Apple Wasn’t The First to Invent the iPad and We Got Pictures to Prove It

Apple better start sending back that $1 Billion that they are just as bad as they claim Samsung to be.

It turns out that Apple has been hiding a big secret from everyone. An original report from Rick Lehrbaum of Linux for Devices dated 2001-03-23 described the “Digital iPad” manufactured by LG Electronics (pictured above).

Here’s a direct excerpt from the blog post (mainly so you can laugh at what we called “high tech” back in 2001).

“The iPad is powered by a 206Mhz Intel SA-1110system-on-chip processor and an in-built 64 SDRAM module. It offers some expandability with a slot for Flash memory cards and PCMCIA cards. To operate the devices, users are given a stylus and the pad provides handwriting recognition for both English and Korean.”

The LG iPad of 2001 even features the same system-on-chip idea that Apple uses with their A5x chip in the new iPad, so not only did Apple copy the name (which is pretty simple to begin with) from LG, they also copied the main architecture idea.

What’s sick is Apple was awarded $1 billion in the courts from Samsung.

broken ipad screen

Why LG didn’t step up when Apple first announced plans for the iPad is beyond me.

I think it’s pretty sad though that a company can get away with something like this, and I’m very confused about how Apple was able to be awarded a patent for their iPad, if LG already had the same exact device.

Shouldn’t the US patent office have picked this up?

Apple needs to quit this kind of behavior and stop suing companies, or at least not be copying other companies in the process. If they keep this up, Apple could start suing just about everyone and begin to have a lot of enemies.

Then again, Steve Jobs did say in his biography that he would do anything he could to remove all similar features from Android. What’s really interesting is, Android came first in 2003, iOS came in 2007.

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  • James M

    As I said in a post on my blog about this, Apple is allowed to break the rules and they’ll watch other companies break rules as long as it doesn’t effect them but break a rule that involves them then expect the hammer. LG probably didn’t think the iPad would do that well. Not sure.