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If you know Dino, you probably know him as the founder of Triberr.

What you might not know and what I didn’t know about him until I saw him in action on stage at Blogworld is that he’s an amazing speaker.

He had a packed room that was clearly entertained, informed, and inspired.

~Srinivas Rao, Host of BlogCastFM

Source: Taking Action on Your Time at Blogworld Before the Buzz Wears Off

When it comes to building a community of fanatics, Dino Dogan is the engagement genius behind the massively successful Triberr.

~Danny Iny, author of Engagement From Scratch

Source: Want Fanatical Traffic? Here’s How

One of my very favorite bloggers. He’s extremely irreverent and very, very witty.

DIY Blogger Net, is full of non-echo chamber advice and opinion, tips and tools, and videos on developing your digital footprint, creating content, and “dominating” your space.

~Gini Dietrich, Founder of SpinSucks

Source: #FollowFriday: Dino Dogan

When I recently spoke with Dino, he told me one of the smartest things I’ve ever heard.

~Srinivas Rao, Founder of BlogCastFM

Source: When it comes to social media…

Dino is an online whiz, and I read him religiously because he has a no-jargon approach coupled with an intuitive understanding of social media.

~John Falchetto, Expat Entrepreneur

Source: Being truthful online when abroad

Dino is a potty-mouthed force of nature. Always provocative, always ready to slaughter a sacred cow or seven.

~John Bell, Blogger at Start Your Novel

Source: 2011: The Year my Brain (and my Heart) Swelled…

Twitter is dying and it’s all your fault.

~Neicole Crepeau, Blogger

Source: Twitter is dying and it’s all your fault.

Just because you’re a self-professed Bad Ass doesn’t mean you should diss your audience.

~skeezix, Blogger

Source: [BlogPaws] Dino Dogan on “Reach Relevance Design Presentation”