4 Reasons Why You Should Be Audio Podcasting


I have never been more excited about the marketing and promotional opportunities of anything like I am about podcasting.  And the ironic thing is, I didn’t launch it to market myself.  The original vision for my podcast was to provide useful advice and strategies to my friends and clients that will help them market their business online.  Of course, it still is.

I have always believed that the best kind of marketing, is content that provides real value to people.  It’s not always quick fix advertising that will make your phone ring yesterday (although it can be), but in the long run, it has served mine and my client’s businesses very well.

I launched my podcast only 8 weeks ago now and have seen some remarkable things.  I want to share a few with you.

1:  It immediately took off and has a nice buzz around it.  People are talking about it and to me directly about it online.  People are sharing it in social media and even in their own blogs.

2:  It’s bringing me consistent traffic from different sources.  People are finding me much easier than I had anticipated.  And they are downloading and listening.  Every day I set a new personal record for number of downloads.

3:  These podcast listeners are engaging with me.  They seem more passionate than people who consume other types of content I create.

4:  I’m getting new clients from it.  All this is happening very quickly.  Much quicker than with other media I’ve used.

nuclear chowder podcast for social media

In only a few short weeks my podcast has moved up in iTunes.  It is now in the 14th spot for Online Marketing, 15th spot for Small Business and 10th spot for Social Media.  All highly competitive categories. And it keeps moving up.  And the more it moves up, the more traffic I get.  And the more traffic I get the more it moves up.

If you have not yet listened to (and rated) my podcast: The Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business podcast, please do.  I really put 125% of myself into it giving the best content possible to help small businesses market online.

The purpose of this post is not to toot my own horn.  But to share with you why I think you should have a podcast too.  And, if you are not already, get you listening to podcasts.

I want to share a video with you from my friend and podcast mentor, Cliff Ravenscraft.  Cliff is without a doubt THE go-to source for how to learn podcasting.  In this video he does a great job explaining why podcasting is such a great investment.

Here are Cliff’s reasons:

Smaller haystack – There are only 200,000 audio podcasts on iTunes.  That may sound like a lot.  But now compare that to millions of blogs or millions of hours of video on Youtube.  It is much easier to get noticed with audio podcasts as I have proven in the past 8 weeks.

The smartphone – There are over 1 billion people who own a smart phone.  And on these, people can instantly and easily listen to your message.  All you need is a simple app and your favorite podcast is there and waiting for you.

1 Free Podcast App

This picture above shows the free podcast app.  Download it to your smart phone and you can subscribe to all your favorite podcasts.  There are some other great free and paid apps.  I personally use a paid app called Podcast Crusher.

Screen time – When you watch a video you’re not doing anything else.  A video asks you to say no to something else on your screen.  Because of this it has to be brief.  Audio podcasts require no screen time.  Imagine the millions upon millions out there riding to work for an hour, exercising, working, whatever.  They can easily listen to you any time anywhere.  The transaction cost (meaning what it costs you in time and effort) of an audio podcast is lower than any other type of content out there.

Greater Influence – there is no better way to have a greater influence than through an audio podcast.  The human voice allows for passion to come through.  But because they can listen so easily, they will hear that passion so much more often than with video for example.  People just give more time to audio podcasts.

I have one more reason of my own… It helps with SEO.  If you Google Nuclear Chowder Marketing you will see my podcast on iTunes comes up fairly high.

I hope you now see the value of podcasting and decide to get involved as part of your businesses content marketing plans.  And if you have not yet listened to (and rated) my podcast: The Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business podcast, just click the image below.  I really put 125% of myself into it giving the best content possible to help small businesses market online and hope you find it valuable.

Let me know what your number one podcasting question is in the comments below or on any of my social media channels.

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