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conversations with google -traffic

How come Google is able to make money indexing blog content, and yet bloggers are not able to make money creating content?

Something is wrong with the system. It needs to be re-imagined.

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Dino Dogan

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  • Darren Cottingham

    You’re obviously doing it wrong. There are plenty of bloggers (me included) who make money from producing content.

    • Dino Dogan

      With all doo respect, Darren. I’ve seen your profile on Warrior Forum and I’ve perused your digital footprint. This post is not for for you. It’s not for internet marketers.

      It’s for the creative class who dont know how to do SEO and email marketing, cant afford to hire you, and frankly dont want to learn it. They just want to create.

      That’s who I was addressing with this post.

      • Darren Cottingham

        If you enter a venture (in this case blogging) with the intention of making money rather than just seeing if someone agrees with your opinion, but don’t bother to learn how to do it, why would you complain if you don’t make any money? This post doesn’t address the problem. Google is the great enabler, but in order to enable, it has to make money itself.

        • Dino Dogan

          It’s really a matter of degrees. I dont disagree with your statement, I just think that Google has enabled itself to make plenty of money, while doing it on the backs of the creative class.