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Can a Specialty Shop Selling Superpowers and Underground Lairs Turn Profit?

A small, specialty shop, catering only to wannabe superheroes is unlikely to thrive in a rural area or even a small town. It’s too specific and too narrow. There are simply too few prospects living in rural areas who are on the market for saving damsels in distress and fighting off evil geniuses. However, Superhero […]

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WiseStamp: Are You Leveraging Ancient Technologies to Improve Your Social Media Standing?

The ancient technology I am referring to is email of course. The idea is simple. You wouldn’t hand out a business card (another ancient technology) without your phone number on it, right? So why would you “hand out” your email without your Social Media contact information in it? Here is what your email signature might […]

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Making Your Internet Browsing Safe From Prying Eyes at Work

You ever get a hankering for reading a blog or checking out some site that doesn’t look “business-y” but there’s your boss or coworker hanging around just waiting for you to slip up so they can rat you out? I got your solution. Recently I discovered a nifty little plugin for Firefox called Decreased Productivity. […]

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Why Every Business Owner Must Become Expert Marketer

For me, Marketing has always been Applied Psychology. There are many schools of Psychology (Freud, Jung, Frankl, Nietzsche, etc) and all try to reduce human nature to a set of drives (sexual, archetypal, meaning, power, etc). While scholars argue over who’s right, Marketers have taken these “theories” and field-tested them in real life on real […]

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Fear. It’s What’s For Dinner

Really? If we don’t vote for Johnson we will die? Little dramatic, don’t you think? But Dino, I hear you’re saying. Something blatantly fear mongering like this wouldn’t fly today, would it? Watch this. Political ads, safety ads, sure…they’ll use fear. But not to buy products? Oh yeah? Watch this. Fear is a powerful motivator […]

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Black Hat Technique for Generating Hundreds of Comments Almost Instantaneously

What’s the first thing you check when visiting a new blog? I’m betting it’s the number of comments. Do you actually read any of the comments? I didn’t think so. In this article, I will show you how to trick-out your post with hundreds of human-generated, relevant comments almost instantaneously. This is a black hat […]

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