Google Comment System Vs Triberr Comment System

My grandpa always used to say.

A true measure of the man is his ability to be honest with himself. ~My Grandpa

Sorry Google, but you’re definitely NOT being honest with yourself. Or maybe Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, is simply not being honest with us?

Google Comment System

There have been murmurings about Google releasing their own blog commenting system, and naturally, folks have been wondering how it will work and what it will do.

Well, wonder no more.

I’m here to tell you EXACTLY what Google Comment System is going to be like and what it will do for you. Ready?

Google is no longer an innovative company. They haven’t been in a long time. Their reputation for innovation is an echo of the days long gone. They are now simply a business. And not a very innovative business, either.

Google is in the advertising business.

To that end, they are simply in the business of knowing everything about you and I so they can serve us “relevant” ads. And blog commenting system will go a long way in helping the do that…if we let them.

Google’s Comment System (GCS) will be exactly what their G+ Social Network is. A Facebook rip off.

If Google Comments were an actual, physical, product, you could go to Manhattan’s 14th Street, right outside the PATH station, and you could buy a knocked off version of Google Comments for $5.00, the same way you can buy fake Louis Vuitton bags.

So to understand Google’s Comment System we must understand Facebook’s Comment System.

When you install a Facebook Comment System plugin on your blog, and publish your blog post to Facebook, people commenting on Facebook are visible on your blog, and people commenting on your blog will be visible on Facebook.

That’s it. That’s all GCS will do.

Sure, Google will give preferential treatment to blogs using the GCS, and that alone may be enough for some to use it.

But before you do, you may want to watch this video.

You still want to use Google?

I don’t know about you, but I’m this close to boycotting Google altogether.

Triberr Comment System

Before I start talking about Triberr Comment System (TCS), can I just say that I’m getting little tired of watching Facebook and Google rip off Triberr features.

Last year -Back in March of 2011- Triberr deployed auto-sharing and gave it to all bloggers. A year later, Facebook deploys auto-sharing and gives it ONLY to large media sites. What gives, Big Bro Zuck?

Anyways, I ain’t mad at ya…

Triberr has released its own comment system. Why?

Why does the world need yet another comment system, for crying out loud?

Well, this one does something no other comment system can do.

Triberr Comment System “mirrors” all comments across all instances of of your blog post. And what do I mean by “all instances of of your blog post”?

The other cool feature Triberr gives you is the ability for your tribesmates to ReBlog your post.

Yes…what I’m saying is this….Your post could make an appearance on 20 different blogs, and each blog will have exact same comments.

Facebook comments can’t do that, Google can’t. LiveFyre can’t. DisqUs can’t. Intense Debate can’t… well…you get the idea.

This is why Triberr developed its own comment system.

Sure, there are few other cool features and you can read about those here, but THAT is the gist.

Goliath Down

So sorry Google.

Your innovative days are behind you. Your “Do No Evil” mantra has fooled us well.

Your attempt at getting us to socialize on “you” are failing, and your comment system lacks imagination.

You may be able to strong arm us into using your comment system by promising better rankings, but strong arming tactics will eventually backfire.

David Up

To see Triberr’s Comment System in action, and the magic it produces, leave a comment on this blog, then go to this blog to see your comment mirrored.

That’s a same post, two different blogs, and yet, same comments. Saw-weet!

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