Apple. The True Pirate of Silicon Valley

Apple:  Keep Your Lawyers Off My Computer

Ever noticed how Apple tends to sue a lot of companies for various things including patent infringement? Turns out, that’s their business model!

Apple isn’t just a computer and gadget company, in fact they have never been just a computer and gadget company.

This button to the left was given out to people at Silicon Valley parties in late 80′s and early 90′s adverse to Apple suing Microsoft over the look and feel of user-interface elements in their desktops. 

We have been hearing it in the news a lot about Apple suing their competitors because they have devices similar to what Apple sells. They have been suing the large companies such as Samsung mostly for cosmetics, but occasionally there are lawsuits for features.

Crush Them

If you compare the devices and use common sense, Apple is doing this in an attempt to make business harder for, or even crush the competition.

You can do a simple search for the “a pad” on eBay and find a wide range of devices that copy a lot of the features of the iPad, they even have their own home button! Ever since the iPad has been out there have been cheap knockoffs that look even more alike than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which a U.K. judge did not find infringing upon Apple’s tablet designs.

Just looking at the Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad you can see many features that make it obvious they aren’t anything alike.

First of all, the back of the Galaxy Tab isn’t one solid piece of metal like the iPad.

Once you get towards the camera, there is a gap and then another type of metal.

The Galaxy Tab has Micro SD and SIM card slots, something that Apple would never do with the iPad.

On the iPad, the front connects with the back on the front, rather than leaving a gap in the middle of the side on the Galaxy Tab. You can see many photos of the Galaxy Tab at CNET.

My point is that there are so many things that are obviously different between the Galaxy Tab and the iPad. Unless a consumer has never seen an iPad and just knows the term, then there is a small chance they might pick up the Galaxy Tab and think it’s the iPad, but a sales clerk would probably be quick to tell them it is indeed not an iPad (hopefully at least).

Sympathy for the Devil

If there were some things in the Galaxy Tab that really were similar to the iPad, I might feel some sympathy for Apple, but not this time. It’s more than obvious that Apple is just trying to sue the competition out of existence.

This is the unfortunate thing about our legal system. It’s gotten to the point where large companies get nervous when it comes to competition. Instead of actually competing with the other companies, they just take them to court. Maybe that is their version of competition.

In the end, the consumers know what they want and that’s what they’ll get. Competition should be about who has the best product, not who has the most money to throw around in the courts.

And if you don’t agree, please don’t sue me. Leave a comment instead.