Blogosphere: Then and Now

You may not realize this but there’s a Revolution outside your window going on right now.

Occupy Wall Street is only a symptom of a larger sentiment sweeping the global consciousness. There is an imbalance in wealth, power, and attention. And it’s systemic.

One way to deal with it is to stick your head in the sand. Another way to deal with it is to take up a weapon, storm the fortress, and kill the overlords. But before you decide to go with the head-in-sand option, remember that not a single book has been written about a guy who took that approach.

The Problem

The Internet has delivered on its promise of democratizing Information. Unfortunately, it has done a piss-poor job when it comes to democratizing Attention. And Attention = power and money.

Large media blogs (like Huff Post) are reaping the spoils of Attention while simultaneously raping the creative-class who actually contribute content. And this story repeats itself again and again with a perfectly accepted division of labor. Guest bloggers writing the content, while the blog-overloard is counting the money.

You don’t have to accept that.

The Solution

Triberr‘s mission is to rip the Attention away from these greasy blog-overlords, and distribute it to smaller blogs. After all, smaller blogs is where you’ll find quality content anyways. Show me a popular blog and I’ll show you a lame, safe, and boring blog.

And maybe, just maybe, we can start online, and continue offline.

Did you hear that?

It’s the wave of the oncoming Revolution. It’s the wave that’s looking to take down the 1 percenters. It’s the wave that needs Revolutionaries.

And if you’re ready, we’ve made you a weapon.

Thank you Justice Mitchel for contributing the artwork.

Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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  • Bojan011

    That photo is awesomeeeeeee! Triberr equals American values 😀

    • dino_dogan

      thnx dude -) @Bojan011

      • Bojan011

        @dino_dogan gonna use it as phone background for a while 🙂

  • cmajaski

    Maybe the Triberr weapon can stop the dingbats from contributing to sites such as HuffPo. I remember when the writers threatened to leave because they had been writing for free and Arianna ended up making millions when she merged with AOL. Believe it or net, there are STILL people writing there for free and very little money and it’s content that belongs to HuffPo. As a reader, i actually like HuffPo. It’s the free labor that kind of bugs me–then again, their choice.

    Agree that the best content is on smaller blogs. Like mine. It’s pretty kick ass. Thankful for the Triberr weapon. Gonna put it on some latex and make a Triberr suit.

    • dino_dogan

      @cmajaski HuffPo is def a great example of exploitation and slave labor of the creative class. However, since the fall out, HuffPo doesnt actually publish original content (I guess they do some) instead their “authors” syndicate the content from their own blogs. Which proves the other point. If you find great content on HuffPo, it’s actually syndicate from a smaller blog. HuffPo has the distribution channels smaller blogs dont, however. Until Triberr 🙂

      But then again, I know Im preaching to the choir 🙂

      • Bojan011

        @dino_dogan HuffPost is the enemy

  • Ambolino

    What a great graphic! I want one! Storm the fortress!

    • dino_dogan

      @Ambolino I was trying to figure out how to provide the embed code but couldnt find the right way. Anyways…feel free to grab it in any way you like 🙂

  • BruceSallan1

    Gee Dino, how do you really feel?

    • dino_dogan

      @BruceSallan1 We need elders who can shine some wisdom on the situation. Storming optional 🙂

  • troublesometots

    Seth Grodin wrote a great piece about site traffic and the power law curve. And also the lack of independent content producers at the top of the curve 🙁

  • Mark Harai

    I love your mission bro and you will  succeed! 

    • Dino Dogan

      HA!!!! First comment since I switched from Livefyre back to DisqUs….It seams DisqUs doesnt import Livefyre comments….that sucks 🙁

      Anyways…thnx Mark…You were there when it started 🙂

      • Mark Harai

        That does suck – but how cool is that – the first 😛

        • Dino Dogan

          haha, yup. My blog was like a born-again virgin and you came in and popped her cherry lol