Eff You @webex

Sometimes I like having a blog. And sometimes I LOVE having a blog. Because sometimes I get to shit on people that piss me off.

Today, the lucky recipient of the Cleveland Steamer is Webex.

If you don’t know what Webex is, that’s OK. Just use Google Hangouts or SpreeCast. Both are better AND free alternatives.

Why I Got Webex?

I thought that by paying $99.00 a month would provide a superior user experience (both mine and webinar attendees), quality, and frictionless payment processing.

None of it was the case.

But the real kicker came when I decided to cancel Webex. It reminded me of everything that’s wrong with big business.

They Run Your Internets

Webex is owned by Cisco. And if you don’t know who Cisco is, lemme put it to you this way. They run your Internets.

Point is, Cisco and Webex are big, BIG companies catering to other big-ass companies.

  • So when I canceled the service, do you think that canceled the auto-payment?
  • When I decided to cancel the service, do you think I could do it online?
  • When I canceled the service, do you think it took effect immediately?

That’s a big ass NO on those 3 points.

Conveniently, the auto-payments continue and need to be separately canceled. Otherwise, they keep charging you. WTF?

I had to call them, wait on the phone for 20 minutes, be transfered twice, only to be told “it is what it is”. Thnx for nothing, asshole.


And here’s the real kicker.

These fuckos are accustomed in dealing with corporate pencil-pushers who are not paying for this shit with their own money. So once you cancel a Webex account, they still charge you for the next month because that’s the “payment cycle”.

It’s almost as if Webex made up the rules that work in their favor. Oh wait….THEY DID!

What Others are Saying

They say “bloggers don’t research their posts well”. I say we just lack proper motivation.

Here’s what research turned up. Suck it Webex.

Um, I’m sorry WebEx, you’ve given me zero reason to let you have UNRESTRICED ACCESS to my computer. Why do you need it? All I want to do is participate in a conference, not necessarily let you do whatever you want with my computer. ~Source Webex is Stupid

So, I decided to cancel my WebEx account and guess what? There’s no online interface for canceling a $20/month account? WTF! Are you kidding me? ~Source Webex Really Sucks

(Interface) was not intuitive, we experienced technical errors, many features simply did not work well enough to use, and customer service was pretty paltry. ~Source: Review on Yelp

I worked for webex for a fairly long period and often felt sorry for our customers. ~Source: Former Webex employee

Last Word

I’m going to let Samuel L. Jackson have the last word. It pretty well summarizes the way I feel about Webex.

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