Blogging As The Battle of Thermopylae

Some of you will know the story through a film adaptation of a graphic novel by Frank Miller.

300 is a story based on the Battle of Thermopylae as described by the Greek Historian, Herodotus.

According to Herodotus, King Leonidas of Sparta held off a million man Persian army for seven days. Outflanked, Leonidas stood with his Spartans to make a last stand against the Persian invaders.

Although the Greeks at Thermopylae fell, the Persian invasion was defeated a year later. And some believe, this was due to the fact that the last stand at Thermopylae had broken the pride and confidence of the Persian king Xerxes.

If ALL Greeks were as courageous as Leonidas and his small army, Xerxes would never subdue the Greeks.

Is Blogging Dead?

Some are saying that blogging is dead.

  • Jason Calacanis who made millions from blogging, says that “Blogging is simply too big, too impersonal, and lacks… intimacy.”
  • Wired’s Paul Boutin says, “A stand-alone commentator can’t keep up…”
  • Others like Richard MacManus of the Read Write Web blog, observe that blogging just doesn’t stand out on it’s own.

I’m With Leonidas

My truth is that blogging is far from dead.

Among other content-building technologies, blogging is at the heart of the social potential that drives the evolution of the web. Blogging will only die – if we believe the corporate media talking points and give up.

Blogging is the Battle of Thermopylae

The corporate media structures have every reason to kill the blogging of the small citizen army.

Blogging is power to the people. Blogging is empowerment! Blogging distracts “their” followers by diverting the attention to the few and the brave.

The ambition of the Persians to capture and own the greatest culture of that time is not different from the ambitions of the corporate-media enterprise such as AOL. They want to capture the heart of a cultural engine that holds unimaginable social potential.

This is Sparta!

Near the start of the movie 300, a Persian ambassador comes to king Leonidas to buy the cooperation of Sparta as part of king Xerxes’ bid to conquer Greece. Leonidas refuses him and casts him into the pit with a mighty roar; This is Sparta!

So too must bloggers refuse the lies, bribes and invasion of the corporate-media plutocrats.

Bloggers, great and small, story-tellers and small businesses, citizen journalists and probloggers – all must come together and make a stand at the pass.

The blog is the pass at Thermoplyae. And this time the battle will be won. It’s at your blog where we shall prepare for the battle ahead.

Are You With Me?

The way Leonidas took his mighty men against the army million strong and stood his ground, so we can use our blogs to bring down the massive media empires catering to the lowest common denominator.

Let’s dare to cater to the highest common denominator.

Let’s dare to say what no one else is saying.

Let’s dare to take the stand.

Who is with me?

How to take a stand:

Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna is working on the greatest MMORPG ever. On the way there, you'll be seeing some Facebook games with the deep stamp of his mad creativity and social insights. He's also an online strategist, an entrepreneur, and a servant leader. 

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  • Anonymous

    Loved the metaphor. I’m in… bring on the Persians. “When the multitude of their arrows darkens the sky – we get to work in the shade.”

    • Anonymous

      “When the multitude of their arrows darkens the sky – we get to work in the shade.”

      That was a great line, indeed.

      Dino, of course, is more Leonidas-like than myself. And he’s a force of nature too. So let the line begin here.

  • Danny Iny

    I love it, Stan, and I’m with you – let’s show the naysayers what we’re made of! 😀

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Danny. Together, we can do amazing things.

  • JoanneCapella

    I’m with you, too! I blog because I love it and I’m passionate about my topic. It doesn’t matter to me what the experts say.

    • Anonymous

      Passion. That’s the secret of our awesome sauce. It’s also why… none shall pass.

  • Kimberly

    Blogging is not dead; there are still people out there that have no idea what blogging is. As long as there are people who are interested in what I have to write, then I’m good. What people are over are the thousands of lame sites out there that are just churning out duplicate content and distracting you with too many ads and pop ups.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Kimberly! Copycatting is a dead end. And, perhaps, this is what the AOLs fear most of all.

  • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

    I am with you!!!!!!!

    I swear I think people sometimes just like to say stuff is dead just to get attention….this bugs me, it really does. Blogging is more alive than ever, and anyone that doesn’t know that has lost touch with marketing and social media in general.


    • Brankica U

      When the checks stop flowing in then it will be dead 😛

      Just wanna say that I love the movie and even have a Spartan tattooed on my arm, lol….

    • Robert Dempsey

      That they do Marcus, and it’s usually so they can shift into social media or something. Little do they know that these are all just streets for people to go down. And some streets end up under heavy construction for ever, and none shall pass.

      • Dino Dogan


        Monty Python anyone? Anyone? …anyone? ahhh..forget it :-p

    • Anonymous

      Triberr and the other blogging related apps to follow may be just the lever that brings Twitter and Facebook level hurrahs to blogging.

  • Robert Dempsey

    First off 300 is one of the most bad ass movies there is. So mega bonus points for that reference. Now to my rant 🙂

    Blogging is far from dead. I help business owners everyday gain over their competition via the use of blogging. SEO, community, all that good stuff is why everyone needs to have a blog.

    Any who says blogging is dead has found out how it doesn’t work, or that it doesn’t work for them. But there’s a lot of space on the Internet I hear – lot’s of little corners to be occupied. Hell, the Internet is one giant corner made up of corners. Let the fractionalization begin!

    Either way, I’m not giving up blogging soon. But if others want to, or to declare it dead to build some traffic to their Facebook page or something, be my guest – more for the rest of us who know how it works.

    Power to the people!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, Robert.

      Power to the people.

  • The JackB

    Anyone who thinks that blogging is dead is lying, ignorant or fooling themselves.

    • Anonymous

      You have a way with words, Jack. Could it be the shoe size? [grin]

      I’ve come to think you as Ajax of Homer’s Iliad. In other words, I’m in good company.

  • Bill Lublin

    I love when people Blog about Blogging being dead – its sort of the blogger’s version of Sunset Boulevard ( that wonderful movie about making movies which they made into a musical stage play thereby destroying the irony of its creativity) and I agree with you completely the democratization of publishing is a fact and it isn’t going away – no matter how individuals choose characterize the changes it goes through- so far today I read this, and two of your dog blog posts – and I knew about them by reading a post by Danny Brown, which was one of many I read that day… but you get the idea – obviously or I wouldn’t be commenting here

    • Anonymous

      Appreciation for Dino’s enthusiasm is shared by many, indeed.

  • Mark Harai

    I love your spirit Dino… Let’s kick some ass!

    • Dino Dogan

      Dude…this was a post by your buddy Stan Faryna. You didnt notice?

      But I guess as long as we’re ready to kick ass, it dont matter who started it 🙂

      • Mark Harai

        Ooh crap!

        Stan, I’m with you bro… Let’s kick some ass!

        • Anonymous

          We stand together.

  • Janet Callaway

    Stan, aloha. Loved this. Count me in with you! With Triberr we will make even more people sit up & take notice of what we have to say.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

    Let’s do it. Aloha. Janet

    • Anonymous

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

      Yes, Janet! Yes!

      The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence launched a cause that would fuel the hopes and dreams far beyond their time and place. Just imagine what we can do with tools like Triberr.

      More recently, a handful of Egyptians started a page on Facebook, We are all Khaled Said, and they ignited a revolution.

  • Anonymous

    The power of blogging is yet to be unleashed. It is an awesome force that we can only begin to imagine. It goes way beyond nuclear.

  • Steve @elstevebyers

    With your sheilds or on them fellow bloggers!

  • Paul Flanigan

    Already there, Stan.

    My thought: The fight isn’t against the corporate media. Actually, I think they’ll do a find job of eating themselves. It’s SEO, or, more focused, it’s word of mouth. The first fight is against content farms that pump out content that fill the top search pages. The second is the support we must give each other to create relevance.

    AOL seems to be moving down the path of self-destruction with lawsuits and inability to handle its own crew.

    But if Google bends and gives bloggers bigger voices because the rest of us support the relevance – now that’s moving a mountain.

  • Karen Bice

    Great post, Dino! I don’t know where people get the idea blogging is dead. I guess they’re not reading the right blogs, and certainly not yours. 🙂 I always appreciate the historical perspective in making a point, which you did so well on this post.

  • Anonymous

    Seth Godin said, “it’s a great thing that the Internet is dead, now the real work can begin.”

    Remember, they said the same thing about newspapers, radio, and TV. Yet they are still here, still churning out stuff that matters.

    Blogging is dead — long live blogging. We are no longer concerned with the novelty of the platform, only its usefulness and potential matter. Now the real work can begin.

    • Tim

      “Now the real work can begin.”

      Right on.

  • Christian

    Loved your thoughts here. I’m with you. I’m ready to take the battle. I’m ready to fight harder. Be a bit better. Be a better blogger. I certainly believe blogging isn’t dead, and we’ll certainly find ways to grow the market even larger. Thank you for sharing – and rallying us bloggers to stand a little taller.

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  • Brad Holland

    Hey Stan,

    Good post.

    I called you out on another blog where you were talking about “Life as an Entrepreneur” with your 15k worth of fireworks and your Playboy type girlfriend. I thought you were trying to get a sympathy vote from your extravagant lifestyle playing the woe is me card. I just want to say that after reading this post and some others of yours, I was quick to judge you and I was wrong. I’d like to extend an apology for that and say, sorry.
    Keep up the good work and fighting for us little guys.

    • Dino Dogan

      It takes a big man Brad. You’re A+ in my book 🙂

      • Brad Holland

        Yeah, I jumped the gun on Stan. I felt like shit after I posted the comment. I’m not even sure if he read it, but I had to say something or else my guilt and drinking problem would flare up worse than my heartburn.

    • Tim

      Two hairy and crooked thumbs up for you Brad!

      • Brad Holland

        Thanks Tim. You might want to get those hands checked though. Sounds like they have been used in some skewed fetish show in outlandish ways that would make the freakiest of freaks, freak out.

    • Stan Faryna


      Thanks for the recant. I appreciate it. The intention of my description of my heyday (long past) was not to gloat but show both sides of the coin. Considering your response on that blog post, I considered the fail mine.

      But, hey, what I want to say here is that I ADMIRE your willingness to give me a second chance.

      You rock, Brad! And I wish you success in your endeavors.

      • Brad Holland

        Hey Stan,

        Thanks for being a nice guy about my poor judgement and unwarranted attempt at the character assassination attack. It was poorly executed, so I even failed at that. I also appreciate on your compassion for my comment written in haste by not sending a DoS (Denial of Service) attack to my servers. The 4 visitors to my site would have been heartbroken.

        In all seriousness, your an upstanding guy and it’s you that has given me a second chance to prove myself.

        Thanks again and if our paths ever cross, the first three rounds are on me.

  • Tim

    I may have to resurrect my blog sooner than I planned.

    • Stan Faryna

      Any day now.

  • Amber-Lee

    I cannot even fathom it. Is this a funny for humans smarter than I? I can see why this powerful and inspiring and GOOD …thing..would be a threat. It can’t be allowed to happen. Do you know what I have found since February, Dino? So many, so very many people, willing (and offering) to help. People willing to share time, experience, thoughts, feelings, opportunities ~ both life changing and financial opportunities, yeah many are doing business also, but it doesn’t make any difference to the soul deep worth and value of the good there. (You gotta do business somewhere, yeah?☺)

    I’m a little worried… trying not to be. (Should we be?)

    • Stan Faryna

      Shucks, Amber-Lee.

    • Stan Faryna

      Shucks, Amber-Lee.

  • Betsy Cross

    I had to read through the comments to figure out who wrote this! LOL! All I kept thinking was,”Where would I be without posts to be written and read?” It’s sort of like having a library in my house! I’m learning tons. But now I also want to watch the movie…

  • Betsy Cross

    I had to read through the comments to figure out who wrote this! LOL! All I kept thinking was,”Where would I be without posts to be written and read?” It’s sort of like having a library in my house! I’m learning tons. But now I also want to watch the movie…

    • Stan Faryna

      Big hug to you, Betsy.

      The confusion about authors on DIY has been a snafu from time to time. I have suggested that a byline go at the top and bottom. But I kinda think Dino has been a little too busy with Triberr these days to consider my suggestion.