Can a Specialty Shop Selling Superpowers and Underground Lairs Turn Profit?

A small, specialty shop, catering only to wannabe superheroes is unlikely to thrive in a rural area or even a small town.

It’s too specific and too narrow. There are simply too few prospects living in rural areas who are on the market for saving damsels in distress and fighting off evil geniuses.

However, Superhero Supplies might be quite successful in a highly populated area. Brooklyn, NY for example.

This narrow, highly specific business model can thrive only in areas with high population density.

And wouldn’t you know it, there is an actual supply store for aspiring superheros right here in the good ol’ Brook-LYN.

Yup...A store dedicated to Superhero supplies. You may want to tweet this shit.

Conversely, you are unlikely to find many Wal-Mart type stores in Brooklyn.

Wal-Marts are too sprawling for densely populated areas. The rent alone would drive profits down; which is why New Yorkers usually do their bulk shopping in New Jersey.

What’s my point?

Brooklyn IS The Internet.

The Internet is human nature and human behavior transplanted.

Whatever your version of Superhero supply store might be, you are likely to find an audience in this most sprawling of all human habitats.

Outsourced in a Different Way

Businesses often talk about outsourcing to India, but seldom talk about the type of outsourcing that’s happening to our lives.

  • We’ve outsourced dating to the new medium (, eHarmony, OKCupid, etc.)
  • We’ve outsourced human interaction (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.)
  • We’ve outsourced markets (Amazon, eBay, CraigsList)
  • We’ve outsourced information (no example needed here)
  • We’ve outsourced ALL of our human interactions to this most expansive of human locales.

What does this mean to business owners?

This is YOUR opportunity to open your own superhero supply store.

Admit it. You always wanted to sell superhero supplies, didn’t you?

Well, now is your chance.

In addition to your expertise in assembling underground lairs, all you need are few pointers on how to use the Technology; how to get creative with your approach to business; and how to Market your superhero wares.

How can I help?


Dino Dogan

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  • Chris Loyd

    Living in Cali and wanting to be a superhero is totally not working out for me. Now I realize I ought to move to Brooklin. 🙂

    Love the article. Interesting take on both the factors affecting your business and outsourcing. I never thought of it that way but its totally true.

    My problem is I dont know what my superhero supply store is going to be 🙂 but I’ll figure it out.

    I love working with animals (as you know) but

    • Dino Dogan

      lol…thnx for the chuckle Chris..yup, you def have to move to Brooklyn if you’re going to be taken seriously as a superhero lol

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  • Murlu

    Dino this is fuckin’ crazy man – that’s such an awesome shop haha and when I first started reading I was trying to figure out what the hell you were talking about but then it hit me – because we’re basically transplanting all of the big business into big online business, it gives us little guys something really to work with because people still want to shop small and eclectic (yeah, I used that word).

    • Dino Dogan

      Exactomundo my amigo…exactemundo 🙂

  • Julie Nutter

    All I can say is, “Wow.”
    How in the heck do you pull this sort of thing off? I mean REALLY! Who else could take an interesting store in Brooklyn, plug in the relevence of such a spectacular thing with implications that generalize and translate all over goodness knows where, and really take home a lesson from the whole thing???
    Besides you… I don’t really know.
    The whole thing is ridiculously intriguing, fun, and educational in a very subtle way.
    Oh, and I’m also signing up for your e-book. Must have it for my e-book library! (Okay, so I’ve already read and been wowed by it. So what? LoL.)

    • Dino Dogan

      Thnx JJ…you are so good for my ego 🙂

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  • NicholasTeri

    You have to love this place, even if you’re not and never have been a teenage boy.

    a lot of the merchandise is downright campy, and not really in a good
    way, but a lot of it is fun. Gallon jugs of invisibility, vials of
    omnipotence, and a giant fan to help you test out your new cape make
    this both a good place to get small gifts and a destination in and of

    But really, who cares about the shop? Ignore that it’s
    small, cramped, and sometimes quite disorganized. The whole point of the
    store is to be a cover for a kids literacy program, which is a stellar