Everything I Know About Business I Learned From the Grateful Dead

Everything I Know About Business I Learned From the Grateful Dead The holy grail for your company is to have not just customers but to have fanatics. Someone who will buy from you again and again. Someone who will advocate for you. Someone who will make choices in your favor even to their own detriment.

I was getting little bored with the usual examples I give during my Insane Loyalty presentations, so I decided to spice up my future talks with few unusual choices. None more unusual than The Grateful Dead.

As I begun my quest for knowledge, I discovered that there is a man who has already done all the research I need, so I asked him to have a sit down with me. Our interview started promptly at 4:20.

Barry Barnes is a Ph.D. He is a professor at one of the largest private colleges in the US, and he teches leadership and strategy. He is also the author of Everything I Know About Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead.

What follows is a 30 minute insight into timeless principles applicable to any business, told through the life and times of one of the greatest bands ever.


Direct link to video.

Go buy the book.

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