Give Me a Lever Long Enough and a Blog on Which to Place It, and I Shall Move the World

Archimedes Lever. We all learned about it in 5th grade, but it’s an important principal of applying minimal force for maximum effect applicable in ANY situation.

One such situation is the Blogosphere.

Yesterday, Triberr has rolled out Atomic Tribes in pre-beta. The window for early adopters closes tomorrow night. And it’s exactly the kind of Lever Bloggers need.

If you’re a Blogger and want to learn what Atomic Tribes can do for you, then go check out this post.

But…if you’re a fan of DIYBloggerNET, then I have a special offer for you.

What is an Atomic Tribe?

Atomic Tribe is the Next Generation RSS. It’s a Social Email list. It’s something completely new and radical.

If you are truly a fan, you can join my tribe. And what do you get in return?

  • Unlike RSS and Email subscriptions, Atomic Tribes allow you to interact with not only me, but with other members of my Atomic Tribe.
  • You automagically share my new blog posts via your social channels.
  • Like RSS/Email, my content get’s delivered in your Inbox.

But Wait, There’s More

Traditionally, Bloggers incentivise readers to join mailing lists by offering an eBook, or a special report, or what not.

That’s fine, of course. But I decided to step up my game and offer something unique.

A T-Shirt.

When Jorie Jacobi, a long time DIYBloggerNET fan, found out about Triberr releasing Atomic Tribes, she wanted to be involved in some way.

So she contacted me and asked if her company, WhoopTee, could offer a T-Shirt to 3 people who sign up for my Atomic Tribe. So I said…ummm sure 🙂

What’s It Look Like?

The fine folks at WhoopTee took a look at my blog and designed an appropriate T-Shirt. It looks like this:

create your own t-shirt design

Note: Yes, the T Shirt will make you look totally handsome, with that classic V shape we all covet, regardless of your current body type. It will also make you funny, smart, and interesting. ummm….ok, maybe not.

You can create your own t-shirt design using their ridiculously intuitive interface.

Who Gets the T?

It’s easy.

  1. Join my Atomic Tribe
  2. Leave a comment inside Tribe Counsel with the keyword “whooptee”
  3. First 3 people who do it, get a T-Shirt

That’s it. Easy, peasy.

Momentous Occasion

Will the release of Atomic Tribes make it into the annals of Blogging History?

I duno…but I hope it will. No one can accuse Triberr of lacking ambition, that’s for damn sure. 🙂

Dino Dogan

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