8 Reasons Why Aweber Should Be Your Mailing List Provider of Choice

In the following post you’re going to learn why I am such a huge fan of Aweber, how Aweber has helped me and how Aweber can help you too.

In this post I’m not going to be discussing the specific benefits of building your own list, if you are not sure whether you should build a list or how it can benefit you then you need to read my post on why you should build a mailing list.

This isn’t exactly a review of Aweber, this is more a list of the reasons why I use it.

If you’re all setup with your mailing list provider and you’re wondering “how the hell do I add opt-in forms to my blog?” then I suggest you check out my post on WordPress mailing list plugins, providing you’re using WordPress that is.

Before you read this post any further, you should know that I am actually an Aweber customer.

If you sign up to my mailing list (and you should, because there are some great VIP goodies on the way), you can see that I use Aweber.

We use Aweber at the marketing agency I manage and our clients use Aweber too. We use it because it’s one of the powerful and easy to use auto-responder/mailing list providers on the market.

Ready to find out why Aweber is so good? Let’s dive in …


8 Reasons that will make you love Aweber


1. Easy to use

Back when I was first trying to decide on which mailing list provider to go for, I used tried a number of different providers including Mail Chimp and Mad Mimi but I ended up using Aweber.

One of the biggest problems I had with the other mailing list providers was that they just weren’t very intuitive or easy to use.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some good services out there, it’s a competitive market, but at the end of setting up any other system I was left scratching my head thinking “uh what now?”.

The truth is that every system has documentation, but time is money, if I spend the next 4 hours burying my head in documentation trying to find out how to do everything that should be easy then that’s 4 hours I’m not spending creating content, promoting my site or networking.

It’s just lost time and at the agency I manage, we charge out at £40 an hour, and that’s a low rate in comparison to other agencies.

When you first sign up to Aweber’s $1 trial, you will be greeted with a mailing list setup wizard, this takes all of the guess work out of setting up your mailing list and guides you through the process, it’s so detailed that you won’t need to refer back to any documentation.

Aweber also recently launched a new look interface that has made their system even easier to use.


2. Great support

Some of the best products on the planet are let down by poor support.

When I signed up to Aweber, I had a courtesy call from one of their team to make sure I was setup ok and I received a letter through the post with all the helpful links and numbers for their support team.

Chances are that you won’t need to contact support though which is even better but in case you do there’s live chat support available most of the time and email support along with some other options.

There’s also a large knowledge base and video tutorials to help you if you need.


3. Affiliate friendly

The way that most affiliate marketers make so much damn money is by having a really responsive list and emailing out offers with their affiliate links.

Certain mailing list providers such as Mail Chimp for example, don’t allow the sending of affiliate links using their service.

Aweber on the other hand is 100% affiliate friendly, so you can send out affiliate offers to your heart’s content.

Although, don’t go too crazy with them because you’ll burn through your list and hurt the rapport you build up with your subscribers.

You need to keep a healthy balance and the life time value of your subscribers will end up being a lot higher.


4. Straight forward automation rules

You may want to have multiple lists for different promotions or campaigns and in those cases there may be need to unsubscribe users from one list, subscribe to another or vice versa for example.

Aweber’s list automation allows you to do this easily.

So for example if someone purchases one of your products and you want to remove them off your list of prospects, on to your buyers list – you can do that with ease.


5. Setup web forms in a snap

Aweber has its own custom sign up form builder with a huge number of templates, you can customise fields, colours, text, size and even add images.

Templates are also broken into individual categories so you can use themed templates.

There is also a basic template that is generally the standard that a lot of people use so that you can easily add your form code to a WordPress plugin like Hybrid Connect for example.

Once you’ve customised your form, you can then select some other options including your thank you page, already subscribed page and which follow up message users should start on when they sign up.

Then you can click save and get your form code, send it to your designer to setup for you or you can have Aweber host your sign up form for you and link directly to that page for users to sign up.

What makes this even better is that you can now setup split tests with your opt-in forms right from within Aweber.


6. Loads of apps that make list building easy

One thing that can be really annoying and limit tools, software and systems is the lack of integration options with other tools and services.

Aweber has this one nailed down because it has a lot of different apps that you can use, this includes the following –

  • Facebook – You can add sign up forms to your Facebook pages
  • PayPal – You can add customers to your list when they buy products via PayPal
  • Clickbank – You can add customers to your lits when they buy products via Clickbank
  • Viewbix – Collect leads directly from within your Viewbix player
  • WordPress – Add your sign up form to your WordPress site (while this is really helpful to get started, the features are limited in comparison to something like Hybrid Connect)

There’s also support for Drupal, Magneto, Shopify, Sales force, Call Loop and a lot more.


7. A powerful message editor with loads of templates

Aweber has made the message editor that you use for sending out broadcasts to your list, so easy.

It uses a block editor, so you can easily drag in headlines, paragraphs, images, buttons, your logo, follow me and share buttons, your signature, dividers and more.

You can then edit all the usual things like text size, formatting, colour and links etc.

Or, you can use one of Awebers pre-loaded email templates, and there are a lot of them, all segmented by categories so you can find exactly what you want.

At last count on their features page, Aweber had 150 templates, but they are continuously adding more.


8. Reliable deliverability rate and statistics

Deliverability is extremely important and Aweber lets you know exactly what’s happening with your emails.

You’ll easily be able to see how many emails bounce and whether you’re receiving any complaints from what you’re sending out along with the usual statistics you’d expect such as open rates and click rates of your email broadcasts.

These are just the top level statistics, but there is also a detailed reporting section that will give you a huge amount of data.

Usually, what I hate about analytics and reporting modules is that you just can’t get meaningful data, but Aweber has gone to great lengths to make this reporting section easy to navigate with a large number of one click reporting options including things like open rates, subscriber growth, new subscribers, click through’s and more.

The data is mapped out in graph form with a table below.

Another thing that I love is when you put a broadcast message together; Aweber will give you a spam score that will show you whether there could be any potential problems with sending your email.

There are a number of different elements that spam blocking systems look at before they decide whether or not to put an email in your spam folder, one of them is the content, this gives you a bench mark to aim for.



I could spend a lot of time screaming about how good I think Aweber is and everyone does have different preferences, what works for one person, might not work for someone else.

..but, you need to know for sure.

Aweber does a $1 trial for 30 days so you can take a look at the full features and come to a proper decision, if it’s not for you, just cancel it – what have you got to lose?

Click here to sign up to Aweber’s $1 30 day trial.

Or, take a test drive …

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