Google Has Self Transcended

A psychologist named Abraham Maslow devised a 6 step-pyramid now commonly referred to as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that fits all people in everything we do.

The basic premise is that humans are driven to meet certain needs. When we are homeless, hungry, drowning, choking, etc. we are not thinking about lofty ideas like helping others, leaving a legacy, or donating to a charity.

Conversely, if our basic needs for safety, survival and recognition are met, we just might feel the need to actually help others.

Common criticism of Maslow’s system is that it cant be applied to all uniformly, and this is true…except.

I can be on level 3 of Maslow’s hierarchy when it comes to blogging, but level 4 when it comes to riding a motorcycle. When taken on those terms, Maslow’s system applies to everyone.

What’s Maslow Got To Do With It?

Have you noticed that the things that go viral have certain things in common?

Videos (for example) that go viral are not selling anything. They are not advertising, promoting, or pushing a product or a service. Its usually something that someone has put out there expecting exactly nothing in return.

Folks who put out content on Social Media channels expect nothing (or very little) in return. They are on the 6th level of Malsow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow added the 6th level later on in his life. He dubbed that level Self Transcendence.

In other words, we take our interests out of the picture entirely and attempt to service others with our actions and knowledge.

Conversely, folks who try to go viral but dont succeed, or pay many many moneys for moderate success at best; their content reeks of self-interest, and it shows.

Lesson: When putting out content, be honest, don’t expect anything in return, and think of it as legacy you are leaving that perhaps your grandkids might read. Transcend your own interest and try to be useful to humanity. It will show.

Are there exceptions?

That stupid Friday song might be one exception. Also, that “I hate that I find it so entertaining” Old Spice commercial. Although, I think the campaign to convince everyone that Old Spice campaign was successful is probably a bigger story there. But I digress…

But Dino, you say. I’m trying to make a living here. How do I do that?

Do what google does.

Google has Self Transcended

My best advice is to do what google does. Make money though the “side door“.

When I ask people “what business is google in?”, they usually answer “oh, they do search engine thing online, right?” Wrong!

Google gives away the search expecting exactly nothing in return. Then, they make money through the side door. Advertising.

Give away something valuable for free and make your money through the side door.

As bloggers, we already do what google does. We give away something valuable for free. Our content.

But what does it say on your side door?

  • What is your side door strategy?
  • How will YOUR blog become a vehicle for a paycheck?

Dino Dogan

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  • thesis help

    dont you think that google can do everything and soon will rule the world…

    • Dino Dogan

      One thing all empires have in common is that they have all fallen.

  • Stan Faryna

    Google is the beast. [grin]

    • Dino Dogan

      No my friend. Stan Faryna is the beast 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Good questions at the end.
    My side door strategy is, first I have to pick a side door. =D
    I’m not going to say I’m not interested in money, because money pays the bills, and everyone is interested in that. But my blog is solely for the purpose of reaching out to people with common interests and similar goals. I have separate channels of communication which are strictly business. Whether the two will intersect in the future – we’ll see.
    (playing the cards close to my chest, eh wot.) 😉

    • Dino Dogan

      Close to your chest indeed 🙂

      I’ve taken a diff route. There is no separation in private and business channels for me. Its all one big messy network 🙂

  • Bryan Thompson

    Dino, the Abraham Maslow pyramid takes me back to Mass Communication class! lol. You’re right on with Google. And not only are they in the ‘search engine’ business. They are in the video business (YouTube), the photo business (Picasa), the Web experience itself (Chrome), and so much more (not to mention their cell phone market share), and they charge nothing (or next to nothing) to get there.

    • Dino Dogan

      Dont forget energy business. Google server farms are HUUUGE and consume a lot of electricity. They are even in the car business (driver-less kind 🙂 Its freaking amazing, aint it?

      • Bryan Thompson

        Freaking amazing indeed!

  • Constantin Gabor

    The bulk is advertising and affiliate sales – the REAL bulk is consulting work. 🙂

    Finally someone speaks about making some money by blogging. 🙂

    There was this article in Forbes Romania about our top (living) writers and how much they earned with their writing. While the sums were modest, the editor’s conclusion was that the writers were shy to talk about money as if they were eating flowers and living in fairytales, NOT the real world. The saddest part? The top writer bought his house with a loan and he’s still paying for it (mortgage) – he was only able to this after 50 years…

    So figuring out how to make money in an early stage is never something to be ashamed of. And the blog can only be a launch pad for other business.

    • Dino Dogan

      Thats a fascinating story. You should write about that.

      Btw..aff and client work. Ditto for me as well.

  • Courtney Cantrell

    My side door says “Buy my book and tell your friends.” It’s a little, just-starting-out door, though. ; )

    • Dino Dogan

      haha…so, its a doggy door?

      • Courtney Cantrell

        LOL, yes. Or maybe more like the tiny door Alice has to unlock in the antechamber to Wonderland. ; )

  • Becca Campbell

    Interesting idea…comparing Maslow’s hierarchy to blogging. I’ve been using the theory in writing my novel lately, but hadn’t applied it in this way.

    I agree with your points. I think when people try to hard with selfish motivation it backfires. I like your “side door” strategy. Mine is currently to market myself and get my name out there to agents, publishers and readers so that when my books are ready to be sent out into the world, people are ready to bite.

    • Dino Dogan

      Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in writing and character development makes perfect sense. Usually people are motivated by the factor just below their conscious understanding anyways. Great instincts Becca. And congrats on Empath. It sounds very interesting.

      • Becca Campbell


      • Courtney Cantrell

        Dino, I’ve read Becca’s novel, and it *is* very interesting. Not to mention well-written. She bears watching, this one. : )

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