Email Breaks Social

I use my real name/face online. I tweet my personal cell phone number. My main email is on my contact page. And generally speaking, I am ridiculously accessible.

At least I’m not tweeting my credit card information.

I’m crazy. I know. But having said that, lemme tell you about the predicament I’ve forced myself into.

When I started doing email blasts to Triberr members, I decided I will break the mold and do something I wish others would do.

I decided to use my own email in the “From” field.

You know, the place where you typically see “”, or “”? Well, I hate that. If I’m getting an email, I want it to come from a human.

Is that too much too ask?

Turns Out, It Is!

I am committed to the Triberr community. If you’re on Triberr, you have access to me 24/7. Or as close as I can make it.

So why not give you my email in the email blast? That’s how I see it.

And I know thats crazy, but you hear people talking about being “human” in Social Media. And being “authentic”, and other bullshit that gurus say but don’t actually do.

I figure I’d actually do it. And part of that means giving you direct access to me every time I send a monthly newsletter to the members of Triberr.

Turns out, however, that is a really bad idea and will get your email tagged as spam in a hurry.

Hey Dino, Your Email Went to Spam

I can’t tell you how many people have said that to me.

And for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why. But now that you’ve read the first part, you know what I came to find.

Traditional email marketing is NOT social.

Email Marketing Sucks

It really does. D’you know typical open rates? They hover in 1-3%. They get up to 7% if you’re lucky. That is terrible.

I attended  a session by Kevin Hale at the iSummit last week. Kevin is the Founder of Wufoo, and he mentioned something that really stayed with me.

When Wufoo had an announcement, like any other company, they would blast an email and write a blog post. The problem?

  • Their email open-rate was at 30% (probably an exaggeration)
  • About 7% of their users would see the info when it was in a blog post

But then they decided to create a “Since you’ve been gone” section on their site that would “feed” the updates to people as they logged in.

And wouldn’t you know it. Their “open rate” for this non-traditional info delivery method was over 70%.

I happened to have an account with Wufoo which I havent used in months. So I logged in, and this is what happened.

I love it when a plan comes together like that. 🙂

I Shit my Pants

I shit my pants every time I have to send an email blast to Triberr members. I really do.

Sending an email blast to that many people is scary.

  • I read, and re-read the damn email a thousand times before I hit send.
  • I break out in a cold sweat when I think about a spelling error I or two I’m bound to make.
  • If I finish the newsletter the night before, I’m unable to sleep until the email is actually gone and outside of my hands.

Who needs that kinda stress?

And this is why I’m leaving my personal RSS and Email subscribers behind and focusing on my Atomic Tribe instead.

Not only are the mechanics of Atomic Tribes way better than the mechanics of email marketing and RSS, but all members of my Atomic Tribe can actually see each other, connect, and actually get something out of it.

The part that I LOVE the best, is that I can communicate with people in my Atomic Tribe in a casual, haphazard way. It’s Email marketing without having to learn email marketing.

Plus, I’m not gonna be scolded by a Grammar Nazi for a typo, a misplaced article, or improper use of comma.

Ancient Email marketing limitations are a real hindrance to the idea of “social”.

At some point, these two titans will have a face-off, and only one will survive.

Dino Dogan

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