Becoming a Top Influencer with Triberr – an IBM #SmarterCommerce Case Study

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Bryan Kramer, CEO of Purematter, and I at IBM’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Nashville, TN.

I was invited to speak at IBM’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit recently and was treated like royalty.

Tami, the IBM CMO, and Michael DiTanno, her right-hand (or in the parlance of Game of Thrones, Hand of the King), as well as the rest of the team are a class act all the way and need to have monuments erected in their image.

But this post is not about that. This is about becoming a top influencer through Triberr.

Influencer Factory

I always said that Triberr is an influencer factory.

You go in with quality content, tribe up with the right people, and 3 weeks later, you have more traffic and attention than you know what to do with.

I always knew this to be the case, but was scarcely able to prove it. However, thanks to the fine folks at IBM’s Smarter Commerce and Kred, now I’m able to bring you this Rube Goldberg-ed case study.

I’m a Nobody

I really am a nobody.

  • If you search for keywords like social media, marketing, blogging…you wont find me on the first (or 5th) page on Google.
  • I’ve made zero effort to do SEO even tho I have a strong SEO background.
  • My professional life prior to Triberr was as a Network Engineer, which has nothing to do with this Social Media business.
  • For few years I helped develop social media and marketing strategies for people whom I really can’t discuss. Total opaque, behind the scenes, type of situation.

I started DIYBloggerNET in 2010 and since then I’ve done everything wrong:

  • I don’t have a regular publishing schedule.
  • I write sometimes long, sometimes short posts, sometimes audio, sometimes video, sometimes…
  • I don’t have RSS or email subscription anymore (there is still a box on the side that captures the email, but thats going away soon).
  • My blog gets very little traffic. Very, very little.

Few things I think I did right.

  • I try to publish good shit.
  • Atomic Tribes are fundamentally better structured for blogging success than RSS/Email
  • Traffic that I do get is from the right people.

I’m No Jay Baer

jay baer youtility

Jay Baer walks the walk. His business card is heavier than 80s metal, AND it’s also a bottle opened. Click on the image to learn more about Jay’s new book, Youtility. Hand modeling is by yours truly.

My point is this. I’m no Jay Baer.

Jay is a maven in marketing and social media space. He has a long and storied history. He is an author, speaker, and all around nice guy.

And yet, as soon as I wrote a post about IBM’s #SmarterCommerce, and that post started circulating via Triberr, I knocked Jay off the top of the influencer board.

jay bear dino dogan top influencersME! A nobody. Giving Jay a run for his money.

And not because of who I am, but because of Triberr. It’s only because my posts get distributed by my tribemates that I’m able to shine. How is this possible?

Solid Fundamentals

Triberr is built on the principles of maximum leverage, and it’s built for bloggers, because…well, I’m a blogger.

It’s a way for new bloggers to get more traffic, more attention, more recognition, in a real and measurable way. So get on Triberr now.

Thank you IBM and Kred for taking the time to quantify what Triberr can do for someone who doesn’t have a giant blog, a ton of followers, or ubiquitous industry presence.

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  • PamMktgNut

    Dino – you rock buddy! I am so very blessed our twitter, Triberr, blogging, social and LIFE paths crossed. I am truly a better person from what I have learned about giving, being open to other perspectives and having a more open mind by being a member of Triberr and working with you. You have always been an influencer in my book from the first day I met you. Cheers to many, many more good times ahead! xoxo

    • Michael Q Todd

      Could not have said it better Pam

  • jaybaer

    Great post and a fantastic point. Social democratizes. We are all teachers and we are all students. And best hand modeling, ever.

    • Dino Dogan

      Thats really all I ever wanted. To be recognized for my hand-modeling skills 🙂

  • ltdream

    Hi Dino, I’m new to your blog, which means I’m pretty late to the party. I really enjoyed your post and am always looking for ways to promote my clients’ blogs. Thanks for the tips about Triberr. – Johnny (LT Dream)

    • Dino Dogan

      better late than never 🙂

  • Tami Cannizzaro

    Thank you Dino! And thank you for lending your smart and provocative voice on influencer marketing to the conference.

  • Glen Gilmore #Biz

    Dino, the “few things you do right” are the important things! Keep doing em!

    Glad to have connected — and, yes, I’ll be giving Triberr a test run!

  • Elizabeth Scott

    Love the video… and the surprise guest that made a quick appearance. You are a SOMEBODY!!! You are Dino and you need to OWN IT…. Great interview.