Community Engagement & Content Strategy with @sendgrid’s Brandon West

I was in Denver, CO last week, and I happened upon the offices of SendGrid.

Triberr uses SendGrid for its transactional emails, as do many other big platforms (Pinterest, FourSquare, etc.)

Whenever you receive an email such as “you have a new follower on Pinterest”, or “you have a new friend request on FourSquare”, you’re seeing a “transactional email”.

Transactional emails are slightly different than your run of the mill email newsletters. They’re different in size and frequency, and about million other things. So, needless to say, they require special consideration.

Unless you’re a startup, you probably don’t need transactional email services, but the info Brandon West shares in this video applies to any online business.

You will hear invaluable lessons in community building and outreach, content strategy for your business blog, and ton more golden nuggets. Enjoy. 🙂

Link to video

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