Customizing Your Thumbnails: A Hidden Jewel

There are a lot of plugins out there that give you great options for editing images and creating galleries. But sometimes I am reminded of a buried feature as I am doing tutorials. This is one of them.

Let’s say you have created a small gallery using the WordPress default gallery. And you have added the plugin, Gallery Carousel Without JetPack, that adds a simple slideshow.

But there’s something that really bugs me about these thumbnails in this screenshot. The original photo on the right one is a closeup. But the other two just don’t fit. Well, there’s a fairly easy way to fix this.

thumbnails and gallery

Go into the media library and click Edit on the image of the dogs. Once we have that window open, select the Edit Image button.

thumbnail edit image

Once you have done that you will get this window. Now you are only three steps away from customizing your thumbnail.

1. Draw and square around the one dog and click the crop button.

thumbnail cropping

After this you will now save the image, but it’s important to do one more thing.

thumbnail cropped

Then go through the same steps for the second image. After inserting my gallery below you will now see the edited thumbnails. If you click either of those two I just edited, you will see the full image has not been touched.



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