Did Apple Steal the Design for iPad From a 90s TV Show?

apple think diff This post is not so much about Apple stealing a design from a Sci Fi show, but rather about how big sites manipulate your average Internet Joe into wasting his time on nonsense.

The anatomy of the manipulation starts with a catchy headline, followed by a weak thesis, and asks the reader for the final word.

The headline ending with a question protects the “journalist”. After all, it’s not an assertion -which could be proved right or wrong- but rather a “point I’d like to bring up for an engaging discussion”.

The thesis is selective and highlights a narrow set of information laid out as facts in order to strongly suggest a substantive theory.

It all concludes with an invitation for a discussion. After all, more discussion = more impressions = more money for the website serving up ads with every refresh.

Who Is Guilty?

Everyone. From HuffPost, to Mashable, to NYTimes. From your grandfather’s newspaper, to your favorite nationally syndicated TV newscaster.

Even this post is guilty of it.

My hope is that next time you see a “news report” which ends in a question mark, you’ll treat it as it should be treated. A giant pile of manure undeserving of your time and attention.

And Now…

How easy is it to put something like this together? It’s pretty darn easy.

Here it is…complete with dramatic music to heighten the mood. Enjoy.

Link to video

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  • RaiscaraAvalon

    Come on, everyone knows it was stolen from Star Trek: Next Generation. 🙂