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More In Media is a social media consultancy, specializing in engagement and social media strategy. On the More In Media Facebook Page, I give social media tips. In four previous posts, I’ve shared my other tips. Check them out:

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They have been my most popular blog articles this year, by far! Today is the last installment and this article covers the Facebook tips given on the page. These tips are called ‘Face Value’ and I actually have two images to go with this tip.

Face Value: Do you use a public computer, or a family computer others use as well? Have you ever left your Facebook account open and exposed – by accident? We thought you might want to know how to clear your own Facebook search, just in case. Once logged on on your personal profile, go to ‘activity log’, click on ‘search’ on the left and then ‘clear search’ on the top right of your screen. Done!

Face Value: Have you gone and looked to see what PAGES have liked yours recently? (We look about once a month.) Go to ‘New Likes’ in your admin panel and click ‘See All’. Toggle from ‘People Who Like This’ to ‘Pages That Like This’.

How many businesses have liked your page? Take this as an opportunity to do some B2B networking and go say hello. The real cool part? Those pages you just liked are now in your newsfeed, too! That makes it even easier to interact going forward.

Face Value: As a Facebook Page admin, if you only ever use your smart phone, you are missing a BIG chunk of ‘social’. Make sure to (daily!) check your page news-feed on a desktop! (Those are the posts of other pages you as a page have liked.) You can then interact as a page – which your Facebook Page Manager App can not do! B2B on Facebook. Like it or love it?

Face Value: If you have a physical location for your business and you are on Facebook, grab your phone and search for your business on Facebook while mobile! You never know what you may find…

We are working with two local businesses who each had 4+ ‘places’ pages created by customers checking in, in addition to their own FB Page and they had not been aware! We are claiming them, merging them (it’s a process!) and building up their Facebook Page presence to prevent any more of these pages being created.

Face Value: When you engage in ‘like for like’ activities on Facebook, you are building an audience based on numbers and with people who are most likely not to engage with your page on a regular basis.’Connect with Intent’ (start a conversation, interact with the page(s), share something) and you are building an active and engaging community.

Face Value: Experiment with ‘targeted posts’ on your Facebook Page. When we recently targeted a post to our local audience of South Carolina (target was 160 South Carolina fans) by clicking the ‘location’ target, the reach was 247 (we had one person ‘share’ the post).

How is that for reach?! Give it a try! (Here is a link to the video explaining how you can activate/enable this function on your Facebook page.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB6pnPLRbCA”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB6pnPLRbCA)

Face Value: As a Facebook page owner and/or brand manager, start using the appropriate #hashtags in your posts. They are now searchable on Facebook. It’s a great tool for being found in a search and to connect with others, too.

Face Value: Using hashtags on Facebook can be of great value to your business and can drive additional traffic to your Facebook Page. Hijacking a post by inserting a non-related, but immensely popular hashtag is so not social. In fact, we consider those who engage in that type of behavior spammers.

I’d love to know if these Facebook Tips were helpful! Let me know by leaving me a comment below.


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