4 Tips to Skyrocket Your Local SEO Campaign

Have you ever participated in a business course? If you have, then you would remember the famous quote of Bill Gates that your professors might have evoked (and which interestingly relates to local SEO):

“In a business the first technological rule used is that in order to magnify the efficiency you need to apply automation for an efficient operation. The second is, if the applied automation is used in an inefficient operation then it will increase inefficiency.”


This quote is significant for business leaders who wish to build a powerful SEO marketing strategy and increase web presence.

Because a consistent and efficient SEO marketing strategy brings maximum profitable results. But if there is no attention to consistency and efficiency then you will never grow.

For the top position in the local SEO campaign results, consider these tips:

1. Set Up Your Profile

In order to stay on top in SERPs (Search Engine Results page) craft an efficient SEO marketing strategy. Perform the following checks to maximize efficiency:

  • In every internet directory of local business and each social media format, utilize the same address, business name as well as phone number. If you make even a small change in the title the search engine will get confused.
  • Fresh content is a necessity in a local SEO campaign. Update and create new content regularly. Also upload videos and photos to ‘Google+ Local profile.’
  • Encourage viewer ratings and engagement. Higher ratings leads to top search engine ranks.
  • Fill out the category field in the profile page for ‘Google+ Local’ with your business type. Take for example; “coffee shop,” “bistro,” etc. You can also use descriptive keywords.
  • Search engine algorithms use “prominence,” “relevance,” “distance” and “trust” to determine ranks within businesses. In other words, it verifies whether the business is legitimate, active and fresh.  So make sure all the profile details are up-to-date and correct.

2. An Effective Website Set-up

Some business ideas can take off easily using business directories and social media. However, as the business starts growing you need to consider certain important aspects. For example, in order to maximize your SEO marketing strategy you should create an effective website. But before you do, think about what exactly can attract the viewers online. In order to do local a SEO campaign you need to: increase web presence and complement SEO marketing. For this, your website should have the following advantages:

  • It should have relevant contact information and social media links to make it easy for your visitors to get in touch with you.
  • It should engage clients. This can be achieved by linking your Social Media presence to your website and encouraging your web visitors to engage.
  •  Use basic logic to evaluate website data. Certain tools like Google Analytics can help you understand what pages perform better than others.
  • Leave spaces for customer reviews to make it interactive.
  • Offer relevant and fresh content for consumers to learn about your product or services.

3. Maximizing the potential of the Website

When you have the basic layout in place then you can add more elements to maximize ranking potential by using a wide-ranging SEO marketing strategy. And for this, you can consult a specialist in SEO marketing or some web development professionals. However, while doing this you need to keep certain things in mind:

  • It is essential that Google recognizes the connection between your ‘Place’ page and website so that there is no data confusion.
  • Proper category associations and use of accurate keywords will automatically boost your place in the search engine.
  • Verify that your phone number, name, and address in all directories and website are same, so that you receive better Google rankings and bots do not get confused with different business information on different profiles.
  • As your business grows, build reliable links and develop creative ways so that the clients come back to visit your site for more details.

4. Use free Business Directories

One very special way to stay on top of local SEO campaign is by using free business directories. Some of the common ones are Yahoo local, Google local, Yellow Pages, Bing, etc. Besides these you can also consider the following websites:

  • citysearch.com
  • yelp.com
  • insiderpages.com
  • manta.com
  • kudzu.com
  • citysquares.com


You can find many more free directories online. But one important thing to remember is: you need to be effective. And for this, all the information that you provide such as your personal details should all be in the same place. The last thing you want to do is confuse bots with loads of unrelated and inaccurate data. You can also use social media to encourage clients for posting reviews on the directory pages.

Consistency and efficiency in your strategy of SEO marketing has a great impact in the local search results ranking. In order to climb the ladder and reach the top, educate yourself and continue using strategies that helps maximize your online presence.

I have worked with different local businesses over the last few months. It is not wrong to say that a jump from position G to position A can improve traffic and sales by over 500%.

You need to understand that search engines want to provide quality results to their searchers. A website that engages visitors, with lots of social signals and listings in all major business directories is definitely a good quality website. And search engines would love to return that website for related search queries. You also need to maximize the frequency and efficiency of the strategies so that you gain a top spot in the first page. If you take care and address all the checkpoints mentioned above then it will catapult your business to the top and produce desired results. This is extremely important in these competitive times.

What are some other tips that skyrocket local SEO Campaigns? Please comment below.

This Post was originally published on Jessica Ann Media blog by a guest author Adi. Adi is a SEO consultant, a blogger and the founder of CrunchSEO.com. You can follow him on Twitter – @crunchseo where he tweets about diverse topics including SEO and social media.
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