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The Tyranny of Hyperlink Ends Now!

Erping Zhu -Assistant Director, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan- conducted an experiment aimed at discerning the effects of hyperlinks on comprehension. Her discovery should be of great interest to anyone delivering content via the Internet. She had a large group of people read the same article but she […]

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No Bullshit Approach to Search Engine Optimization and Google Page Rank With Dan Cristo

This is truly an EPIC podcast with my favorite new person Dan Cristo. Turns out, Search Engine Optimization and ranking well on google is not that hard when you have someone who can explain the fundamentals of SEO in an easily understood fashion. We approach SEO from the google’s point of view and discuss THE […]

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First Step In Becoming a WordPress Rockstar

For about a million reasons, I think every serious blogger should be using a hosted WordPress installation as their blogging platform. The problem is that in order to do that, you have to purchase a hosting plan from a company like Host Gator (Affiliate Links). You have to train yourself in WordPress while paying for […]

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Why Business Owners Must Take Web Design Into Their Own Hands

I dare anyone. And I mean ANYONE to challenge me on this one. .Web and Graphic designers; those artsy and creative folks follow ONE of two objectives when you hire them to design YOUR website or blog. They either follow their muse or They look to please the guy signing the check. More times than […]

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Black Hat Technique for Generating Hundreds of Comments Almost Instantaneously

What’s the first thing you check when visiting a new blog? I’m betting it’s the number of comments. Do you actually read any of the comments? I didn’t think so. In this article, I will show you how to trick-out your post with hundreds of human-generated, relevant comments almost instantaneously. This is a black hat […]

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