Feeling let down by Google Alerts? 5 alternatives to try

google-alerts Google Alerts is a great tool but only when it’s working reliably. Most are reporting that it’s stopped completely. Considering how Google Reader was dropped, it won’t be long before it gets closed too.

The replacements…

If you love the tool and need a replacement, here is our small list of alternatives…


Mention offers three pricing tiers,

  • Free – up to 500 mentions a month
  • Pro plans starting at 50,000 mentions a month at €19.99 a month

Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts appears to be free and fairly flexable

  • Free service
  • Basic filtering – blog, news, discussions, everything
  • Selectable languages
  • Basic control over frequency, once a day, once a week, as it happens


Topsy on the face of it seems restricted, it can only search Google+ and Twitter. But as the two social networks evolve they may be the most important ones

  • Free to use
  • Good selection of languages
  • Better than basic selection of search types, links, photos, videos, experts
  • Able to refine search before committing to creating an alert

Social Mention

Social Mention carries the most comprehensive set of filters and controls. Easy to use and lots of features, such as;

  • sentiment indications
  • keywords
  • top users
  • hash tags

At the time of writing, alerts is down but due to be available again within a week

Notification Control

Notification Control provides links to the settings page on various social media sites where you can then change the alert settings. If you are happy with visiting sites individually then this site is your control panel.

Which one to use?

Most of the sites, except Notification Control, offer free and paid services. The pro versions offer history, stats and more detailed reports. For most of Us, the free versions should be enough.

Have you tried any of them? Which ones do you use? Please leave a comment below

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  • Bob Toovey

    Thanks for the kind comments guys. I hadn’t realised they had stopped either. Google has developed a habbit of dropping services without thinking about the consequences. So yeah Mike, I hope they don’t go the same way as Reader. Thanks for the reblog Dino – keep up the good work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bridgetwidget Bridget Hinman

    This explains a lot. I was also wondering why I have not been receiving alerts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bridgetwidget Bridget Hinman

    But wait, out of all on the list which one is the current front runner?

  • Gloria

    Nice list. But topsy doesn’t exist anymore.
    I use and recommend Brand24.net for real time internet monitoring, social listening ans analyzes. It’s quite nice, efficient and affordable solution for everyone. You can check the free trial at any time.