Best Time to Apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Your Website?

Now! I know that may sound facetious, but really, if you have a website that you have determined has not been optimized; you should try to get it done as soon as possible.

SEO will help your web pages perform better in search engines. You will rank higher and get more clicks through Organic (free) search results, and have to pay less for your “pay-per-click” ads.

More traffic and less cost – sounds good right? Well it is. Not only will you see improvement in your page’s performance, but the effects of Search Engine Optimization tend to increase over time – SEO is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

The Ideal Time for SEO

Although it rarely happens, the absolute best time to apply Search Engine Optimization to your website is when you are planning your site. SEO should actually be one of the tools that you use to plan what pages will be included in your website.

The keyword research results can be used to help determine what pages should be included on your website, the Meta data can be input by your web designer as he/she is working on the page, and your page content can be optimized upfront to match the keywords that you choose to use.

It’s not too late . . .

If you are thinking of optimizing a site that is already up and functioning, not a problem. This in my experience is when most optimization projects are undertaken. A thorough job may require the addition of new web pages and some editing of your existing web page content. However, with a little more work it will still provide the boost in search engine results and traffic to your website.

Not sure if you need SEO?

Not sure whether your site needs to be optimized? Unless you have already worked with an SEO specialist, it probably does. Although most web designers now advertise SEO services, most do not focus their efforts or energy on SEO, and do a very basic job at best.

Not sure? Perform this simple two step SEO self evaluation, or contact me for a free SEO review.

Thanks for reading. As always, your questions or comments are welcomed and appreciated!

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