A Comedian Teaches Bloggers How To Be Funny #TribeUpNYC Speaker Brendan Fitzgibbons

I was driving to Lake Placid, NY a few months back with my girlfriend -the Amazing One Jillian– and we were brainstorming who would be the perfect addition for the TribeUpNYC speaker line up:

What was missing?

So Jillian suggested we balance all the heaviness of Influence, Attention, Future, and MythBusting, with a healthy dose of funny. And so I called my buddy, Brendan Fitzgibbons, to talk to the thing he loves to talk about the most. Comedy, and what it takes to be funny.


You can check out Brendan’s blog here.

Brendan is in fact the prototype of the kind of speaker I want to get for future TribeUps. His skill-set is not directly related to blogging, but it’s relevant to blogging. And I think this is something that’s missing from all the existing conferences.

Last word is yours.


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