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In case you’re not familiar with, here’s a quick lowdown.

List posts are one of the most popular, persistant, and useful forms of content you can find online.

We’ve all seen them:

  • 12 Most Perfect Ways to X
  • 7 Reasons Why You Must Y
  • 3 Dangerous Items in Your Z

Nick Kellet and the team at decided they can improve on already perfect delivery system. I know, I was skeptical too, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t do just that.

5 Problems With Old Lists

See what I did there? 🙂

  1. Your typical list post is static. A snapshot in time.
  2. A static list is built and maintained by one person.
  3. The list lives in only one place, the original post.
  4. Static, old(er) content is mostly ignored by search engines.
  5. Static lists are only as sharable and comment-able as the post itself. breaks these notions in a very innovative and radical way. Here’s how:

  1. lists are easily updatable, thus very dynamic.
  2. lists are collaborative.
  3. lists are embadable across infinite number of posts
  4. Since lists are updatable and collaborative, it’s the kind of often-updated content that search engines love
  5. Each list entry can be shared and commented on individually.

Now, thats pretty awesome and amazing.

March 18th, All New

Today, Nick and the boys are giving us the all new already kicks some pretty major ass, so what could possibly be in store for us with this new update?

Top 5 Features of All new Listly

  1. Mobile and responsive. Now looks great on mobile as well.
  2. Enhanced flexibility: Different layouts for each embed, draft lists, sharing in context, embedding only part of the list, etc.
  3. Compliant with Google Authorship.
  4. Facebook OpenGraph. Interacting with list attracts more engagement from Facebook.
  5. More engaging than ever, with more than simple “like/dislike” options.

For a full list, and detailed explanation of new features, check out’s blog. Goes Premium is now offering few premium options as well. It’s mainly geared towards brands and heavy list users.

The two most desired premium features are draft mode and no ads.

  • Draft Mode enables you to alert collaborators to contribute to the list before the list is published. Very cool.
  • No ads. Regular lists may contain ads. Premium lists are safe from it.

What Could Listly do Better?

Put authors first.

When sharing an item on the list, gets a social mention, not the author. Here’s an example:

All platforms (except for this one) inject themselves into the interactions between people.

This happens because people who create these platforms place the platform as the most important piece of the equation.

We need to start demanding more. The person should NEVER be subjugated to the platform. In fact, platforms are not important, humans are important. Ergo, put authors first.

Unfortunately, putting a platform before the person is typical.

  • When you share a post from Mashable, the share will say “via @mashable”, and NOT “via @author_name”.
  • When you share a video from YouTube, the share will say “via @youtube”, and NOT “via @channel_name”.

I think has an opportunity to lead the charge in placing the author first, and if they do, the lists will become infinitely more attractive to humans who use them.

Lose Ads

Ads is the most obvious, least creative way to monetize a platform.

Unfortunately, this is how most platforms monetize. Google, Twitter, Facebook, I could go on…all monetized through ads. #lamesauce

I don’t have an answer here, only  a desire to never see another ad in my life.

The Thing I Love Most

There are two things I LOVE about makes it super easy to provide additional value to your readers. So, for example, I could easily embed a list that is related to whatever content I happen to be writing about.

In this case, a list of new features would be killer, wouldn’t it? 🙂

What’s new in Listly V3

View more lists from Nick Kellet
Also, you can add a quick list (short-format) as a value-add to whatever else you’re talking about in your post. Like so:

The other thing I absolutely love, is seeing people use lists in innovative and unexpected ways.

For example, here is a conference organizer who decided to crowdsource suggestions for the Speaker hopefuls: is an amazing and innovative way to build list posts on your blog, have many people collaborate on the list, and have your list seen by many through embeds.

I hope you’ll check out new and give it a whirl. 🙂

Dino Dogan

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  • Mike Allton

    Great write-up Dino! I will be publishing a story myself and Nick didn’t mention he had a list for the features. Excellent idea to embed that! I’m going to steal that one from you.

    • Dino Dogan

      I know, right? Rote info already provided, punditry is all our own 🙂

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  • Ishan

    Well, I would love to use something like this but I have been cautious about building my castles on some else’s land.

    No offense but who knows if will be around after 1 year or not. There was Posterous which is shutting down now. Many other start ups have tried and vanished after acquisitions. If it was a WordPress plugin on other hand, I would have been all in.

    • Dino Dogan

      Same could be said of google and facebook, and myspace, and friendster, and yahoo, and….bunc of others.

      I totally agree of course, but if these lists go away tomorrow, there will be very limited impact on my blog. In the meantime, there is a lot of benefit in being the first wave of adopters.

      Early Twitter adopters have managed to build their empires as Twitter grew. Same happens with all ecosystems.

      So, it’s a calculated risk…the decision is do you risk it or not?….and for me, the answer is always yes.

      • Ishan

        Nice point about taking a risk and great example about twitter. I like your approach of not banking on something fully. You have it clear that if lists go away, there won’t be much impact on the blog. So if you become popular among first adopters, that gets you loads of traffic and authority and if the service is a dud, you don’t lose much!


        Very well explained by the use of Twitter and other famous social site……no one knows initially how popular it would?but it all work with present scenario and just implemented it ,thats why these all become a powerful tool in web world and one of the important thing for search engine.

        • JULIE EVANS

          I agree with you Donald now a day social site means -Facebook and Twitter only.Its define new dimension for each sector either its IT or something else.