Do You Bring The Thunder Every Time?

Well? Do you? Do you bring the thunder every time you blog?

Some folks don’t “get” why Triberr defaults to Auto. Well…here’s why.

It’s because bloggers who “get” what Triberr is about, tribe-up with bloggers who DO bring the thunder every time. And if you don’t know any bloggers who bring the thunder every time then you need to get out more.

These bloggers bring so much thunder EVERY TIME they post that I feel 100% comfortable giving them access to my Twitter Stream so that my audience can benefit from their know-how, the wisdom, and skill-set.

Gods of Thunder

Who are they, you may be wondering?

Here they are. Bloggers who bring the thunder every time. People I’m proud to call my tribesmates. Folks who embiggen my Twitter following every time I post their content.

The Gods of Thunder themselves:

Francisco Rosales

You know how there are bunch of Social Media Gurus out there who suck monkey turds?

It’s refreshing when you encountered a guy who not only knows what he’s talking about, but is a bonified expert, respected authority by those in-the-know, and all around great guy.

Dr. of Social Media, Mr. God of Thunder himself, none other than Francisco Rosales.

When I started Triberr, Francisco was one of the first people to get an invite because he epitomizes the type of blogger that Triberr is build for. He makes my Twitter Stream better every time he posts and I am proud to call him my tribesmate.

Thunder & Lightning:

Christian Hollingsworth

Christian did two things differently when he started his blog. He focused on others and he decided to do things, instead of just talk about doing things.

One of the pillars of his content is the series of interviews he does with folks from around this social media landscape. Many months ago, I was honored to be featured in one of his interviews. These interviews are not only a great way to generate quality content, but are also a great source of insight, inspiration and relationship-building.

The other thing that Christian did right is he did things. He started a directory for DoFollow blogs.

One of my pet peeves in this Social Media space are people who talk about doing things but never actually do anything. You’ll recognize them by their second-rate motivational speaker phraseology, overcompensating vernacular and a pungent stench of desperation.

Christian is a doer and I am proud to triberr his stuff every time he posts.

Thunder & Lightning:

Jessica Northey 

Maybe there is someone nicer, kinder and cooler than Jessica, but I haven’t met that person yet.

She is my IRL friend who I’ve met on Twitter and our relationship has been spectacular simply because she is that cool. My girlfriend got tired of hearing me profess my love for Jessica over the phone so I’m no longer allowed to tell Jessica how much I love her. But I assure you, she is THAT awesome.

We met in Tucson, AZ when Dan was visiting me for a weekend of fun in the sun. Jessica came over to do a short impromptu Interview with Dan-O and I. There is also a longer version which you can watch here.

Jessica’s stuff is always great. She is always helping others, and she is another one of those amazing folks who actually knows what the hell she’s talking about. She has the most impressive client list of any Social Media guru I’ve ever seen. She is THAT good.

Thunder & Lightning:

Jk Allen

Jk is a recent tribesmate and a long time friend. Yes, his blog ROCKS! Yes, he is one of the coolest cats in the game. Yes, his writing is tight. But I am NOT a fan of J (J is for James).

You may be surprised to hear me say that, and you may be surprised that I would have James on Auto RT given the fact that I’m not a fan of his blog. But let me explain.

Is your mom a fan of your blog? How about your brother or sister? How about your best friend IRL? Does s/he visit and comment on your blog?

The answer for most people is “no”. No way in hell will my family and friends read and comment on my blog. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t take a bullet for me.

That’s how I feel about James’ blog. I love what James does and I know that my 8000+ followers on Twitter will find his stuff useful, compelling and interesting even if the topic of Personal Development doesn’t interest me personally.

Case in point:

Comment from @AltheaMcIntyre (one of my followers) on Jk's post that came serendipitously just as I was writing this section about James.

Clearly, J is one of those rare cats who writes about the topic of Personal Development in a new, exciting and useful way. See it for yourself.

Thunder & Lightning:

Jeff Bullas

So, here’s the thing. I don’t know Jeff from a hole in a wall. But I know of him, and I know his content.

He is one of the thought-leaders in this Social Media space. I’ve left a comment here and there on his blog and I always find his content useful in some way.

We happen to end up in a same tribe thanks to the one and only Pam More, who has been ruling her tribe with great wisdom, and has managed to assemble the who’s-who of Social Media in her influential Social Nuts tribe.

Such is the powerfully serendipitous nature of Triberr. It allows us to tap into each other’s circles of friends in a very new and innovative way, if I may say so myself.

Thunder & Lightning:

Nicholas Cardot

I’m starting to realize something.

Folks who I really respect and appreciate, are the same folks who produce amazing content ALL THE TIME, are the folks who are doers first, and just happen to have a blog where they talk about what they do. And Nick is no exception.

Long time ago, I saw this post about 50 most influential bloggers with links to their eBooks. Believe it or not, folks. I actually donwloaded every single eBook and read them, one by one. Here is what I found out.

Out of 50 eBooks, there were ONLY 3 that were any good. The rest sucked monkey turds. Nick’s book was one of the ones that didn’t suck.

Nick is an artist first, and Social Media maven second. His approach to blogging is original and refreshing. His focus on the Design aspect of blogging is something that majority of bloggers never even take into equation. But that’s not all…

Nick is also the sole brains and the developer of a Twitter based gaming platform called Dagaloo. He is also one of my tribesmates who’s posts I look forward to auto-sharing with my Twitter followers.

Thunder & Lightning:

Ana Hoffman

You would have a hard time finding someone who has delivered greater content for longer period of time. Ana is a nuts and bolts kind of lady who routinely churns out amazing posts one after another. I have a theory.

I think “Ana” is actually a team of brilliant scientists constructing the perfect blogger somewhere in the labs of Tucson, AZ. She’s THAT good.

She is also one of the original members of the very first Super Tribe on Triberr, the Mighty Jaffa.

Thunder & Lightning:

The default size for a Triberr tribe is 7 so it makes sense to stop right here at these 7 amazing Triberrs.

I am happy to be able to say that there are many others who are just simply amazing.

Bloggers who produce useful and compelling content, and who’ve been doing it for so long, I have no qualms of auto tweeting their stuff every time they publish. Why should my Twitter followers miss out if I happen to be too busy to check out Ana’s post today?

Sure, there are few bloggers in few of the tribes that kinda suck. Maybe I should write another post called the Toads of Mediocrity?

Needless to say, those Toads are set to Manual and their content will often end up in the spit bucket.

  • Who are your favorite Tribesmates?

Dino Dogan

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  • Amberr Meadows

    My favorite tribemates? Phil Torcivia, Van Heerling, Michael Rivers, Raylene Wall, Lincoln Adams, Katrina Cox, and Erica Lucke Dean. I could cheat and look at the list of 175, but I thought that top-of-mind sharing would be revealing, It is–these folks rock! (defaulting to 7 is hard, though, because I have several other TOM)

    P.S. I’ve been exposed to some of the work of your tribemates, and I agree that they don’t suck monkey turds. Good post, per the usual. :0)

    • Dino Dogan

      That is a great list. Thnx for sharing 🙂

  • Nancy Davis

    I love this post Dino. My favorite Tribesmates are John Falchetto who is amazing and inspiring every time he posts something new to his blog. Robert Dempsey is the real deal, and when I read his posts, i always learn something, I feel like everyone in the tribe actually is better than me, so I constantly learn from all of them. I know that is a cop out, but I hate for good people to feel left out.

    • Dino Dogan

      You just named two guys that would have been on my list too if it went up to 9. @Johnfalchetto and @rdempsey are awesomeness personified .

  • Bruce Sallan

    I wanna be a God of Thunder when I grow up!

    • Dino Dogan

      You already are my friend. Your comics rock and your facebook page is pure sugar cane awesomeness 🙂

  • The JackB

    That is a very fine list of bloggers you provided there.

    • Dino Dogan

      Thnx Jack. You rock!

  • Ruth

    I’m new to Triberr – really finding it an amazing resource.  And you’ve inspired me to bring the thunder every time!  Thanks for the intros to some clearly awesome folks.  

    • Dino Dogan

      Hi Ruth,

      Glad you’re enjoying Triberr. Lemme know if you have any feedback on things we can improve.

  • Nicholas Cardot

    Dino, I’m honored to be included in this list. Thank you so much. I’ve never regretted being a part of your tribe on Triberr. You’ve built an amazing platform and your philosophy of engagement and sharing is spot on. Keep up that amazing work and let’s keep taking this blogging thing by storm. 

    • Dino Dogan

      You just keep bringing the thunder, Nick 🙂

    • kbloemendaal

      Thanks for inviting me back in Nick, I have been “hatin” on Triberr recently because too many people are using it and a few other apps to totally automate SM, was getting to me 🙂

      I am thrilled to be back in and have found that Dan and Dino are constantly working to bring new features and improve their app.

  • Ana | Traffic Generation

    Wow, this was lightning cool of you, Dino. I’ve learned some things about myself too… LOL

    • dino_dogan

      Sweet 🙂 @Ana | Traffic Generation I’ll be back in Tucson in November. We must plan a coffee or something 🙂

      • Ana | Traffic Generation

        @dino_dogan Would love it!

  • FranciscoRosales

    Whoa! This is really a kick-ass mention Dino, thank you so much. I’ve probably said this before but I consider you one of those rare individuals in social media that really gets it, or maybe it’s just that I like your style and the way you see and express things. triberr is proof of that.

    Thank you!

    • dino_dogan

      Dude…you rock and you know it…few ppl are as impressive as you my friend. Keep on bringing the thunder 🙂 @FranciscoRosales triberr

  • hhuskies

    Sorry I didn’t comment before now. Comments were down for a bit for me.

    This post rocks, Dino. I sent it to a bunch of friends and family, because I was fricken honored to see what you wrote. Thank you.

    I echo Francisco’s thoughts. Triberr is proof of your networking knowledge. Christian

    • dino_dogan

      I love your dofollow effort…I’d like to be involved. What can I help with? @hhuskies

      • hhuskies

        If you notice any good DoFollow enabled blogs that might be worthwhile to add, you can always email them to me – and I’ll add manually. The only problem is that we’re noticing a difficulty in Livefyre/Disqus commenting for dofollow, but trying to work around it. @dino_dogan

        • dino_dogan

          I have a connection with livefyre folks…I can nudge them to get that feature built in…I agree it’s def needed. @hhuskies

  • kbloemendaal

    So, as you know, I left Triberr after being an early adopter for my own reasons (I was re positioning my SM efforts and had way too many “auto” submissions going out and therefore lost my urge to actually use any of the platforms to relationship market).

    Only yesterday, Nicholas Cardot hit me up on a FB chat and asked if I was interested in getting in his very selective Tribe, I looked through the short list (8) of members, I was already following all but one, which I followed, and I decided I would join again.

    So, here I am… back in the game. I haven’t set mine to auto yet, but plan to today since I have looked at each ones blog again and decided they also bring the THUNDER…..

    • dino_dogan

      oh dude…Im so glad to have you back in. You know I respect you as a blogger and people like you make triberr the awesome network that it is @kbloemendaal

      • kbloemendaal

        @dino_dogan Dude! So much has changed in there! I started a tribe for SM blogs, and looked through some of the settings…. I can see a review write up coming soon!

        BTW, I joined the MarketMeSuite Community Team this week and will be working with them as well writing and managing their community….. looking forward to learning more about all the new features at Triberr (and if you have any spots left for your hangout next week let me know so I can put it on my calendar)

        • dino_dogan

          theres always room for you but the gathering is about blog audits…I dont think you need any help setting up a great blog…do you? @kbloemendaal

        • kbloemendaal

          true, but I can always put my 2 cents in if you need me, I love to give my opinion 🙂 @dino_dogan

        • dino_dogan

          Well, dancristo just informed me that there can be up to 10 video feeds but thousands can tune in…so, yeah, man…we can def use your input 🙂 @kbloemendaal

  • John Garrett

    Well, to make this about ME, I feel proud of myself for already knowing/following a lot of these fine people, lol!

    However, there’s a couple here that I didn’t know about so I will definitely check them out.

    I get inspired when I see others actually DOING the things they blog about. I’ll just keep hanging around them until some of it rubs off on me, I guess.

    Great work all of you mentioned in this article. Much respect!

    • dino_dogan

      You’re another one of course. I cant thank you enough for making the book cover for me …that totally rocked my world :-)@John Garrett

  • b.nijhoff

    I totally agree with you a few of them I know and read a lot about them and they really bring the thunder to the blog. Thanks for this great article!

  • tracetime

    Inspired by… all of the above.

  • Pammy Pam

    you spelled my name all wrong: its PammyPam, not Ana Hoffman. but she’s cool too.

  • Jill Tooley

    Christian is one of the most amiable bloggers out there! I really enjoy his stuff. One of my co-workers guest posts for him sometimes, and he seems like an absolute peach to work with, too! I’ll have to take a look at the rest of these peeps as well…any friend of Dino’s is worth checking out. 🙂