Cool New Things To Do With Twitter: Embedded Tweets + @commun_it

WordPress just released a new version (version 3.4), and with it comes a very cool new feature.

Embedded Tweets in WordPress

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is very cool indeed! Check it out in action:

Thanks Mike!

Here it is again! (This is just too easy and too fun!)

All you have to do is

  1. Update your self hosted WordPress site to 3.4
  2. Find the tweet you want to embed on
  3. Click on “Details” to see just this individual tweet
    Find a tweet to embedd
  4. Click on “Embed this tweet” or just copy the link from your browser bar  Find the Link to embed the tweet
  5. If you clicked on “Embed this Tweet”, you will be given three options, and you want the last one on the right, “Link”  Wordpress turns links to embedded tweets now.
  6. Take the link and simply past it into your post, like so 
  7. When you publish, it will look like this with the links all activated:

Sometimes, if the tweet was part of a conversation, the conversation will be embedded as well.

Isn’t that spiffy!

Keep Track With

I’m loving using We’ve been getting aquainted this week and we are on a fast track to becoming best pals. is filling a need of mine that has arisen: I love to say thank you to as many people who tweet out my posts as I can. But, sometimes I miss people or my brain plays little tricks on me, and I feel weird that I might be sending them 2 thank-you’s because I forgot I did it the first time. solves this immediate problem of mine by only showing me the tweets I have yet to reply to! It also shows me some of my friends that I thought I was following, but it turns out I wasn’t (oops, sorry!). It’s a very well designed and useful app. The free account is providing what I need without having to update to the pro, paid account. If you are having the same problem as I was, I definitely recommend checking it out!

My Triberr pal John Paul Aguiar wrote a wonderful detailed post about it, so I’ll point you over there if you are interested in hearing more.

How are you going to use embedded tweets?