3 Ways in Which Meditative Practices Can Help You Grow Your Business

What is meditation?

From the outside looking in, meditation is a practice of sitting in silence. Your silence, not the silence of others. Accomplishing this provides you with loads of patience, dedication and focus.

From the inside looking in, meditation is about observing one’s mind and one’s thoughts. Its NOT about letting go, its not about quieting your mind. Quieting your mind is impossible if there is noise and you try to fight that noise. It only creates more noise.

Instead you must separate from your thoughts and observe them from a distance. In Buddhism, we call this observer/observed.

You detach your self from your thoughts (observed) and observe them from a distance. This create awareness of your awareness.

How does this help you in business?

Being aware of your thoughts, emotions (good or bad) and understanding where they come from will allow you to act in accordance with your larger purpose; as opposed to be swayed by the moment.

Finally, meditation is NOT about meditation. Its about taking that awareness into your every day life.

Watch the video for details

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Dino Dogan

Global Force for Badassery | Founder of Triberr | Refugee from Bosnia | Writer for Technorati | Speaker | Lousy Martial Artist | Pretty good singer/songwriter | Hi 🙂

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  • http://www.unleashingthetiger.com Dean Carlton

    Interesting post Dino – and not to far out there for me!

    I’ve been in business for 25 years, and have studied yoga and meditation for the last seven years (recently, started teaching too!).

    Bringing the awareness of which you speak – teaching people to be in to be present in each and every moment is something that I bring to my business life as well.

    The two go hand in hand – do not spend your life chasing the next deal, the big escape, the pot of gold – simply work in the current moment to the best of your current abilities, with the right intention. If the rest is coming to you, it will arrive at the right time. If it is not, worrying about it will not change the outcome – it will only spoil the journey!

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      Words of wisdom from @DinoCarlton -> Worrying about the next big deal will not change the outcome – it will only spoil the journey.

      I had to tweet that shit 🙂

      Btw..your site is coming along nicely. I’ve bookmarked it. Will be visiting often.

      • http://www.unleashingthetiger.com Dean Carlton

        LOL – err, thanks for the RT Dino….I think! 😉

        And thanks for the feedback on my site – still early days, lot’s to learn, 20-30 draft posts in the pipe, taking all the advice and feedback from those that have done the hard yards.

        Loving the badassery that I’m finding here!

  • http://www.mylifestylemax.com Stacey Herbert

    Dino..are you in my head. After a vipassanna in Thailand last year, I was really turned on to meditation. Got back to my western world an my practice hit the skids. Last night I took to the floor and the silence again..it was like starting from scratch. I guess I am the cloth, lol
    This is greatness- simple

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      I saw you were struggling so I put this video together just for you 🙂

  • http://www.getting-unstuck.com/http://fearlessdating.wordpress.com/http://www.getting-unstuck.com/ RILEY HARRISON

    Hey Dino,
    Big believer in the power and benefits of meditation. That being said, It is the most difficult behavior/practice to install into my life on a regular basis. I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards and yet a daily practice requires a discipline that eludes me.

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      If you transcribe the video you will discover something surprising and useful 🙂

  • http://stanfaryna.wordpress.com Stan Faryna

    May the force be with you…

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      ..and may every woman you meet be into you, as well 🙂

      Now, THAT is a well-wish, aint it?

  • http://www.realityburst.com Eugene

    You are always outlandish and woo woo woo!

    But for real, this is great advice. It really hit home for me on more than just a business level because I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Being self aware of my emotions and where they’re coming from is something I really need to work on (at least that’s what my girlfriend tells me :)).

    I think being self aware provides you a tool to achieve more balance. In business and life in general. Something I definitely need to work on.

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      Ok..this is going to sound weird…but, I remember watching a meeting and seeing everyone’s posture, tone of voice, body positioning, etc. Including mine.

      It was the most vivid example of the observer/observed I’ve ever achieved myself and it was in a business setting. Happens (to a lesser degree most of the time) in “real” life as well. ..its soooo useful.

      • http://www.realityburst.com Eugene

        That’s not weird at all! I notice things like that about other people all the time. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the details I notice about OTHER people.

        I guess my problem, and something I really need to work on, is being able to observe myself.

  • http://live-your-love.com/ Brankica U

    OK, I think I saw two dogs and yours it trying to hump the little one 🙂

    Glad AZ doing you good 🙂 Kisses for y’all!!!

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      haha..yup..the little white one is Gwen, a 14lbs terrier who rules the roost 🙂

  • http://www.claudiaurreta.com Claudia

    Excellent article, Dino. Thanks for sharing this because people usually think meditation is about letting go and emptying your mind and since they can’t make it, they stop meditating. But they are really missing out. I couldn’t live without my daily meditations and my business wouldn’t be growing!

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      Thnx Claudia. I feel a lot of Eastern woo woo woo gets a bad rep from the hard core Western biz people, little do we realize how useful it can really be.

      Glad you’re engaging in mindful awareness. Its not a topic oft discussed in biz circles, but Im glad I’ve found a kindred spirit 🙂

  • http://www.lsgeekster.blogspot.com Kira Permunian

    Good thing you have stressed it out coz I’ll be having meditation this Saturday. I have learned some few things here and I think it’s gonna be some few important in a business. With patience, dedication and focus, Oh these three are very crucial in human life. I kinda overlooked focus and patience.

    I hope my mind will be cleared this Saturday.

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      Good luck…let me know how it went 🙂

  • Adrienne

    Loved the video Dino and your spin on things. I’ve been practicing meditation for a couple of years now and have gotten so much better at this. It does take practice, a LOT of practice. Your explanation was a good one, it’s not about quieting the mind. Good luck with that guys!!! I won’t even tell you some of my experiences that I’ve had because of my mediation because you think people will think you’re out there. Woe….

    But, it’s so good for the soul and has helped me relax much more too! So many benefits, too many to share.

    Thanks Dino…


    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      Thnx Adrienne. Its hard to put into words how much it helps, doesnt it? When you’re able to take that awareness into everyday situations, the benefits multiply.

      Good luck with your practice 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/RyanCritchett Ryan Critchett

    Totally with it man! I know that meditation relates in a very direct way to business. I’ve been experimenting with it for a couple years and it’s an integral part of my everyday life. I can’t live without a clear mind, I’d be in a panic driven frenzy like 95% of other people.

    Had no idea we were so much alike. Great post.

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      What do you do when a meditative experiment blows up in your face? In other words, what happens when the noise doesnt allow you to center and balance yourself?

      • http://twitter.com/RyanCritchett Ryan Critchett

        Good question. 

        Certainly, as I believe you know, that does happen. Strangely, what helps me the most in those situations is trying to reconsider the fact that it’s all neurons firing. Once I take it from concepts (slowing down my thinking) to brain physiology (stopping networks from firing), it somehow makes it easier. 

        On the other hand, when it just doesn’t seem possible, I’ll stare at something for 20 minutes and keep guiding back to it if I stray. That shuts me up.  

        • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

          Those are both great techniques. nicely done 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/lifeforinstance Life, for instance

    I like your take on meditation. I have always found it IMPOSSIBLE to quiet my mind and yep, I’m not a patient person. So I like your suggestion of being aware of the noise and follow it to its source. I will give that a go whenI “try” to meditate again tonight! Also loved the cloth story. Thanks for this!
    P.S. It was a little out there, but that’s why I’m RT-ing it!

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      so..how was it? Did you do it? 

  • http://www.slymarketing.com Jens P. Berget

    Wow, I think I should have adjusted the sound a little.. because when you started out meditating, I jumped about two feet in my chair 🙂

    I totally get what you’re saying, even though I have never tried meditating. It looks a little funny from the outsite, although I feel like joining, because it looks like the person meditating is in full control. I have spent a lot of time lately to relax, and become aware of what I’m doing in business and in life. I believe it’s sort of like meditating, although I’m not closing my eyes and focusing on breathing. I have head phones on and playing rock music at the highest possible level… but it works for me. I feel relaxed and I feel in control, and isn’t that what it’s all about? 🙂


    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      People get this one wrong all the time. They think meditation is about sitting cross legged. The ultimate purpose of meditation is to take the awareness with you in whatever you do or wherever you go…whether its a full blast, head bangin session or a client meet.

      So keep on rockin 🙂

  • http://www.todayhaspower.com Rob

    Hey Dino,
    I enjoyed your take on it. It was brought home well with the white cloth. I think the awareness you mention is touched  on in Malcolm Gladwell’s, Blink. An interesting read, but covers this awareness on a micro level. How closely do you relate awareness with intuitiveness and possibly instinct? I’ve also had some time in Martial Arts and that has brought a certain level of awareness. But, I’m looking for more and will be giving this a go this week. Thanks.  

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      I think intuitiveness is simply awareness that’s not disclosed. Instinct on the other hand is deeper I believe, but the right instinct is tied to awareness.

      So if you ask me, I’d say that being aware of your awareness is a precursor to intuitiveness and instinct. Hope that makes sense intuitively and instinctively 🙂

  • http://frankdickinson.me/ Frank Dickinson

    I get it Dino – definitely get it. This awareness that we gain through meditation can and should be carried out into our life and business. The focus and dedication that it takes to meditate – is also gained through the meditative practice.

    I come away – aware that I am more focus and dedicated.

    Beautiful stuff!

  • http://www.tracyshaffer.com tracetime

    Definitely useful on two levels. The third I found missing.
    1. better business through expanded awareness (rather than selling)
    2. better living through expanded awareness (rather than selling)
    3. I wanted you to levitate.

    • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

      lol…I’ll work on the levitation portion of my meditative practice, expect a follow up post soon 🙂

  • MarkusOrlyus

    Thanks for response on Triberr, @dino_dogan. I’m linking to this blog for my post on Meditation today. Sweet.

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    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, A defiant Tim Sherwood admitted he was in the dark regarding his future after overseeing Tottenham’s 5-1 demolition of Sunderland.
    Sherwood was again left to fend off more questions about his future after the game, stating that he had been given no assurances that he will still be in the job at the start of the 2014-15 campaign. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    He said: “I’d rather talk about the game (than his future). I can’t comment on anything about my employment, you’d have to ask my employers. My record has been very good, my record is second to none in the Premier League compared to any other manager that has been here.” as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    He added: “There was never any pressure to get into the Champions League. I’m doing my best every game to get this team high up the league and I’ll do that until the end. We’ve got five games left and I think we can win all five.”
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  • http://indo11.com Sen Blue

    Speculation does not affect Sherwood’s job

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Tim Sherwood said speculation about his future as Tottenham manager has not affected his focus on helping the club finish the season strongly. He replaced Andre Villas-Boas in December.
    Following the victory over Sunderland, Sherwood said: “[The speculation] doesn’t affect me. I’m going to focus on getting the best out of the players in the final games. Nothing has changed. I have had the chat about next season, players I have identified and pre-season” as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    He added: “It was a good end to a day where we needed to win the game. We came here and we knew we had to respond to the [4-0 defeat] against Liverpool, and we did that today. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “After giving them a goal – we’re making a habit of this and we have to stop it – I thought we controlled the game from start to finish. We created 29 attempts to score a goal – it was the most dominant football match you’re ever going to see.”
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  • Jonh World

    Charlotte Bobcats meraih satu tempat di Playoff

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Charlotte Bobcats dipaksa bekerja keras untuk mengalahkan Cleveland Cavaliers hingga overtime. Kemenangan itu sekaligus memberi Bobcats satu tiket ke babak playoff.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Dalam pertandingan di Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Minggu (6/4/2014) WIB, Bobcats harus melewatibabak overtime sebelum menang 96-94 atas Cavaliers. Ini adalah kemenangan keempat yang dicatat secara beruntun oleh tim arahan Steve Clifford itu.

    Kemenangan ini mengantar Bobcats lolos ke babak playoff untuk pertama kalinya sejak 2010. Mereka kini menempati posisi ketujuh klasemen Wilayah Timur.

    “Ini adalah prestasi signifikan untuk tim kami, dan pencapaian ini menempatkan kami di tempat yang berbeda di liga. Anak-anak di ruang ganti sangat bersemangat dan sudah seharusnya seperti itu karena kami punya tim yang bagus dan kelompok yang berisi orang-orang yang layak mendapatkannya.” jelas Clifford.

    Sementara itu, kekalahan ini membuat asa Cavaliers untuk lolos ke playoff makin menipis. Cavaliers masih tertinggal 3 1/2 gim dari Atlanta Hawks yang ada di peringkat delapan untuk satu tempat terakhir di babak playoff dari Wilayah Timur.

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  • Red July

    Chelsea tidak salah beli Mohammed Salah

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Manajer Chelsea Jose Mourinho benar-benar mensyukuri keputusan klubnya untuk membeli Mohamed Salah. Seiring berjalannya waktu, Mourinho makin yakin Salah akan menjadi pemain penting untuk The Blues.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Salah mendarat di Stamford Bridge pada bulan Januari silam. Winger berkebangsaan Mesir itu didatangkan dari klub Swiss, Basel. Sejak pindah ke Chelsea, Salah yang kini berusia 21 tahun terhitung sangat jarang bermain.

    Satu-satunya laga di mana Salah menjadi starter bersama Chelsea adalah ketika klub London Barat itu mengalahkan Stoke City 3-0, Sabtu (5/4/2014). Salah bermain penuh pada laga tersebut dan mencetak gol pembuka untuk timnya.

    “Saya pikir Chelsea bekerja dengan sangat baik. Kami menjual seorang pemain hebat (Juan Mata) … sebuah produk jadi yang berada dalam momen terbaik dalam kariernya. Kami membeli seorang bocah dari habitat yang berbeda, seorang pemain Mesir yang bermain di Swiss,” ujar Mourinho.

    “Kami tahu dia butuh waktu. Kami tahu musim depan dia akan menjadi seorang pemain untuk kami. Musim ini, selangkah demi selangkah, dia bermain 10 menit di sini dan di sana. Dia adalah tipe pemain yang kami butuhkan karena kami punya winger-winger yang lebih suka bermain dengan bola di kaki mereka. Dia adalah tipe pemain yang melakukan hal tersebut ke dalam ruang kosong.” lanjutnya.

    “Chelsea bekerja dengan sangat baik karena telah mendatangkannya. Musim depan dia, Eden (Hazard), Willian, dan Oscar, akan punya lebih banyak kekuatan dan pengalaman. Mereka memiliki masa depan yang bagus,” tutupnya.
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  • Red July

    Courtois mengaku berat melawan Villarreal

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – Atletico Madrid memetik kememenangan saat berhadapan dengan Villarreal di lanjutan La Liga. Kendati menuai tiga angka, raihan itu didapat dengan usaha yang cukup berat.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Saat melakoni pertandingan di Vicente Calderon, Sabtu (5/4/2014) malam WIB, Los Colchoneros memetik kemenangan dengan skor akhir 1-0. Gol tunggal dari Raul Garcia menjadi penentunya.

    Soal laga melawan ‘Kapal Selam Kuning’, kiper Atletico Thibaut Courtois mengakuinya sebagai pertandingan yang berat. Apalagi, tenaga mereka terkuras untuk pertandingan melawan Barcelona di perempatfinal Liga Champions yang berlangsung tengah pekan.

    “Itu merupakan pertandingan yang sangat berat. Kami bisa membuka keunggulan, tapi setelah itu kamu mulai merasa kelelahan. Saya tak berpikir bahwa kami mulai kehabisan bahan bakar, tapi laga terakhir di hari Selasa merupakan pertandingan berat dan itu menguras cukup tenanga dan kami menyadari itu hari ini,” imbuhnya.
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  • http://indo11.com Hong Samnang

    Xabi Happy for Liverpool

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, former Liverpool star and current Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso says he is thrilled to see the Merseyside club sit first on the Premier League table this season.
    “Whenever I’m not on work duty, I keep an eye on the Reds. I’m really excited,” the Spain international said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “It’s thrilling what’s happening in the city right now. What they are doing at the moment is so admirable, the players, the coaches.”
    “11 wins in a row is a massive achievement, and they are so close to winning the league for the first time in 24 years,” the 32-year-old added, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “So I’m really looking forward to it and happy for the ones I know like Stevie and Lucas, the ones I played with there.”
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  • http://indo11.com Hong Samnang

    Miguel Adair Keen to See Kaka at Sao Paulo

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Sao Paulo president Carlos Miguel Adair says he is eager to bring Kaka back to Brazil.
    The AC Milan legend is free to leave the Italian outfit at the end of the season in accord with a clause in his contract, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “Everyone likes to dream,” Adair said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “We would love to see him on the San Paulo field along with Hulk, Dani Alves, Alan Kardec and why not Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar!”
    “Joking aside, there is only one name that I really want – Ricardo Kaka. It would be a dream to bring him home.”
    “For us he would be perfect. He has the face of someone from San Paulo, he is beautiful, good, speaks well and has all his teeth.”
    “We could not compete with the money of the Arabs and the Chinese, but he knows that here he would be the right man in the right place.”
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  • http://indo11.com Hong Samnang

    Man Utd Must Go for Big Name Manager, Says Meulensteen

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, following the sacking of David Moyes, ex-Manchester United coach Rene Meulensteen feels the Red Devils must find a big name manager to be in charge at Old Trafford.
    Currently, Ryan Giggs is responsible for the job as an interim boss, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “Alex Ferguson adapted to the role – he learned how to delegate and trust. He was very good at stepping back to see the bigger picture and making sure the cruise liner stayed on course,” Meulensteen said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “When you manage other clubs you are probably able to be more hands-on,” he added.
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  • http://indo11.com Hong Samnang

    Vieira a Big Fan of Pogba

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Arsenal hero and current Manchester City U21 coach Patrick Vieira has hailed the quality of Juventus star midfielder Paul Pogba.
    Following his successful spells at the Italian outfit, the talented midfielder has been linked with a number of European top clubs, including City, PSG and Real Madrid, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “He has more technique and he has better ball handling than I had at that age,” Vieira said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “It’s easier for him to join the attack. I was mainly concerned with the defensive aspect.”
    “He thinks offensively and so he takes part in more and more of the game.”
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  • Red July

    James Wilson menjalani debut manis bersama United

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Ada pemain baru ketika Starting Line-Up Manchester United diumumkan dalam laga kontra Hull City. Pemain tersebut bernama James Wilson. Ia punya cara yang manis untuk memperkenalkan diri.

    Sebelum United bertemu Hull di Old Trafford, Rabu (7/5/2014) dinihari WIB, Wilson sempat duduk di bangku cadangan United pada laga melawan Newcastle United, awal bulan lalu. Namun, dia tidak dimainkan oleh manajer saat itu, David Moyes.

    Wilson tidak menyia-nyiakan kesempatan ketika dia masuk starting eleven United di laga melawan Hull. Ia tidak canggung meski itu adalah pertama kalinya tampil bersama tim utama United. Wilson sukses mencuri perhatian suporter The Red Devils lewat dua gol yang dicetaknya. Dua gol tersebut membantu timnya keluar sebagai pemenang dengan skor akhir 3-1.
    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Sebelum melakoni debut untuk tim utama Manchester United, Wilson telah bermain bersama tim U-18, U-19, dan U-21 pada musim ini. Penampilannya yang impresif membuat pemuda berpostur 180 cm itu berhak naik kelas.

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  • Red July

    Sudah Ada Neymar, Messi Minta Aguero

    Berita terkini dan terbaru dari Agen bola Indo11 – Sadar punya peran tak tergantikan di Barcelona, Lionel Messi tidak lantas dengan mudah membubuhkan tanda tangannya di kontrak baru yang disodorkan klub. Megabintang Argentina ini menuntut beberapa syarat yang harus dipenuhi klub.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Menurut laporan TV3, Rabu 7 Mei 2014, Messi baru mau menandatangani perpanjangan kontrak apabila manajemen klub mau mengikuti keinginannya. Kontrak Messi saat ini diketahui baru akan berakhir pada 2018.

    Ada dua permintaan yang dituntut La Pulga. Pertama, klub harus memberikan perpanjangan kontrak kepada kiper veteran, Jose Manuel Pinto. Untuk tuntutan ini, rasanya bukan perkara mudah buat Barca yang sedianya masih butuh jasa Pinto sebagai pelapis untuk kiper baru mereka nanti, Marc Andre Ter Stegen.

    Yang kedua, Messi meminta manajemen klub memboyong kompatriotnya di Timnas Argentina, Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero. Messi nampaknya tidak cukup puas dengan rekan duetnya, Neymar da Silva Jr, sehingga meminta Aguero sebagai rekan duetnya di musim depan.

    Kolaborasi Argentina-Brasil yang musim ini diperagakan Messi dan Neymar memang tidak cukup berhasil. Keduanya kurang bisa benar-benar menyatu, yang akibatnya Barca harus tersingkir dari panggung Copa del Rey, Liga Champions dan terancam gagal mempertahankan titel La Liga.

    Namun, untuk mendapatkan Aguero, kubu Barca dipastikan harus bekerja ekstra keras. Pasalnya, pihak Manchester City dipastikan tidak akan dengan mudah melepaskan salah satu pemain terbaiknya itu.

    Terlepas dari dua tuntutan di atas, dalam kontrak barunya, Messi kabarnya akan menerima bayaran 16,5 juta poundsterling permusim, plus bonus 3 juta pounds. Total, dia menerima hampir 20 juta pounds pertahun yang membuatnya jadi pemain dengan bayaran termahal di dunia.

    Dalam negosiasi perpanjangan kontrak ini, Messi diwakili oleh agen yang sekaligus ayahnya, Jorge Messi. Sementara dari kubu Barca, ada direktur umum Antoni Rossich dan wakil presiden untuk bidang ekonomi, Javier Faus.

  • Som Bol

    Tiga pemain berkelas akan merebut Pichichi

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Tidak hanya persaingan perebutan gelar juara liga Spanyol, persaingan siapa topskorer pun juga masih panas. Cristiano Ronaldo untuk sementara masih mengungguli Lionel Messi dan Diego Costa.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Sampai saat ini, Ronaldo masih memuncaki daftar pencetak gol terbanyak dengan koleksi 31 gol. Bomber Real Madrid ini menduduki pole position untuk merebut Pichichi, trofi yang pernah disabetnya pada musim 2010-11 dengan 41 gol.

    Peluang tetap masih dimiliki oleh Lionel Messi, yang saat ini mengantongi 28 gol. Ujung tombak Barcelona ini memang tidak seproduktif musim-musim sebelumnya menyusul sejumlah cedera yang membekapnya.

    Costa menjadi kuda hitam dari persaingan yang dalam beberapa tahun terakhir dikuasai Ronaldo-Messi ini. Penyerang kelahiran Brasil ini mengemas 27 gol untuk membantu Atletico nangkring di pucuk klasemen sementara liga.

    Costa sudah absen menjebol gawang lawan di dua pertandingan liga terakhirnya. Akan tetapi, dalam lima partai terakhir Costa sukses mengemas empat gol.
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  • Som Bol

    Mel upset with the loss to Sunderland

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, West Brom Coach Pepe Mel was not delighted with the performance his club showed against Sunderland. The bad performance made West Brom suffer 2-0 loss to Sunderland. Mel is frustrated to see this result.
    He said: “I’m very disappointed, particularly with the first half. Sunderland defeated us in terms of intensity, in terms of winning the second balls and going into tackles strongly.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    Mel placed blame mostly on his inexperienced players, resulting in the loss to Sunderland. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    He added: “I believe that we weren’t as convincing. It was a case of putting out fresh players, players who hadn’t played as much, but the result wasn’t much of a good one.”
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  • Som Bol

    Zidane denied rumours that he is to leave Real Madrid

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Zinedine Zidane, once winning FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships, UEFA Champions League and domestic titles in Italy and Spain during his football career, confirmed that he was still with Real Madrid.
    Currently working as an assistant to Carlo Ancelotti at Real, Zidance was claimed to move to his homeland with Monaco showing its interest to offer the coach position to him. He denied that, however. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    He said: “As always, everyone is talking a lot. And as always, I am compelled to respond. I have not had contact, even remotely, with Monaco, as I’ve heard. In short, I have not had contact with anyone.”as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    He added: “I’m under contract to Real Madrid, I’m with Real and my priority is Real, the league and the Champions League final. Full stop.”
    Source http://indo11.com.

  • bon tong

    Riise will not give up Fulham, aiming to help the club to the Premier League

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Defender John Arne Riise, whose contract expires this summer, will not abandon Fulham and is intended to help the club to reach the Premier League. He is going to renew his contract with the club to restore its status as a top flight club.
    He said: “My contract is up now. If I’m here or not next season I don’t know, but Fulham will always be in my heart” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    He added: “I haven’t spoken to the club because my focus has been keeping the club in the Premier League. If they want to keep me and everything is right for me then I’ll stay.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    Source http://indo11.com.

  • bon tong

    Ozil wants Bayern’s Gotze to join Arsenal

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Arsenal Mesut Ozil is believed to ask Arsenal boss Wenger to lure Gotze to join Arsenal this summer.
    Some media claims that Ozil encourages the boss to pursue Bayern Munich midfielder Gotze because Pep Guardiola would put him into play after Gotze was absent in the first campaign at the Allianz Arena. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    Wenger said: “My understanding is that Ozil has personally recommended that the club go after Gotze if he is available” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    He added: “We have looked at him before and something could happen again if he is available. Having players like Mesut at the club could certainly be an advantage in luring bigger names.”
    Source http://indo11.com.

  • Aesd 11

    McManaman: Liverpool need to reinforce squad for Champions League campaign

    As well-known Agen Bola indo11.com revealed, former Liverpool star Steve McManaman insists his old club must bring in some quality signings to help them prepare for their return to the Champions League.
    “I think Liverpool need to bulk up in all areas so if they can bring five or six players in that can improve their team and improve their squad, if you’re a Liverpool fan that’s what you want,” said McManaman.
    “You want to bring in as many players to improve because, I think we know a couple of people are leaving – Victor Moses will go of course, back to Chelsea – so Liverpool will need a significant number of players if they want to compete in the league and the Champions League…”
    “If they can improve on those central areas then I think they’ll be great. Steven Gerrard’s not going to play forever. Lucas and Jordan Henderson or Henderson and Joe Allen have done well this year, but you can always improve can’t you…”

  • Wasignton 11

    Portugal Star Nani Hopeful over Fitness of Skipper Ronaldo

    Manchester United and Portugal attacker Nani is convinced that Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo will recover from his injury in time for the World Cup contest as they will take on Germany, Ghana, and USA in group G.
    “We hope that Cristiano is in good enough shape to play and to help the team,” Nani stated, as quoted by always trustworthy Agen Bola indo11.com.
    “He is going well and he is relaxed about it, things are going the right way. If, for some reason, Ronaldo is not there, whoever is there playing has to be confident in their ability to get the job done.”

  • Quess 11

    Ramos Has Everything Maldini Had, Says Ancelotti

    Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti insists his star defender Sergio Ramos is just like AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini with whom he worked during their time at the San Siro outfit.
    “Since Christmas Sergio Ramos has been a different player,” Ancelotti said, as highlighted by Agen Bola indo11.com.
    The boss continued: “He was decisive in winning the trophies.”
    “He has everything that Maldini had – personality, technical quality and the ability to be a leader on and off the pitch.”
    “I have never compared anyone to Maldini. Sergio is the best defender in the World at the moment.”

  • Quess 11

    Hamilton Syukuri Posisi Ketiga

    Agen Bola Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru Indo11.comHockenheim – Hasil GP Jerman memang membuat Lewis Hamilton makin tertinggal dari Nico Rosberg dalam perburuan gelar juara F1 musim ini. Meski demikian, Hamilton bersyukur karena bisa meraih hasil di luar dugaan.

    Kecelakaan dalam sesi kualifikasi, Sabtu (29/7/2014), memaksa Hamilton melakukan pergantian girboks. Akibatnya, dia terkena penalti dan harus mengawali lomba dari posisi 20 atau paling belakang.

    Meski demikian, Hamilton dengan sabar melewati satu per satu pebalap di depannya. Pebalap Mercedes itu pun berhak naik podium setelah menyentuh garis finis di posisi ketiga.

    Rekan setim sekaligus saingan terberat Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, tampil sebagai pemenang balapan. Sementara itu, podium kedua jadi milik pebalap Williams, Valtteri Bottas.

  • Wasignton 11

    Kalau James Rodriguez Pergi, Monaco Yakin Dapat Penggantinya

    Agen Bola Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru Indo11.comMonaco – Rumor kepindahan James Rodriguez ke Real Madrid makin kencang terdengar. Sebagai klub pemilik Rodriguez, Monaco yakin akan mendapatkan pengganti kalau si pemain benar-benar pergi ke Madrid.

    Rodriguez tertangkap kamera tengah berada di Bandara Barajas, Madrid, Minggu (20/7/2014) siang waktu setempat. Gelandang serang berusia 23 tahun itu baru saja berlibur setelah tampil impresif bersama Kolombia di Piala Dunia 2014.

    AS mengabarkan bahwa Rodriguez sedang transit di Madrid sebelum melanjutkan penerbangannya ke Nice. Dari Nice, Rodriguez akan menuju Monaco untuk melakukan pembicaraan dengan klubnya tersebut.

    Rodriguez disebut-sebut telah menyatakan kepada Monaco bahwa dirinya tak ingin lagi bermain untuk mereka. Dia kabarnya ingin menghindari cedera demi memuluskan transfernya ke Madrid.

  • Aesd 11

    Galliani Soal Balotelli dan Robinho

    Agen Bola Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru Indo11.comMilan – CEO AC Milan Adriano Galliani menyatakan bahwa tak ada tawaran yang datang untuk Mario Balotelli. Galliani juga bicara soal perkembangan transfer Robinho ke Orlando City.

    Balotelli santer dikabarkan diminati oleh Arsenal. Klub Premier League itu kabarnya bahkan telah mengajukan tawaran sebesar 20 juta euro untuk mendapatkan tanda tangan striker internasional Italia itu.

    Namun isu itu dibantah oleh Galliani. Dia menegaskan bahwa tidak ada tawaran yang datang kepada Milan terkait Balotelli.

    “Tidak ada tawaran yang sudah datang untuk Mario Balotelli. Tidak ada gunanya mencoba untuk berdebat soal teori,” sahut Galliani seperti dikutip situs resmi Milan.

  • quess124

    DoviziosoIngin Raih Hasil Positif di Sisa Balapan MotoGP

    Agen Bola Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Sejak seri Brno hingga Phillip Island (terkecuali GP Aragón), Andrea Dovizioso tak pernah absen mencetak poin demi poin. Meski belum kembali naik podium semenjak Assen, setidaknya joki Ducati itu puas dengan serentetan hasil positifnya.

    Dovizioso kian ketagihan untuk kembali memetik hasil positif di GP Malaysia, akhir pekan ini. Hasil finis keempat di GP Australia lalu, sukses mengunci posisinya di klasemen kelima MotoGP musim ini.

    “Kami datang ke Malaysia dengan kebahagiaan yang besar dengan hasil posisi empat yang kami dapatkan dari Phillip Island. Saya percaya diri untuk mendapatkan hasil bagus lainnya,” seru Dovi.

    Karakter dan layout sirkuit Sepang tentu dirasakan Dovi jauh berbeda dengan di Australia sebelumnya. Namun Dovi selalu selalu punya kesan positif tentang Sepang, kendati sudah lumayan lama naik podium.

    “Yang jelas sirkuit Sepang sangat berbeda dengan Phillip Island dan walaupun kami sempat mengaspal pada dua kesempatan sesi tes musim dingin, periode waktu Februari lalu tak berpengaruh banyak pada kurun waktu saat ini jelang akhir musim,” lanjutnya.

  • quess124

    Pertahanan Juventus Mulai Mengendur

    Agen Bola Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Musim ini, lini pertahanan Juventus begitu impresif, baik di Serie A maupun Liga Champions. Namun, kemunduran cukup signifikan mewarnai kiprah La Vecchia Signora belakangan ini.

    Setelah rentetan clean sheet mereka di semua ajang musim 2014/15 terhenti ketika takluk 0-1 dari tuan rumah Atletico Madrid dan kembali kebobolan saat mengalahkan AS Roma 3-2 di Serie A, Juventus imbang 1-1 di kandang Sassuolo. lemahnya ketangguhan pasukan Massimiliano Allegri lagi-lagi mengemuka usai ditekukOlympiakos 0-1 di Karaiskakis Stadium, Kamis (23/11).

    Melawan Olympiakos, akibat gol Pajtim Kasami pada menit 35, Juventus pun untuk pertama kalinya musim ini berada dalam kondisi tertinggal saat jeda. Sialnya, Juventus tak sanggup membalas dan dipaksa pulang dengan tangan hampa.

    Jika Allegri tak segera membenahi lini belakangnya, bukan tak mungkin sang juara bertahan tergusur dari puncak klasemen sementara Serie A. Perbaikan serupa pun diperlukan di pentas Liga Champions kalau mereka masih ingin lolos ke babak 16 besar.

  • aesd124

    Roma Coach Garcia Accepting Responsibility for Embarrassing Loss to Bayern Munich

    Rudi Garcia has shouldered the blame for AS Roma’s embarrassing 7-1 defeat to German giants Bayern Munich on Tuesday night.
    “It was a tactical collapse more than a psychological one. We weren’t aggressive enough and allowed Bayern to play,” Garcia said, as quoted by reliable Agen Bola indo11.com.
    “I am the first one who made the mistake, it is not the fault of the players, the first half approach was my fault entirely. It was the wrong strategy, we should’ve been more closed up and try to hit them on the counter-attack.”
    “Once we were a goal down after 10 minutes, we ran forward and that played into Bayern’s hands. We were too eager to get it back on track and left spaces that Bayern took advantage of. We should’ve kept our heads and waited for the right chance…”

  • http://www.cityholidaybet.com/ Dada vinada

    Allegri called his team more deserving a draw, not a victory

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri admitted his side were lucky to beat Torino 2-1 dramatically in the Turin derby on Monday (1/12) pm dawn.

    Arturo Vidal brought the Bianconeri ahead in the 15th minute through a penalty executions, but can be equated Burno Perez seven minutes later. Andrea Pirlo made sure of victory with his goal at minute 94. With this victory, the Old Lady are three points clear of nearest rivals, AS Roma, at the top of Serie A.

    However, Allegri felt his side deserved a draw over. However, according to him, this victory is very important for the confidence of the team. He also gave praise to the players.

    “Maybe a draw was a fair result, but it evokes a team victory after losing to Genoa and we deserve to emerge as a winner,” said Allegri told reporters after the game.

    “We played well in the first half, but had to fight after the break. Torino gave us problems through a counterattack. Compliments to the players for the victory tonight. They never quit sure.”

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    Throws a bottle on the head of Lionel Messi directed from the stands supporters Valencia

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Barcelona star Lionel Messi, hit by a bottle at his head when he did celebrate golSergio Busquets against Valencia early this morning (1/12).

    As is known, the Argentine players have a role in the dramatic goal after his cross welcomed Neymar but the ball was pushed away before Busquets grabbed it to be the winning goal in the 94th minute Blaugrana.

    Barça players reacted enthusiastically on the goal and celebrate together near the corner kick flag, but suddenly an object hovering host fans from the stands and on the head of Messi.

    When the players began to return to the area of their game, Messi looks down at the ground still holding the head. He was helped to his feet by Rafinha, who then picked up a bottle and threw it out of the field.

    The 27-year-old players rushing towards the referee and protested, holding his head, but instead he was given a yellow card as judged want to waste time.

    Final whistle a few seconds after the game restarted and Messi embraced some of his colleagues, although visibly upset by the incident. He then stopped after the Barcelona medical team rushed on him.

  • Ga lucita

    Former manager Persepam states, until now has not issued a decision related Komdis lawsuit laskar Sapeh kerap

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Former manager Persepam Madura United Achsanul Qosasi asserted, until now has not been ascertained Laskar Sapeh Kerap competed in the Indonesian Super League (ISL) next season.

    This was confirmed Achsanul related news mentions disciplinary commission (Komdis) PSSI has issued a decision on infringement lawsuit against Perseru Serui Persepam the use of foreign players outside regulation.

    “Session of the disciplinary commission will be scheduled in the near future. No decision [to suit Persepam], “said AQ, greeting Achsanul, briefly to Goal Indonesia.

    Earlier, former assistant manager Persepam R Abdul Mukti said, Persepam has received assurance from the PSSI to compete in next season ISL. According to him, this decision was received about a half months ago.

    “So the next season Persepam remain in the ISL, and failed to relegation to the First Division,” said Mukti as quoted a number of media.

    “The decision was already about half a month ago. But it’s become the PSSI [announced]. “

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    Griezmann offers something different for Atletico – Simeone

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone believes Antoine Griezmann’s hard work is paying off after he scored a hat-trick against Athletic Bilbao on Sunday.

    Mikel Rico put the home side ahead in the first half but the France attacker inspired a turnaround in the second period at San Mames, with his brilliant treble leading the champions to a 4-1 win.

    Simeone felt Griezmann’s qualities were vital for his side to find a way back into the match after they struggled early on without suspended duo Mario Mandzukic and Koke.

    “It was a changeable game. Athletic were good in the first half, in the second we felt strong and intense,” the Argentine told reporters after the match.

    “Griezmann was the player we needed in the team. He was different, and his work every day has been noticed.”

  • aesd124

    Maurizio Arrivabene Tegaskan Ferrari Fokus ke Mobil, Bukan Raikkonen


    Agen Bola Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Prinsipal Tim Ferrari Maurizio Arrivabene menegaskan bahwa fokus utama timnya saat ini adalah terus memoles mobil dan bersaing dengan kubu Mercedes, bukannya mengenai masa depan Kimi Raikkonen.

    Di Hongaria akhir pekan lalu Sebastian Vettel mempersembahkan kemenangan kedua untuk The Prancing Horse musim ini. Ferrari juga sempat terlihat memiliki peluang bagus untuk finis 1-2 sampai akhirnya Raikkonen harus menepi akibat masalah pada mesin mobilnya.

    Itu merupakan kali ketiga musim ini Raikkonen gagal menyelesaikan balapan. Menariknya, ini terjadi di tengah-tengah merebaknya spekulasi Ferrari belum pasti akan mempertahankan dirinya untuk musim depan.

    “Target kami sekarang adalah fokus ke mobilnya. Kami masih punya waktu (nanti) untuk membicarakan para pebalap,” ucap Arrivabene.

    “Saya pikir Kimi sudah menjalani balapan dengan bagus. Selamat kepadanya atas apa yang sudah ia lakukan pada hari Minggu. Sayangnya sesuatu terjadi dan kami tidak berhasil meraih kemenangan dobel,” lanjutnya.