB you are just friends.That’s it.It’s limited, but it’s easy.I think G+ will have a tough time getting adapted by the mainstream.But, all that said, I think G+ is a significant innovation.And it will impact how FB starts behaving in terms of data liberation, privacy, etc.Let’s see how it pens out.Best,Michiel

    • Dino Dogan

      oooh…thats an excellent point Mike…

      Something occurred to me after I wrote this piece that will spell win in G+’s favor.

      The learning curve is non existent. Everything works the way people have come to expect from being on FB all these years.

      Back to your point…

      So, the question is, do people want to natively place people into circles?

      I think as more and more people are internet-natives, they are likely to feel comfortable with the extra step of segmentation.

      Having said that, I think its totally unnatural for us to segment our life in that way. However, the way our current society is structured, we are forced to create a separation between our work-life, home-life, past-life, bar-life, etc.

      It is entirely contradictory to our nature but it’s the way things work these days.

      So I think it’s 6 in one half of dozen in the other….either point can prove to be the proverbial straw  but only time will tell….my money is on G+ tho…

      Thnx for leaving a comment Mike…much appreciated 🙂

      • MichielGaas

        Exactly. But I do like the way you put your balls forward for G+.
        I cheer on the side line!
        I am pretty sure that G+ will take off in the digital natives crowd.
        I think for Google there are many potential strategies to get towards tipping point:
        – leverage Gmail users through further integration
        – leverage power of search through further developing the Sparks functionality in combination with Circles
        – continuous product development to make it easier for people to slide and dice their networks into circles based on interest as well as relationship.

        (for some reason my comment comes out as a blurb of text with no spaces. Oh well. There you go.)

  • Makobi Scribe

    I am so integrated into Facebook, I do not see myself leaving it. I utilize the groups to run a “forum” to help other bloggers. I have found it to be easier since we are already there. However, I do have an open mind, do have a Google + account, and have applied for a business page. So no matter what the current trend may be, I will be there.

    • Dino Dogan

      Were you integrated into Myspace? How bout Friendster?

      All these networks have a lifespan of about 5 years and Facebook (and LinkedIn) are long overdue. There was no alternative..until now…I expect big things from G+…scary big things 🙂

      • Makobi Scribe

        Nope to either. I am in +1 and have added you to my circle 🙂 I am basically a Google gall and it is my go-to resource for almost anything, mail, search, GFC, etc so I am sure I will be an easy convert. However, I am still keeping up with my FB 🙂 

  • Chris |

    I think one of the key reasons people will be slow to migrate or leave Facebook for Google+ will be……. photos.  Yeah, it seems like a crazy concept, but there are more pictures stored on Facebook than all of the other photo sharing sites out there. 
    People have spent hours and hours of their life uploading, organizing, tagging, sharing, commenting, etc.  There is a huge value in this content.  If someone can build a “Photo Port to G+” app early on, it would really help remove that layer of hesitancy that people will have about moving.
    Just a thought.  I personally am on G+ and using it regularly already.

  • ✔ The Epic Blogger ✔

    Hmm interesting analogy’s there Dino, and yes I would have to agree, I am surprised though that you did not mention another thing in googles arsenal that will put the other 2 out of business. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine out there as well as being a social network.

    I can though foresee a court case coming up between google and facebook though  as well as we know how much facebook likes to take people to court over likeness rights.

    Personally though I am quite excited about G+ especially if they bring out their version of fan pages that you can edit like you can with FBML (that’s the web designer in me). About the Gen G-ers though I think it may take a bit of time for them to jump on board as Facebook is still the ‘IN’ thing for them and still very ‘HIP’ (or should I say ‘sick’ as that what teens and 20’s kids say in my country as well as facebook being a big part of their vocabulary) and the Google in my opinion is still a little too corporate for them but hey that’s my opinion.

    Will be interesting to see what the next six months bring, great post and also just want to say I love Triberr. I am just cutting my teeth there at the mo after being invited in by @osakasaul:twitter

    Be Well Dino and looking forward to your next post

    -Phillip Dews aka socialphill

    • Dino Dogan

      Good points Phillip. You’re right, next 6 months will be crucial. I think it may take another 2 yrs before dust settles.

      Good observation regarding the big G being too corporate for the kids…I wonder if the new/cool factor will override that in their minds. Time will tell.

      • ✔ The Epic Blogger ✔

        yea think your right there buddy, one of my gripes about g+ is the circles box as its too small when you hover over people and add them to circles! might have to delete a few. what about you Dino?

      • Anonymous

        Actually Dino I just changed my mind over that and wrote a post about it! have @mentioned you in the post on twitter if you care to have a look

  • Eugene Farber

    I see Google+ catching on but I don’t see it taking down Facebook any time soon. And definitely not LinkedIn because LinkedIn, as you mentioned, is niche-y. It has a specific audience and I think people are more loyal to LinkedIn than they are to Facebook because of that niche-iness (crazy claim, I know).

    That being said…

    “Ideas are like turds. We can all shit out plenty of ‘em but only few
    people can make a delicious turd pie. Google has taken a pretty
    unoriginal turd-of-an-idea (social network) and created a pretty
    incredible turd pie.”

    …that was hilarious.

    • Dino Dogan

      so is there room for coke, pepsi AND dr. pepper? Clearly there is wen it comes to soft drinks, and the internet population is expected to double over the next few years…Im sure these factors will play a part as well.

  • Christy Thompson Gossett

    I am on Google + as well.  No let me rephrase that.  I’m signed up on Google + but I (along with my circles) don’t like it one bit!  No pictures, no excitement, just as boring as LinkedIn.  I am a FB junkie (as are MANY people out there), I just don’t see it going down!  The very fabric of my LIFE is entrenched in FB.  I have children that live in GA and it’s our #1 form of communication (lame I know).  I have very dear and old friends in NY, it’s how we stay connected.  Google is HUGE, you’re right, but I don’t think even they are strong enough to take down FB.  I think FB will answer the challenge with heightened privacy settings.  Just this gal’s opinion but I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one!

    • Dino Dogan

      I fully expect to see a G+ app that imports your Facebook pictures….sometime very soon 🙂

  • Eric Brooks

    Spot on with many points, but I disagree with it having any effect on LinkedIn. Facebook has been disgusting me for more reasons than I care to name, but with LinkedIn, I think it will always be a valuable tool for business minded people. That’s their niche. It’s not for socializing and clowning around. I don’t let my LinkedIn contacts see “that side” of me.

    • Dino Dogan

      Solid point. Only time will tell but my money is on big G 🙂

      I expect LinkedIn to fail more due to mismanagement than direct competition.

  • Jason Yormark

    Mmmmmm….turd pie.  Hilarious.  I think it’s way too early to know who this will all play out, but Google has a monumental task at hand to seriously contend with Facebook.  Sure, heavy social media users will take a serious look at it, but the everyday users (which make up the largest % of users), either do not know about Google+, don’t care, or will give it a spin, and quickly go back to Facebook.  FB has such a gigantic head start, unlimited dollars, and a user base that is practically approaching every single person with an internet connection.

    I love the UI on Google+, and I like some of the innovative things they are doing, but unless they find a way to make it so that users can somehow streamline their social activities so they don’t have to post/upload/contribute in multiple places, I just don’t see it overtaking FB.  At the very least, they’ll have a nice secondary social channel that power users will add to their arsenal.

    • Dino Dogan

      Hey Jason,

      You have so much clout with me that you can say anything and I’d still say you’re right, even if you’re totally wrong on this one…as you are lol

      Just kidding of course.

      On a serious note, as a blogger of a certain level, once I received my blog-level paperwork in the mail, it came with  the instructions to immediately take a stand on any number of subjects as well as to write about G+ pronto.

      And when blog police issues a dictum (hehe…I said dick) one must follow exactly as stated.

      • Jason Yormark

        Oh shit, I never claim to know anything, let alone predicting the social sphere.  I think a good model to look at that is similar is the search wars.  Nobody has been able to really take on the beast.  Bing is doing an admirable job, but I don’t see them ever catching up.  

  • Ryan Knapp

    Gino – good article but I just don’t get the whole love affair with G+. When Facebook/Twitter/MySpace/Friendster came out the discussion was never ‘how are we going to leverage this thing for business or my contacts’. We used it because it was cool. Now, we see G+ and we are already looking three years down the line and thinking of all the possibilities, instead of looking to see if the possibilities are actually there.

    I like the idea of circles, but for me, the input into my feed matters, not really the output, a la twitter lists. The circle idea reminds me of the numerous times people managing multiple twitter handles have screwed up their accounts and posted in the wrong one. Instead of posting the picture of me drunk to my ‘friends’ feed, I now posted it to my linkedin group. 

    I love google, I use the entire suite daily, but google+ will have to make the tough decisions that facebook did and we will more than likely end up with the same result.

    • Dino Dogan

      Dear Ryan,

      The love affair with G is simple. The letter G is nice and round with just the right amount of edge. The Rubenesque shape of G works on our most primal level; while F is way too lopsided and L is way to skinny with  big feet…and no one likes a girl with big feet.


      • Ryan Knapp

        haha +1

  • mellymel

    As an android user and Facebook hater, I’m really excited for Google+. There are a lot of things I’m seeing that they’ve gotten right out of the gate where facebook is still putzing around trying to stay relevant. Hell it took a solid year and who knows how many redesigns and feature adds/updates for me to finally look at facebook and see something useful.

    I also think a lot of people have reached social networking critical mass. From what I’ve seen of how circles work, people can begin to consolidate multiple profiles they used to hold across multiple services and still reach the same groups by filtering with circles. As someone who keeps personal profiles, writes fiction under a pen name and runs a jewelry business, I’m looking forward to not being stretched so thin in the social networking realm.

    • Dino Dogan

      excellent points made…especially regarding profile consolidation. Good one

  • Michael Vogel

    You can export everything from Facebook except your friend’s email addresses. Just go to Account > Account Settings > Download Your Information. 

    • Dino Dogan

      Holy crap dude.great tip

      • Yomar

        They should let you view your data as the third parties see them..  And I don’t mean how they turn up in searches, either.  I always wonder who actually keeps up with their “anonymous data” stuff…

        That IS a great tip, though.  Must be a new thing because I don’t remember that being there..  I guess they caved after many people complained.  Now we’re not being held hostage. ;o)

    • Dino Dogan

      Holy crap dude.great tip

  • R M

    Not convinced.  I am no fan of Facebook, per se.  I know at some point in my life I’ll just drop it altogether (and not to move to another program).  Also, I’m not a true believer in Google’s inherent “lack of evil”.  The fact is, they will face privacy issues just like Facebook and ultimately will make similar mistakes.  PLUS their size and impact alone make them a huge target for hackers….one family member already had their FB hacked – I’m certain it will happen again, and I’m certain Google will not be immune.
    Is it better?  It may be.  But I’m not bored enough, nor do I have the time to “easily” switch everything over to Google+.  In addition, I don’t have (nor do I want) the necessary invitation.  I’ve avoided having Gmail for a reason.  I see no reason to alter that choice.
    Everything you wrote could be write.  I try to avoid doing too much prognostication, though.  Invariably things happen in a manner few are able to foresee.

  • R M

    Not convinced.  I am no fan of Facebook, per se.  I know at some point in my life I’ll just drop it altogether (and not to move to another program).  Also, I’m not a true believer in Google’s inherent “lack of evil”.  The fact is, they will face privacy issues just like Facebook and ultimately will make similar mistakes.  PLUS their size and impact alone make them a huge target for hackers….one family member already had their FB hacked – I’m certain it will happen again, and I’m certain Google will not be immune.
    Is it better?  It may be.  But I’m not bored enough, nor do I have the time to “easily” switch everything over to Google+.  In addition, I don’t have (nor do I want) the necessary invitation.  I’ve avoided having Gmail for a reason.  I see no reason to alter that choice.
    Everything you wrote could be write.  I try to avoid doing too much prognostication, though.  Invariably things happen in a manner few are able to foresee.

  • Kristi Hines

    I don’t know if Google+ could take out LinkedIn as that network has a completely different set of features and purpose (not much for conversation, more for resume / portfolio building).  

    But Facebook – I could see that.  Not having auto feeds from other accounts or applications means less noise and that the people who are on there are really “there.” Plus no applications?  No more feed my sheep, pet my fish, watch my duck, eat this chocolate, take this poll, rate me as a great kisser…. it’s just pure genius!  

    • Yomar


      I like LinkedIn more for it’s networking and Q&A features but, certainly, it has some very handy features for building credibility and making your track record a lot more tangible (I need to get on that LOL).  LinkedIn has much more focus than Facebook, so that’s an edge there.

      Facebook is trying too much to be everything for everyone.  They’ve made their own little world of sorts and, once people get bored with all the stuff to do or just plain tired of the noise, they’ll go elsewhere.  It’ll be MySpace all over again, I think.

      Then again, MySpace got smart and re-focused their approach, so they’re still hanging in there…

  • Riley Harrison

    I’m always intrigued and impressed with Google and I’m perpetually offended by Facebook’s aggressive pushy marketing.

  • Hajra

    Hey Dino,

    I just read two articles that discussed how Google + can’t be as great as FB…something on those lines. I have been using + for a about a month now and I am impressed, I tell different things to my family and “hide” it from people who don’t to know it. That is huge + of Google +…and that’s where it might score a hell lot of brownie points and users! Coming to talk about LinkedIn, I would agree with @kikolani:disqus completely different set of features and purpose so it might be unrelated to quite an extent. 

    Like I said on that post I read, its like the Twitter war between Gaga and Bieber, one is way better than the other but people still like em both almost equally. 

    Now, I might not be sure about beating the crap out of each other, but are people going to be as active on + as they are on FB? 

    And also, who said we aren’t going to be addiction to all of them! A + to our addictions!

    • Yomar

      I think we all have an affinity to certain brands and different workflows thereof.  I do a lot of SEO and PPC work these days so Google seems to be my go-to brand.  This shifts my focus away from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora..  I have to stick to where I am most productive and I think that is where everyone stands.

      That said, activity on Google+ hinges upon your personal adoption rates for Google stuff.  It is also contingent upon where the core of your community, your clients and mastermind group/work-out buddies, are focusing more of their time.  The latter is easier to influence since you can invite key people and cultivate your own community…

      Ultimately, I think Google’s integration of their products/platforms will make Google+ an easy sell.  It’s been a very natural process for me.

  • Adam Teece

    I really don’t think Facebook or LinkedIn are going anywhere soon.  Even if Google+ is the ultimate end all be all.  There is room for more than just Google+ and if it really is going to take down Facebook and LinkedIn, it will take out Twitter first.

    I really think there is room for all the networks and each needs to find their own niche instead of constantly trying to have all the features each other has.  They need to innovate in their own way.

    And I should say that prefer Google+ out of all of them, but will maintain my other accounts as I have been anyway.

    • Yomar

      I would agree accept that the third-party support for Twitter is tremendous and they have mobile marketing on lock-down.  The platforms that embrace mobile compatibility will survive, especially if they open their API up to third-party companies like we see with Empire Avenue, Klout, LinkedIn, and countless other social sites.

      I do agree that there is enough room for everyone but the smaller social networks will have a tough time unless they stay focused and plug into bigger networks to maintain visibility and retention.  It all boils down to how well everything flows together and Google certainly has the edge there as a more “open” and tightly-integrated network of solutions.

  • The JackB

    I am a big fan of Google+. Love it.

  • Gini Dietrich

    I don’t think it kills Facebook or LinkedIn. I think Twitter is a casualty, but because of themselves, not because of G+. If anything, it kills email. And I’m really loving it. Almost as much as I love you and your Triberrr turd pie.

  • Gini Dietrich

    I don’t think it kills Facebook or LinkedIn. I think Twitter is a casualty, but because of themselves, not because of G+. If anything, it kills email. And I’m really loving it. Almost as much as I love you and your Triberrr turd pie.

    • ‘Chris Cee’

      Gini, i heard that same thing regarding wave, i disagreed then, and ill disagree again.
      Since receiving my G+ invite, i have used my gmail more than usual. and they havnt even really connected it with G+ yet, something the lead developer is currently looking to do.

      edit: but then again, comparing Gmail to hotmail/Ymail – i think calling gmail an email service, may be a little insulting. lol

    • ‘Chris Cee’

      Gini, i heard that same thing regarding wave, i disagreed then, and ill disagree again.
      Since receiving my G+ invite, i have used my gmail more than usual. and they havnt even really connected it with G+ yet, something the lead developer is currently looking to do.

      edit: but then again, comparing Gmail to hotmail/Ymail – i think calling gmail an email service, may be a little insulting. lol

    • ‘Chris Cee’

      Gini, i heard that same thing regarding wave, i disagreed then, and ill disagree again.
      Since receiving my G+ invite, i have used my gmail more than usual. and they havnt even really connected it with G+ yet, something the lead developer is currently looking to do.

      edit: but then again, comparing Gmail to hotmail/Ymail – i think calling gmail an email service, may be a little insulting. lol

      • Yomar


        It helps that Google collects anonymous data on all fronts and uses it to personalize their experiences more.  Their knack for cloud computing, indexing data, and speedy search doesn’t hurt either.  It’s like I said before: Google is a one-stop shop so it seems they are rather unstoppable.  It’s a good thing and a bad thing.

        Certainly, GMail is much more than mere e-mail..  But I don’t see Exchange, Blackberry Enterprise, and other e-mail solutions being obsoleted.  Some folks like to have multiple accounts for different purposes.  It’s good to have at least a junk mail account to keep your main inbox as clutter-free as possible, no?

    • Danny Brown

      Hmmm, not sure about killing email. Gmail isn’t allowed in many enterprise settings because of security concerns; Outlook still has dibs on Gmail for business use; and email marketing is still the most popular (and effective) form of promotion around.

      Google+ is awesome, but I see all the networks living well together, since the majority of users don’t know about the abysmal Facebook privacy settings, and LinkedIn has really solidified itself in the business space.

      Then again, I put all my money on black at a Red Only table, so what do I know? 🙂 

      • Gini Dietrich

        The thing is that universities have stopped giving out email addresses to students. The young professionals entering the workforce right now thing email is taboo. Gen Y outnumbers Baby Boomers in the workplace. Email is dying and it’ll be up to the younger generation to make the older generations change. If G+ is embraced like I think it will, it’ll be a nail in the email coffin.

        • Danny Brown

          Then universities are possibly setting up many students to fail. While email may be taboo in many Universities, it’s still key on the workplace, and will be until something truly universal comes along.

          Is that Google+? Maybe, but it still won’t kill email off. And you’re looking at this mainly from a North American angle – social uptake across the globe is different and that’s also going to play a big role in the continued use of emailemail for the foreseeable future.

          • Yomar

            I’ve seen mixed feelings about e-mail from different types of people and it is more a matter of principles than it is age or background.  Some people use their e-mail as a bucket for all the stuff they’ll eventually get to while others have a more balanced approach to it.  Even though e-mail can be considered an inbound or push marketing tool, there is a lot of control to it, thanks to spam filters, e-mail rules, labels, multiple accounts, and all sorts of things.

            In short, e-mail will always be relevant but those that prefer the social media approach to things will find something like Google+ Circles far more useful than, say, keeping up with multiple e-mail accounts.

            I have noticed that people, on the whole, are a lot less responsive to e-mail messages these days than they are to something like Twitter or Facebook messages.  What we’re going to see is the usual unification of platforms, only to have more segregation occur once again.  That’s the nature of technology.

            Eventually, we’ll see more sites like iGoogle, Empire Avenue, Klout, and LinkedIn, where multiple communication channels are tied in, providing a launch pad or “root” (for you fellow techies out there) for our daily activities..  or at least a dashboard to track metrics or filtered content in one place.  I mean, the number of new media outlets being developed today is astonishing.

            Some will die off, some will be bought off and assimilated, and some will focus on smaller, more tightly-knit communities.  Considering this due course, Google+ seems to employ a culmination of best practices for their UX.  You have the wide scope of data provided by the Google family of products and platforms combined with the granular control and ease-of-use of Circles, which is essentially the core experience.

            There’s definitely some food for thought there…  It may be a tad bit fattening too! ;o)

          • Gini Dietrich

            I’m not sure I agree. I spent a lot of my speaking time with small- and mid-sized business owners and they constantly gripe that the only way they can get the younger generations to talk to them is through texting and IM…at work. I don’t think it’ll be them who change; I think we’ll change for them. We hardly use email here anymore. And, with G+, I send stuff to my team through my (very cleverly named) work circle.

          • Danny Brown

            Then that’s a leadership problem, not an email one. Fire the bosses. 😉

          • Yomar

            Very true.  There are some things that just do not work in text or IM.  If anything, this would indicate that we need to make the channels of communication more clear.  Certain things should be centralized and more universal while others should be customized to the specific person or audience.  E-mail will be like many other communication channels: an opt-in platform.  That’s essentially the direction where things are headed.

  • Stacey Herbert

    Quite possibly I am the only person in the world who has never heard of Google+..either that makes me super cool…or living on another planet..I can’t really decide which, lol

  • James M

    What we are seeing with G+ is currently only their beta or even alpha version. If it’s this good now, it’s only going to get much, much better. I think you’re right that Circles and Hangouts are killer features, but I think Huddle is also going to be killer once more people are using the service.

    As it is used currently, the G+ stream could (in theory) replace the casual blogger. Huddle could very well replace email. You already have the option to change the title of a Huddle (subject), can mute or leave it (archive), and add people to the conversation. This is perfect for when you need a private conversation (say management) and then pull in another team member without letting them be privy to the previous conversation. Once Huddle has a web interface for you to print out conversations, maybe add images/documents, and has a cap on message length, it will go main stream and be perfect for the casual emailers. 

    I’m excited to see what they have in store for us, and hope they limit the API so it doesn’t become spammy like Facebook.

  • Anonymous

    I cut all my ties with Facebook last year. I didn’t just deactivate my account, I deleted it. What I don’t like about Facebook is that it gives you zero control of the way you present yourself to the world. Info you think might be hidden is actually visible in one way or another. Plus I deeply dislike their attitude toward deceased users.

    Google+ might be a viable option for me — not that Google’s attitude to privacy is much better. 

    I’m not going to try and turn this into a privacy debate, but the fact is, the issue of privacy is misunderstood. We all have something to hide, that is, portions of our lives we don’t want to share with the world at large. 
    Which is why we’ve got doors and curtains and women don’t give out their numbers to random strangers on the street. Facebook has made it so complicated to limit the sharing of personal information that the only way to keep such data under control is not to give it out at all.

    Facebook has got a no-privacy policy. They will keep chipping at your sense of safety and security until the proverbial straw breaks the camel’s back.

    Google has in all likelihood been studying Facebook all these years and learning from its mistakes. I think they’ve finally figured out how to create a social network that is for everyone and yet lets people build their own airtight micro-communities. 

    The real Facebook killer is the generation gap. 13-year-olds don’t want to be in the same network as their grandmas – it’s seriously uncool. The 13-year-olds are all busy ruining formspring. (Which means formspring is going be devastated by the same pressures that will ultimately undo facebook.)

    On a side note, Picasa is rather poorly designed. If only Google owned Flickr…

    • Yomar

      I’ve been tempted to do the same.  On one side, I have colleagues that swear by Facebook.  I also have clients whom I’ve helped develop leads using Facebook (which requires quite a bit of focus, mind you).  On the other side, Facebook is full of suck and did I mention it requires quite a bit of work?

      Facebook has drawn some serious lines in the proverbial ground.  They won’t open up for SEO purposes (so they can sell their own marketing and search products) but they leave our personal data open for the world.  It’s very hard to protect a brand identity on Facebook.

      Really, one of the few things that keeps me on Facebook is the fact that my better half uses my account to play those silly games..  Yet she refuses to make her own account due to the aforementioned reasons.

      What will help Google+ tremendously is the integration of their other products.  Right now, it’s easy for me to flow from iGoogle to other Google tools and platforms, which makes it easier for workflow and efficiency optimization.  In my SEO work, Google is the way to go (until the Yahoo-Bing transition really pans out)..  Really, Google is becoming a one-stop shop for..  everything. o_O

  • essays uk

    I preatty sure they will be succsed so you can dont worry Google+ already make 20 billions $ on their  social site!

  • Danny Brown

    Do they allow sheep discussions on Google Prius?

    • Yomar

      I certainly hope so.  If they don’t, that’s a deal breaker for me.

      Wait.. Did you mean to put “Prius” in there?  Seems like autocorrect at work.  iPhone/iPad, perhaps? ;o)

      • Danny Brown

        Hehe, deliberate 😉

        • Yomar

          I think I get it..  Just wanted to make sure!  A little fun with words.  I dig. ;o)

  • Olivier Blanchard

    Danny, you almost had me with that post. Except… You’re assuming Google will protect people’s privacy. That’s mighty nice of you to put that much faith in a company that collects more data on everyone than Facebook ever will.

    I am not saying that Google will sell our information to corporate partners, advertisers or governments. But guess what: Data is money. Insights into consumer interests, likes, dislikes, searches, publishing, daily movements and network affiliations are gold for advertisers. 


    How do you think Google makes money in 10 years? 

    Why do you think Google is in the social network business? To be altruistic? To be cool? No. Because its data capture model is too limited. It wants to be able to see what Facebook sees. It wants to be able to build a real time and predictive behavioral model for consumers on a global scale.

    Whether Google + works or not depends on a lot of factors. The UI, the functionality, recommendations from peers, etc. But the notion that Google will keep your data “private” or that its definition of “evil” is the same as yours might be… optimistic? It’s BIG business, man. BIG business.  

    Cheers, man.

    • Danny Brown

      Do you mean Dino? 😉

    • Dino Dogan

      Wud up Oliver,

      Im looking fwd to meeting you in person at the unGeeked conference. Im leading a discussion about online influence in Toronto and gamification in Boston. Should be a blast.

      As for G vs F, who would have thunk it that social networks would become as important or pervasive as they are. But, here we are.

      On a strictly human level, I think FB is one public outcry away from losing favor…and when it happened in the past, people didnt have a place to go to, now they do.

      Of course, Google is just as likely to use your data to their end, but I think google’s end is to serve up more relevant search results (both ads and otherwise). That is their core business after all. What else they do with data remains to be seen.


      I consider your comment on my blog a personal milestone. Thank you 🙂

  • Danielsnyder

    Hey Dino, not sure if google+ will put facebook out of business.  I suspect a lot of people are like myself and struggle with change and adapting to something new.  In addition many facebook loyalists have invested hundreds of hours in their profiles, and aren’t even going to consider a switch even if it does look somewhat appealing.  Also the individuals you talked about who have jumped the facebook bandwagon because of their frustrations with privacy etc… are a very select and tiny minority.

    Facebook has plenty of time to respond to google+ and I imagine they will do fine.

  • Justin Germino

    Facebook is already very established and implementing new features all the time almost as quickly as Google can.  Their deal with live chat with Skype over Facebook has an instant broader reach than even Google’s hangouts with potential for chats with LAND lines as well over skype.  

    I do think they finally have put in something that is better than both Buzz and their previous social media/email replacement hype which name escapes me at the moment.  Also Twitter still generates more traffic to all of my sites than Facebook so I don’t see this dying anytime soon as it allows the spread of information too quickly, even with Circles it is easier to lose track of streams, with Twitter lists and social media tools like Hootsuite/Tweetdeck it is so easy to organize your lists of people into separate streams you can actually follow all in one screen.

  • roy m. |

    I think G+ will become a niche site for mainly geeks. Just saying. They will probably take a small chuck out of linkedin, quora, fb, twitter & tumblr.

    I like LinkedIn for jobs and resume, can’t see that changing. And I can’t see the majority of my non-technical friends interested in learning to use G+.

    • Dino Dogan

      Thats interesting Roy, but I have to disagree simply because the learning curve in non-existent. So why wouldnt non-techies embrace G+

      Im telling you…execution and numbers is what G+ brings to the for Facebook and LinkedIn, they’ve been thriving because there didnt have competition…now they do, and now their armor will be tested 🙂

  • Yomar

    I would have to agree with you.  Facebook and LinkedIn will likely stick around, though I can see Quora falling off, simply because LinkedIn already has their features built in plus a thriving community to support it all.

    For those that worry about Google’s take on privacy, at least they whore the data out anonymously and respect the rules of permission marketing.  I’ve never been completely sold on Facebook and it’s clear that they want to run things as their own little private community, which makes Facebook more of a chore than anything else, at least for me.

    In any case, I like how Google+ is shaping up and the Circles are by far the easiest way to connect with people and provide context for all the content out there.  I do admit that Google is a bit too big and it is scary at times..  But I don’t see them going anywhere since their revenue model has worked all this time and will continue to.

    Hmmm..  There’s too much to say about this topic but it certainly makes you think… 8)

  • Yomar

    I don’t think Bing has to catch up but they are positioned to offer more competitive rates than Google, or at least capture some otherwise-overlooked markets.  When I do SEO work for clients, it’s easy to focus on Google since they’re so massive, but Yahoo-Bing will still matter, especially for international markets where Google is blocked or not as pervasive.

    I must also say that I have been dealing with the Microsoft Advertising team lately and they are really friendly, knowledgeable, and non-aggressive…  It was surprising.  I shot the proverbial shit around with one of the folks yesterday and she made me think a bit differently about things.

    Google is still my go-to option but Bing is looking tempting..  I am in the midst of doing some split testing to see what sort of results I get.  It’s good to have options. 8)

  • Brad Holland

    G+ is just going to be another social site people and business’s will have to manage. All the experts will write crappy posts on why you need a profile and how it will grow your biz and how your missing huge conversions..but nothing will change until Google drops an EMP bomb that doesn’t affect their server farms…Bastards…Buy more shares now folks…

  • Timo Kiander

    I’m on Google+, put I haven’t really started using it – yet. I will at some point. However, I feel that Google+ is going to be one of the big social networks in the future.

    • Dino Dogan

      Whats funny is that they already have a giant social network…people forget about Orcut 🙂 It dominates Brazi market. Thats a kind of a niche, right?

  • Emily Leary

    Hi – “Unlike Facebook (who’s ultimate demise might come from their
    Gestapo-like lack-of-privacy “policy”) Google+ allows for easy export of
    all your data. They call it Data Liberation.”

    But Facebook does have that feature. Just go to Account settings > Download your information.

    “Download your informationGet a copy of the data you’ve put on Facebook.

    tool lets you download a copy of your information, including your
    photos and videos, posts on your Wall, all of your messages, your friend
    list and other content you have shared on your profile. Within this zip
    file you will have access to your data in a simple, browseable manner. Learn more about downloading a copy of your information.
    is a copy of all of the personal information you’ve shared on Facebook.
    In order to protect your information, we will ask for authentication to
    verify your identity.
    This file contains sensitive information. Because this download
    contains your profile information, you should keep it secure and take
    precautions when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.”

    • Dino Dogan

      I found out that FB allows you to export data after I posted this article, however, I still stand by the Gestapo crack 🙂

      So, I’ve found ways of exporting pics, videos and even contacts from FB and import them into G+. What else do we have on FB that is worth exporting? How important are comments, notes and other bells and whistles to folks who want to migrate?

      Can you tell Im working up another post? lol

      • Emily Leary

        Ah, thanks for replying, Dino. That clears it up – I was just having one of those ‘have I totally misunderstood??’ moments! Look forward to that follow up article.

  • Julie Nutter

    Your blogs are always great (ever get tired of being told that?) but your comment discussions crack me up. I feel like if you put Yomar and Danny in the same room, you’d be sitting back, shaking your head, and saying something along the lines of, “Can’t take them anywhere.” 

    Scratch that. What am I talking about….you’d be joining in the fun.

    Google+ does seem to be making all of their features stupid-proof….or would that be stupid-accessible? Where anyone can find/use the features without having to search all around for them like you do with FB…..They almost feel like they’re just where you’ve left them, even if it’s your first time there. =]

    • Yomar

      Nah, Danny and I would just go grab a beer together and talk about sheep.  We may steal Dan for a bit too. ;o)

  • Janet Callaway

    Though I had been resisting Google+ because I was not anxious to learn yet another platform, your post made so much sense that I started re-thinking my position.  Then last night on a couple of tweetchats, so many other people I respected were saying “get with the program” and use Google + that I decided to do it. 

    Since my blog post yesterday was about doing something new for 30 days, I decided to use Google+ as my 30 days challenge.  Off to get started with Goodgle+.

    Thx so much for so candidly sharing your thoughts.  With your posts, there is no wasted time attempting to “read between the lines.”  Take care, my friend.  Until next time, aloha.  Janet

    • Yomar

      Hey, if for no other reason, Google+ matters because of how it will shape social searches.  If you have leveraged social media well, which we know you have (cause you rock), then people will want to work with you and the people they know will be more inclined to do the same.  It’s more of that old warm marketing stuff we used to hear about “back in the days”. 8)

  • LtDan

    It will be interesting to see if people actually abandon Facebook and move to Google+ or if they have both.  There has to be a decision point somewhere – it would be very difficult to maintain two platforms for most people.  Interesting to watch…

    • Dino Dogan

      But you ain’t got no legs, Lieutenant Dan.

  • Gabriele Maidecchi

    I really believe G+ is the only last chance left to halt Facebook’s progress, or even block it altogether. It’s an ambitious plan, especially considering it’s already far surpassed its critical mass of users.
    But I agree with you, the chance is there and it’s realistic.

  • Adrienne Smith

    I know Google can’t stand to be outdone which is why they probably came up with Google+.  I am on there and still trying to figure it all out.  In all honesty, I just haven’t had the time.  But I do like how simple and easy it is.  I guess only time will tell whether the rest of the users head over there and decide to love it too.

    Thanks for these insights Dino.  You do make some really great point.


  • Duncan Murimi

    I love the simple interface. I think Facebook is to cluttered. Also love hangout. Very cool. 

    • Dino Dogan

      The 10 man video conference thing alone is amazing…and Im sure they will increase it…I mean, you could run a virtual classroom using it…

      This may provide trainers and teachers alike with all-in-one platform for online tutoring of any kind.

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  • Vmwakio

    although i use firefox , i have to credit google for simplifying the web browser with chrome, firefox had to do a double take in committing the best form of flattery

  • custom essay

    Thats is really interesting!

  • Stjepano

    I don’t think that people will abandon facebook so soon, Google did offer something new but not something revolutionary that will massively draw facebook users to it.

    • Dino Dogan

      Soon? No. Soon enough? I hope so 🙂

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hey Dino,

    I have sort of just tested Google+, because I’m still on vacation. So, I’m reading all I can in order to stay updated with the features… because I’m hardly online 1% of the time. I’m living in a tent, without access to electricity.

    To me, Google+ seems to be very easy to use, especially the main features. I haven’t tried the hangout or the sparks (or whatever it’s called). On the other hand, I’m not sure how many people will switch from Facebook. Most of the people I’ve talked to, who are using Facebook (not marketers), they won’t try a new social media now, they’ve spent way too much time on Facebook and they built their profiles etc.. That’s why I’m a little sceptical to what’s going to happen with Google+ for ordinary people. It looks like marketers are saying YES to everything about Google+, but ordinary people? I’m not so sure. But that’s mostly based upon the time they have invested in Facebook.

    Now, it’s time to get back from the public library and enter the wilderness 🙂

    Talk to you later. Hope you’re having a great summer.


  • Sean Ragsdale

    I am going to transfer my email lists from linkedin to google, and put my linkedin contacts in my “professional” circles.
    I moved off of Facebook and Twitter. 
    The concept of circles is just too good. 
    Like the “Lord of the Rings” one social network to rule them all. Google+

    • Stan Faryna

      Um, Lord of the Rings… the one ring was decidely evil.

      I love how people love a winner – even when the winner intends nothing less than the demise of dignity, love, and hope. [grin]

  • Mauricio

    You make me understand. Great post of helping me. You helped me so much. I’ll bookmark your weblog and take the feeds also.

  • Armand Polanski

    I’ve been a hearing a lot on Google+ but haven’t checked on it. What are Circles?

  • LoRo

    You try the hangout with 10 people and let me know how smoothly a 10 person video chat goes. oh. that’s right. it doesnt. 

    • Dino Dogan

      I get that…I really do. I think it would work slightly worse then it does in real life. The second you have more than 3 or 4 people int he group, the conversations tend to splinter.

      However, if it’s framed as a classroom type setup, I think it might work. It does in real life.

  • Alexis Kenne

    Great information Dino, great input on google +

  • Sonia

    From what I see so far, Google + is pretty cool. It’s a learning curve like everything else, but I think if your looking for something different then this is it. Facebook, like Myspace will run it’s course unless they keep coming up with more innovative things to protect it’s users. Yeah right! Not sure when that will happen, but Google is giving them a run for their money. 

    People always want to try new stuff because it’s simply that: NEW. If people can carve out a section on Google + that benefits them in the long run, it will be a fight to the death and I can’t wait to see who is left standing with their guns blazing. Technology is no joke and we are the lucky guinea pigs that get to try out all this cool stuff.  Nice Post Dino!

    • Dino Dogan

      Thats so true, Sonia. New is always better, regardless if it’s better or not 🙂

      • Sonia

        I know what you mean. We always want to check it out to see if it’s really all what it’s cracked up to be!

  • Stan Faryna

    Google+ needs second generation social games to make the decisive win. If it can help that to happen sooner than later, Facebook users will migrate sooner and with greater enthusiasm. Thus said Stan.

    On the other hand, Google is great at dropping the ball and screwing up good things.

    • Dino Dogan

      Thats an interesting point, Stan. I have to be honest, I didnt take games into equation. So, let’s try and predict what happens with games….

      I assume Farmville (and similar games) can be played outside of Facebook, correct?

      I will also assume that Farmville has a iPhone app that doesnt need Facebook to work.

      I will assume that the integration between Farmville and Facebook is basically for the purposes of authentication, in which case Google auth. can easily be snapped in.

      So, while Farmville is using Facebook to cull new users, do those users need Facebook to play Farmville? I duno..Im asking? I’ve never played the damn thing 🙂

      So, if given the opportunity, I think social games will use G+, if they can, to cull new users…assuming G+ allows them to. Or, the other thing that can happen is that FB turns into myspace and all the ppl not serious enough for LinkedIn end up on G+.

      In short, while I agree that social games will be a factor, I dont know how big a factor, and not sure if they will be a negative factor at all.


      • Stan Faryna

        I’ll get back to you tomorrow on this.

    • tonygreene113

      That’s a different way to gather more youthful users for Google+ but I don’t see it as a place to hangout and play games. Getting away from the computer for awhile and using another device works better for me.

  • C

    I don’t know a single person that has gone back to Google + after initially signing up. I think FB is safe for now.

    • Dino Dogan

      G+’s fundamental design is made to allow ppl to tune into what other ppl are saying…this may be G+’s undoing. If I know ppl like I think I know ppl, ppl want to be heard.

  • Quintius Walker

    Dino, forgive my absence; I’ve been in the trenches and for some ” odd ” reason someone failed to guide me to this post. From a social networking point of view. Anybody who knows as much as an increment about the long tail has to be blind as a bat to not see that THE TRIBE has the potential to beat them all. It has what neither of the have……IT HAS THE PEOPLE. Thanks for sharing that.

  • akronsound

    Sorry but I have to disagree on 2 points.

    1) It is as easy to access your personal data on Facebook as it is on Google+. You just go to your account setting, hit the download data button and you got your personal info emailed to you within the day.

    2) secondly the argument about LinkedIn is unfair and mostly used to prove the point of this blog. Yes LinkedIn is for along time around but in 2003 the digital era was not that much involved and for a professional business network with businesses still wondering how to use a web site (static ad vs engagement marketing) LinkedIn didn’t do that bad.

    Lastly in regards to the privacy issue it will not happen. First of all when you get a free service like Facebook, you can not accept to get it for free. They have to make money somehow as they spend billions on their servers. Even so, assuming that this is the case, how do you think Google+ will make money? Advertising. +1 is your preference like on a web site/service/product. Yes it is not your sensitive data like Facebook or is it? +1 states what you like so it can drive targeted advertising on your profile.

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    the look and feel the plugins connectivity are not as good as FB and twitter.Google+ needs some time  

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  • bjkeefe

    It’s getting on for a year now.  I’d say your prediction is wrong.  Do you agree?

    By the way, I say this as someone who had hoped G+ would do more to diminish FB’s clout and reach. Big as Google is, and terrifying to some as that might be, I find FB to be more of an annoyance right now, because (non-unique thought) of the way it keeps so many people in an AOL-like space that they think IS the Internet.

    As far as privacy concerns go, I think it’s a push.  Google may have more tentacles, but it strikes me as far more open about what it does with personal data, and easier to understand, for those who bother to look at the available settings pages.

    • Dino Dogan

      Google move into Social SEO and their own comment system makes me think they are going to kill Facebook more han ever. Only time will tell tho

      • bjkeefe

         Well, yes.  But that’s punting a bit, don’t you think?  If you always say “time will tell” or “we have to wait and see,” you never have to admit that anything hasn’t happened, nor that it appears increasingly unlikely to happen.

        On the other hand, it seems reasonable to me to look at G+’s evident stall, on top of Buzz’s failure, on top of Waves’ failure, and say that there’s a good amount of evidence to support the view that Google hasn’t yet been able to draw blood from Facebook, much less land a mortal blow.

        If you ask me, this panic on Google’s part about social media is going to hurt them more than anybody else.  Not only are they wasting brainpower and engineer-hours on something for which there appears to be little demand, they’re also doing significant harm to their image, as you and many others have pointed out in detail.

      • bjkeefe

         P.S. Wish I’d seen this image yesterday.

        And click the “Also” link to see how widespread it has become.

  • Orlando_Plumber

    The biggest benefit I see for Google+ is that they will index their social media platform faster than someone elses.  Therefore, Google+ I think will have the biggest SEO benefit.

  • StartYourNovel

    If there’s one thing I learned from all my years as a lurker on the Intertubes, Dino, is that no network or company is too big to fail.

    There’s a lethal combination for social networks: pissing off your user base and becoming so big that everyone and their (grand)mother are on it.

    And let’s face it, we join new things because they’re cool. When they become uncool, we start itching to leave, or at least limit our presence there.

  • VacuumGuru

    My problem with Google+ is that noone apart from SEo’s are on it. Yes I use it and have put my business on it but its too quiet.